Signature Cocktails for a Valentine’s Wedding: ‘Sprinkled With Love’

Rainbow Sprinkles Martini

Valentine’s is all about sprinkling the ones you love with all the sweet stuff! So, what could be cuter and sweeter than concocting some signature cocktails for your wedding. After all, a wedding at the most romantic time of the year gives you the perfect opportunity to bring out the playful side of your personality! How? By applying a whimsical, personal touch with a contemporary vibe! Cheers!

Say “Cheers” this Valentine’s Day with Something Cute

Signature cocktails for Valentine

1 – Cupcake Champagne Cocktail – Here the sprinkles are inside the drink—a bright red concoction of butterscotch schnapps, vanilla simple syrup (how-to included), maraschino cherries and their juice, all topped with champagne. And the fun sprinkles? These are the ones used to top cupcakes! Thanks again to Fashionably Bombed for the recipe.

2 – Happy Birthday Tini – This tasty drink is a blend of cake vodka, white creme de cacao, amaretto, whipping cream, and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur. The recipe on Cocktail also explains how to get those colored streaks down the inside of the glass!

3 – ‘Cocktail Sugar’ made with pink, white, and red hearts – That’s right, look closely and see the tiny heart-shaped sprinkles mixed in with sparkly white rimming sugar! Perfect for a Valentine’s season wedding, and available on etsy via Dell Cove Spices.

4 – Bubble Gum Martini – From the mixology tandem behind Fashionably Bombed comes this playful cocktail featured on Susty Party. It’s made with whipping cream, milk, and bubble gum-infused vodka (how-to included); then garnished with different colored gumballs on wooden skewers and pink sugar crystals on the rim!

5 – Coco Snowball – This gorgeous cocktail, found on Cocktail, should be walking down the catwalk of cocktails! So easy to make using vanilla vodka or coconut rum. Add sparkly blue sugar sprinkles as garnish!

How will you be making your Valentine’s Day wedding toast? Let us know!


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