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Wedding Etiquette in the Social Media Age: How to Go “Unplugged”! + [Infographic]

Be Nice and Turn Off That Device. Source One Wed.

With electronic gadgets being almost like “body parts” nowadays, how do you keep them from intruding into the wedding scene you’ve so lovingly planned? One way we discovered (actually dozens of ways!) is to politely let guests know that you value their presence and their attention at the ceremony and reception—without the distraction of clicking, beeping, and flashing devices. See our handy infographic of tips on Wedding Guest Etiquette and Couple Diplomacy! Plus 8 actual examples of how to announce your “unplugged” wedding.

Tips for How to Have a Gadget-free Wedding

Tips for How to Have a Gadget-free Wedding. Wedding Etiquette in the Age of Social Media.

You don’t want your wedding guests preoccupied texting away or sharing posts and pics on Facebook and Instagram. Not only is it rude, but it preempts the work of your wedding photographer and/or videographer—whom you are paying for beautiful, professional images of this most special day. So here are tips on how to handle this gracefully!

For the Couple: How to Say “No Devices” Nicely!

Tip #1: Mention your gadget-free plans early…maybe a card in your invitation.
Tip #2: Display a themed reminder sign as guests arrive.
Tip #3: Use wording that’s “poetic” or humorous to get the point across.
Tip #4: Provide a designated spot and time for guests to snap away!
Tip #5: Promise to share your wedding photos

For Guests: How to Honor the Occasion

Tip #6: Switch your devices off or to “silent” throughout the wedding.
Tip #7: Hold off on taking calls, texting or (horrors!) playing electronic games.
Tip #8: Do not sneak shots of the ceremony and the reception program.
Tip #9: Do not share “wedding ongoing” pics on social media.
Tip #10: Allow the couple to post their own online album of their day.

8 Sample “Unplugged Wedding” Signs and Printables

Need some ideas on those signs we mentioned? See the great examples below. You can match the design and wording to your wedding theme, and to your own personality as a couple. Some you can order pre-made, others you can download and print yourselves!

Unplugged Wedding Signs


1 – “Be Nice and Turn Off That Device” – via One Wed
2 – “No Pictures, Pretty Please!” – via Southern Weddings
3 – “We really want to see your faces…” instant download printable signLime and Lilac (etsy)
4 – “Someone is here taking pictures…”The Doodle Coop (etsy)
5 – Vintage Peony unplugged wedding signHello Love Co. (etsy)
6 – “On this, the most important day of our lives…” Fat and Sassy Ink (etsy)
7 – “Welcome to Our Unplugged Wedding”Crafty Witches Decor (etsy)
8 – “Oh Snap!” instant downloadable printable signGlamazon Graphics (etsy)

How we wish you didn’t need these reminders for guests. But in this social media age, you might want to play safe and speak up…nicely! These ideas and tips show how you can do just that.

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