Wedding Spotlight: 3D Printing Brings Your Wedding Ideas to Life!

3D printing weddings

3D printing! One of the hottest design trends today that is taking the worlds of fashion, lifestyle, and yes, weddings by storm. That’s why we are so excited to bring you Bellenza’s very first Wedding Spotlight post, featuring 3 fabulous sites that offer 3D printing services and finished products: Shapeways, 43 Layers, and i.materialise. Read on to discover more about this incredible new technology and how it can bring your wedding ideas to life!

But first, what is 3D printing? Here’s a clear and simple description. 3D printing uses an additive manufacturing process to print these items. The magic is not in the final product, but in the process. It allows you to dream up any item, and have it made real through the wonders of 3D printing! And in a wide range of materials (metal, ceramic, wood, plastic, sandstone) and finishes.

Meet 3D Printing Sites: Shapeways, 43 Layers and i-materialise

For your wedding, just imagine being able to custom design your own jewelry and bridal accessories, gift items for bridesmaids and groomsmen, table decorations, a personalized wedding cake topper, and so much more! See this sampling of products from 3 amazing sites, and get the ideas going.

Shapeways! 3D printing as featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

Shapeways is touted as “The World’s Leading 3D Printing Service & Marketplace.” Just visit their site to see how they can make your dream design a reality, or where you can shop from their fabulous array of finished items by designers from all over the world.

Their products above: 1 – “Triangle Wedding Band” / 2 – “Ring Hearts” / 3 – “Bloom” Ring / 4 – “Happy Couple” Round 3D Pendant / 5 – “Initial Cufflinks”

43layers! 3D printing as featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

43 Layers proudly announces “You dream it. We make it.” Their design marketplace lets you create your own custom event decorations and gifts by connecting you to independent industrial designers. Plus they also offer self-serve design tools to bring your custom product to life.

Their products above: 1 – Laser Cut Centerpieces / 2 – Custom Laser Cut Stir Sticks / 3 – Gear Cufflinks / 4 – Escort Cards / 5 – Customized 3D Cake Topper

imaterialise-3D printing as featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

is an online 3D printing service for all people “with an eye for design and a head full of ideas.” They invite you to create, share, and sell your designs with them.

Their products above: 1 – A Titanium Rock / 2 – Brass Bracelet Constructionist / 3 – Decision Spintop / 4 – Cufflinks with Gingko Leaf / 5 – Symbol Ring

Once you browse through these 3 sites, you’ll be in awe at the possibilities for your wedding. In fact, would you believe that 3D printing could create your headpieces, floral headbands, even your wedding dress?

Customization is the key to the appeal of 3D design and printing. And that’s what makes a wedding your own, right? So, start dreaming!

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