4th of July Dessert Ideas with a Sweet Bang!

4th of July Dessert Ideas

Is your wedding taking place around the 4th of July? Then, you’ve got the perfect party theme! And just imagine the fun foodie treats that you can serve as part of a festive dessert table, many of them inspired by the beloved Stars and Stripes.

In fact, it was such a treat browsing the web for July 4th dessert ideas, and seeing how many of them so cleverly make use of the colors and elements of the American flag. Take these five treats, for instance, that we found. Such creative ideas for capturing that patriotic feeling, while presenting something scrumptious for your guests to enjoy!

Who Can Resist These Yummy Ideas

4th of July Desserts

  1. This appealing dessert is what the British call a trifle, though it certainly looks way more than a trifle delicious! As shared by Lina of Fancy Frugal Life, all she did is cut pound cake into star shapes with a cookie cutter, then combine it with fresh strawberries and blueberries plus dollops of whipped cream. Now, that we can all do, right?
  2. Cuteness on a stick! That’s how Bakers Royale describes these fun and festive fruit pops. Again, star cookie cutters are used to shape crisp slices of apple and watermelon, then a blueberry is popped into the center. Striped paper straws complete the playful look. Imagine serving these at a picnic-style party!
  3. For a cool refresher on what’s sure to be a hot July day, how perfect would these stained glass jello stars from Browneyed Baker be?! The blue is berry-flavored Jello, the red is of course strawberry (though cherry could work, too, we guess), and the white is unflavored gelatin mixed with condensed milk. Once firm, simply cut into star shapes with a cookie cutter, serve and enjoy!
  4. Berry cheescake pie, the name alone makes your mouth water! Made by Natalie herself of Natalie’s Killer Cuisine from her Grammy’s pie dough and cheesecake recipes (that she shares), this pie salutes the 4th of July with the delightful red and blue of fresh berries and stars made from the same pie dough. So pretty and patriotic!
  5. What a delight to find, amidst all the cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies, these red, white and blue raspberry candy bars by Cherry Tea Cakes! They’re actually layers of hazelnut nougat tinted red and white with food dye, topped with a raspberry-flavored cookie layer tinted blue, then enrobed with melted dark chocolate. Yum!

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