8 Salsa and Hot Sauce Favor Ideas for Your Wedding

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Have we got some great inspiration here for spicing up your wedding! Give guest favors of super-flavorful salsa or hot sauce! A hot idea for casual weddings with a ranch or Western theme, a Mexican or Caribbean motif, or just a fun summer BBQ or cookout-style reception. See how you can package and label them, then display them in true rustic style!

Spice Up Your Wedding with Salsa/Hot Sauce Favors

Aside from the sheer surprise of giving these unique wedding favors, how you package them can truly up the charm factor even more. Luckily the added touches need not be anything fancy!

Spice Up Your Wedding with Salsa and Hot Sauce Favors for Your Wedding | as featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza!

  • – For a laid-back, simple display, just stack up the salsa/hot sauce jars on the favor table with a frame inviting guests to “Please take one.” (1)
  • – A quick and easy choice: mini-sized bottles of ready-made favorites (2), like Tabasco®, Franks®, or Cholula®. Just do an online search for where to order these, then personalize them with your own labels and favor tags!
  • – If you plan to give home-made salsa or sauce, mini glass clip-seal jars tied with striped twine (3) make lovely rustic-style packaging!
  • – Wittily worded labels and tags are always fun, like “Keeping love hot & spicy” (4), “Spice up your life” (5), or “Love potion” (7). These can also be customized with your names and wedding date.
  • Pre-packaged salsa favors (6) are another option. These come complete with toppers and customizable labels, all ready to display at your reception.
  • -And if you just can’t leave home without your own bottle of Sriracha®, here’s a key chain version (8)! What a practical favor!

Gotta love these spicy yet sweet favor ideas! Which one would you choose? Let us know.

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  1. Cute and creative ideas!

  2. Thanks Susan! Who knew these could make such a “hot” favor idea?!

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