Trendspotting: Floral Frames as Photo Booth Props

How to craft your own photo booth floral frames props

Have you noticed this pretty trend at weddings and bridal showers lately? Floral frames as photo booth props are sprouting up and blooming all over the place—no matter that spring is still a season and a half away! We’re not complaining at all. Especially since, as our fabulous finds below show, this floral frames craze is versatile enough to suit a whole range of wedding themes, seasons and locations. Plus, you can DIY them yourself using fresh, faux or paper blooms mounted on vintage, recycled or craft store frames. Then, get ready to have your guests snap away, creating flower-filled photos to fill your wedding album!

Floral Frame Crafting and Display Tips

If you want photos of beaming wedding guests, have them pose with a frame all prettily abloom! Choose a style below that catches your fancy—fully covered in blooms or only partially, dainty or over-sized, with a tropical vibe or a South Asian motif. Then, see our crafting tips and “where to buy” links below!

Tip #1 – Get a set of frames to suit your chosen wedding style.
Determine how many you will need and in what sizes, too. Then, check out online sites like ebay, Craigslist, or our suggested links below. Or visit thrift shops, yard sales, or even your own attic or garage!

Tip #2 – Decide what type of flowers you prefer.
Real fresh blooms? (You could ask your florist to decorate a frame or two as part of your wedding package.) Faux craft-store florals or DIY paper ones ?

Tip #3 – Prepare the other materials will you need.
To attach the flowers to the frame, have on hand a glue gun, wire, string, tape, florist’s foam (if you plan to use fresh blooms). To adorn the finished frame, you may add paint (if parts of the frame will be exposed), ribbon, glitter and other accent touches if desired.

Tip #4 – Plan where to hang the frame(s) in your reception venue.
On a free-standing rack? From a door frame, if indoors? From a tree branch, if outdoors? Be sure it’s in a spot that’s easily accessible to guests and has great lighting.

Tip #5 – Have guests pose and snap away!
Hanging the frames on stands or from a tree is fine. But it seems the biggest smiles come when guests simply hold the frame up and strike a flowery pose!

Ideas for Photo Booth Flower Frames

Image credits: 1 – Ely’s Wedding Guides / 2 – via Pinterest / 3 – Passion Roots, via Pinterest / 4 – Aisle Perfect / 5 – Fairy Nuff Flowers / 6 – Bryan N. Miller Photography, via Swann Soirees / 7 – Dipak Studios, via Wed Me Good / 8 – Creative Live

Where to Shop for Open Back Frames:

Open back frames in wood with finishes of gold, black, and white.

When looking for open back frames that don’t have any backing or front glass cover , you can find them in various finishes such as white, gold, and black from Michaels that come in sizes ranging from 11”x14” to 18”x24”.

You can also find rustic frames that are made from reclaimed wood, which are available in the following sizes on Amazon: 18”x24”, 24”x36”, and 22”x28”.

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