Scrapbook for the Bride: A Sweet Gift from the Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid scrapbook for the bride

Couples today may still have a traditional wedding photo album, or perhaps a more trendy wedding photo book. And of course, there’s the professional video compilation, too, from pre-ceremony to ceremony to reception to send-off. But a truly sentimental keepsake for the bride to treasure would be a wedding scrapbook lovingly crafted by her bridesmaids!

So, if you are the lucky lady’s bridesmaids-to-be, plan ahead for this special surprise for her using these creative scrapbook examples we’ve gathered. Plus the scrapbooking supplies and kits we pulled together to make the finished book not only personal, but pretty and polished as well! (*this post contains affiliate links)

7 Lovely Ideas for a Scrapbook to Give the Bride

Start months in advance by gathering old pics, meaningful souvenirs, and sweet notes from the special people in the bride’s life. Photo files, graphics, and letters can be transmitted online from those far away, and physical mementos can be sent via courier if need be. Then, just be creative and get crafting!

Unique wedding scrapbooks for the bride

Perhaps a gift of letters for the bride (1) as found on Sam Allen Creates, or a similar scrapbook of letters for the blushing bride (3) from Meg Miyoko. This is a collection of notes from those nearest and dearest to her, each featured on a separate page along with a photo of the letter writer.

Or you may put together a scrapbook of all the memorable wedding events (2), like bridal showers and parties, that the bride can then look back on with a lot of smiles and maybe a few sentimental tears. Also featured on Sam Allen Creates.

Here are 3 more creations made with a little help from scrapbooking products, supplies, and even software. So each page looks pulled together and pro!

Bridesmaid scrapbook gift for the bride

Check out this sample scrapbook project (4) from the gallery of, this entry to a scrapbooking challenge (5) on Scrapbook Flair, and this color-coordinated page layout (6) from Mosaic Moments.

Finally, what about frame-able scrapbook pages? This alternative idea we discovered on Bailey’s Irish Duck was actually personalized thank-you gifts from a bride to her bridesmaids. But you could take this same concept and turn it into separate framed pages from each of you, bridal party ladies, to the new Mrs.!

Supplies and Kits for Creating a Bridal Gift Scrapbook

The key to a polished look for your bridal gift scrapbook is having the basic DIY materials—plus some ready-made accessories with a wedding and/or BFF theme. Our finds here are all available on Amazon.

Then, let the photos and personal touches work their memory-making magic!

Supplies for making a wedding scrapbook for the bride

  1. Blank Scrapbook Set
  2. me & my BIG ideas Chipboard Stickers
  3. Wedding Day 6×13 Chipboard Phrases
  4. All The Fun Things Sticker Book
  5. Metallic Markers
  6. Decorative Washi Tape for Scrapbook
  7. Multicolor Self Adhesive Photo Corners
  8. Elmer’s CraftBond Scrapbook Glue
  9. Scrapbook Album
  10. Scrapbook Adhesives

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