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Wedding Selfie Stations Ideas as the New Photo Booths!

Selfie station sign by Ink Me Beautiful from etsy

They were fun while they lasted. But photo booths at weddings now have a real cool update: selfie stations! Right up there with instagram weddings, a selfie station is another way to keep your nuptials “on trend” with social media. It allows you to record the zanier side of your wedding day, while your official photographer captures the more formal poses. Plus it provides a great guest activity both during the festivities and even after, as you all swap and share pics online.

Wondering how to work the selfie idea into your own special day? These 5 examples show how to blend it into a variety of wedding themes.

Selfie Station Ideas: 5 Ways to Snap Those Shots!

Don’t be misled. This selfie craze isn’t just for super-casual or modern weddings. Just see what creative options we found!

Wedding Selfie Stations as the New Photo Booths! Featured on The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

1 – Opt for a pretty vintage vibe with a backdrop of lace strips, a marquee sign, and cutout frames, as in this “Taylor Swift Inspired Wedding” via Burnett’s Boards.

2- In keeping with other current trends of gold, glitter and geometrics, why not provide all these elements in a glam backdrop like this one seen on Inspired by This?

3 – For a summer wedding in the outdoors, set up a cheery backdrop of giant paper flowers to get everyone beaming! Idea courtesy of My Wedding.

4 – Have your selfie station do double duty, by providing a Polaroid camera for guests to snap away, print, and stick their photo in a scrapbook. We spotted this idea via The Knot.

5 – Even an Art Deco / 1920s-themed wedding can keep up with the selfie craze. Snazzy signs like this one from Ink Me Beautiful are ready to download and print!

Move over, photo booths. Selfie stations are in the house!

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