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Easy Table Decorations that are DIY for the Holidays!

Christmas Bridal Shower Decorations

Christmas is around the corner. In all the craziness of the holiday season plus preparing for the actual wedding, how do you squeeze in the party decor, the food, and the favors for a bridal shower? Well, in the decorating department, we offer some great DIY table accent ideas that are surprisingly simple (and affordable!) to make—while bringing a unique spin to the traditional yuletide table decor.

Make an Impression at Mid-table!

Definite attention-grabbers at mid-table are a casually charming gerbera daisy centerpiece, a faux fur table number embellished with fancy gemstones, and glass votive holders encrusted with red beads.

Set an edgy “Christmas chic” vibe for your party with table decor elements that are fun, casual, and sure to grab your guests’ attention. Yet, they cost next to nothing and are a cinch to make yourself.

At mid-table, set out a trio of slim glass vases holding fresh gerbera daisies, each wearing a tiny red bow. Then for a bit of drama, tuck in red crepe paper strips cascading out of the vases. It couldn’t get any simpler, right?

Against this centerpiece, prop a sassy table number made from cardboard covered in faux white fur and embellished with fancy gem stones. It’s like a touch of Hollywood on your holiday table!

Then, of course, what would a Christmas occasion be without candles? Give them some definite glam, though, by setting them in cylindrical votive holders encrusted with red crystal beads. The sparkle and glow will be that much more captivating.

Crafting tips:

For the centerpiece – The look is intentionally casual and carefree; so don’t agonize over creating a picture-perfect arrangement. Allow the daisies to stand or lean over naturally, and scoop the crepe paper strips into the vases and have them spill out with minimal “primping”!

For the table numbers – Cut out the numbers using sturdy board (possibly corrugated, from a recycled storage carton) to ensure that they will hold their shape once decorated. Trim the faux fur to extend about 3/4″ beyond the board number, so that the excess can be folded around the edges and glued in place, then covered with a backing of thinner board for a neat finish. Attach an assortment of red, pink, and clear gem stones onto the fur with a glue gun.

For the votive holders – Select a craft glue that promises to dry clear (read the label to be sure). Scatter a layer of red crystal beads onto newspaper. Then, brush a thin coating of glue onto each votive holder and quickly roll them in the beads. Hint: In our example, the beads are denser towards the bottom of each votive holder, and sparser towards the top. This just adds a bit of artistry, but feel free to find your own style. For instance, you could use red sequins instead of beads, and even glue them on in a creative pattern.

Sources for supplies:

Before even visiting a nearby crafts supply store, check out your own home. You’ll notice that several of the materials described above—crepe paper, ribbon, a carton box, maybe some beads left over from a past project—may be just lying around.

For the faux fur, a fabric shop with a “crafty” section may be a likely source. Or the stuffed-toy materials area of a craft supply outlet.

For the votive holders, actually any glass container of your preferred size and shape would be fine. Possible places to check out would be outlets for home decor, glassware, bed and bath accessories, even flower arranging supplies.

For the colored beads and fancy gem stones, you could look for a Dick Blick Art Materials branch, or simply take a peek at the art materials and scrapbooking section of your favorite school supplies store.

Craft Super-easy Place Setting Accents

Keep the mood “merry and bright” with place setting accents that are playful and whimsical. For example, create unique napkin holders from marshmallows strung together to double up as place cards. Simply spell out your guest’s names—one letter per marshmallow—using edible gel or food color.

Carry on the festive red and white motif to the place settings. Top each fabric napkin with a good-enough-to-eat “marshmallow bead” place marker, spelling out the guest’s name in edible gel, of course!

You could also mimic Christmas candy canes with glittery red “pipe cleaners” wound around white napkins, and use snowflake-shaped cutouts as place cards or as tags for your guest favors. How’s that for ease, charm, and holiday cheer?

If white fabric napkins are what you have available, roll them up and secure them with glittery red “pipe cleaners” for a fun candy-cane look. Then, for place cards or favor thank-you tags, use charming snowflake cutouts for more holiday cheer!

Crafting tips:

When assembling the marshmallow “place cards” – Do wear poly gloves or cover your fingers with a sandwich bag. Not only will this ensure hygienic handling, but it will also preserve the powdery finish of the marshmallows and keep them looking fresh.

To write on the marshmallows – Edible decorating gel is ideal (see sourcing below). But you may also opt to simply dab red food coloring directly onto each marshmallow with a wooden swizzle stick or even a toothpick.

To make snowflake tags – Use this downloadable template to make your cutouts a breeze! You may even choose card stock with flecks of silver or a shimmery, pearlized finish to enhance the look of your favor tags. The template also includes more themed tags.

Sources for supplies:

Find cake decorating and writing gels at baker’s supplies shops and come in an entire array of colors, plus finishes such as glossy and glittery. For easy handling, they’re packaged in ready-to-use tubes—so you just squeeze and write!

Pipe cleaners can be found at any arts and crafts store. Simply look for the color and finish you need—like the red-with-glitter combo we used in our sample above.

More Table Decorations You Can Make

For additional Christmas-themed table accents that are easy and fun to do, check out these creative and clever ideas:

More Creative Inspiration from Pinterest

Want more Christmas decor inspiration? We’ve put together our favorite Pinterest pins below: gift box centerpiece cake, twine and brown paper bag wrapping, peppermint candy wreath, red velvet cake jars, bookmarks, table setting

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  1. You need to do an Alice in Wonderland theme. Everything I have seen just blows me away. I’m so glad I stumbled on your sight. Amazing!

  2. I am helping a friend plan her daughters sweet sixteen. she’s thinking of doing a whimsical theme but we are having trouble finding things…can you give me some ideas? Just like jackie above, someone else mentioned alice in wonderland to me…..THanks in advance

  3. Believe it or not but a great place to find items for an Alice theme are antique stores and flea markets because they sell a wide variety of vintage themed items which are perfect for decorating this theme. Consider looking for things such as teapots and teacups in mismatched patterns, colorful table cloth in pink, lilac, or green pastels, and also try edible items such as whimsical tea cup shaped cookies, and bunny rabbit chocolates. There’s no hard rule for decorating this theme since it is so whimsical and unconventional!

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