Simple Spring Centerpiece Ideas for Your Wedding Party

Simple Centerpieces for Spring Wedding

The magic of springtime is that Mother Nature is her own best stylist! So make the most of her innate charms. Let the gorgeous blooms of the season “star” in not just one, but three, mini springtime centerpieces grouped together on your wedding party tables.

Simply select the particular floral varieties that are abundant at this time (see list at the end of this post) and choose the colors to suit your party palette. You don’t even need particularly fancy containers or elaborate floral arranging skills. In fact, the more casual and just-plucked-from-the-garden they look, the greater their appeal. Let our examples that follow convince you how easily and charmingly you can create your own spring centerpieces!

Start with Pink Alstroemeria in Teacups

Alstroemeria in tea cups
Freesia flowers make a delightful sight indeed in tea cups balanced atop sorbet goblets.

Among the many beautiful florals that bloom in spring, Alstroemeria flowers are distinct with their unique tiger lily-like markings. Plus, they stay fresh and sturdy for days after the celebration. You can also try dahlias, tulips, or gardenias.

To show them off on your party tables, simply pop a bunch into dainty tea cups placed on glass sorbet goblets or stacked one on top of the other. You can then add sweet touches like mini paper doilies or little ribbons.

Add Yellow Goldenrod in a Teapot

Yellow Goldenrod in tea cups
A fine china teapot makes another wonderful container for an arrangement of spring blooms.

To capture the look of a charming country garden, loosely arrange sprigs of sunny yellow goldenrod in a porcelain teapot or a quaint woven basket. Equally lovely alternatives with that same “meadow florals” look would be statice, gladiolas, poppies, zinnias, and pussy willows.

If you can gather three or four teapots with different decorative patterns, you can just imagine the look of springtime

Bring in Purple Asters and Alstroemeria in Glass Goblets

Asters and Alstroemeria in Glasses
Petite asters provide a pop of purple amidst all the pink and yellow blooms that normally grace a spring tablescape. Alstroemeria here add that perfect balance of pink!

Often used a fillers for bouquets, diminutive asters can actually make appealing stand-alone arrangements as shown here. We simply trimmed their long stems to form a sweet little bunch, just right for displaying in a brandy glass or even a prettily-patterned sugar bowl. And we chose purple asters (they also come in white) for their pop of color!

Finally at the party, position all these different mini arrangements amidst the table elements. The full effect? A delightful display of springtime charm, courtesy of the season’s fabulous florals!

Other gorgeous spring flowers to use in your centerpieces:

  1. Amaryllis
  2. anemones
  3. apple blossoms
  4. cherry blossoms
  5. corn flowers
  6. dahlias
  7. daisies
  8. delphiniums
  9. forsythia
  10. freesia
  11. gardenias
  12. hyacinths
  13. peach blossoms
  14. peonies
  15. phlox
  16. poppies
  17. ranunculus
  18. statice
  19. sweet peas
  20. zinnias


  1. I love how lush flowers make settings. I like the donuts in the background with the Alstroemeria! ;o)

  2. Hi HiLLjO! So cute of you to notice the donuts behind the flowers. 🙂

  3. I am a huge fan of fresh flowers 🙂 these are beautiful. Thanks for linking up at It’s a Spring thing!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by, Courtney! What’s so special about spring is that practically ANY fresh flowers look lovely in ANY container. 🙂

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