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Vintage Bookmark Favors You Can DIY

Fabric bookmark favors

In this day of reading on tablets, actual bookmarks may soon become collector’s items. But for a vintage-themed wedding, they would make the perfect guest gifts—recalling an era when reading from real books was a genteel pastime. Wondering where to get these bookmarks, though, and how much they cost? Well, we have great news! We found actual posts on how to make your own bookmark favors, including all the charming details to create that romantic Old World look.

Lovely Inspirations We Just Had to Share

Bookmarks made of ribbons, fabrics, and keys

1 – Wow! Our reaction exactly when we stumbled upon this image via The White Library. Originally designed by Angela Singarella and featured on her blog Everyday Beauty, these gorgeous pieces beautifully bring together the ribbons, lace, pearls, flowers, cameos and charms of a bygone era. And you can actually make these, following the simple steps outlined here.

2 – A variation on the idea above, these lovely handmade bookmarks we found at The Vintage Lemon use an old style key and a fancy clock pendant as accents. Again, just follow the great tutorial provided, using your own choice of thrift shop or crafts store materials. Then, wait for your guests’ ooohs and aaahs!

3 – This darling bookmark idea isn’t actually a DIY with a tutorial, but it could certainly spark your own creativity! Showcased in a post on Love My Dress, this fabric piece with a sweet little quote is an example of the beautiful bespoke (don’t you just love that term?) products handcrafted by Vicky Trainor of The Vintage Drawer. Pay her site a visit and fall in love!

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  1. What a unique idea for a favor! Thanks for the beautiful selections and links to the tutorials!

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