Asian-inspired Favor Ideas for a Fabulous Wedding

Asian theme favors

An Asian-themed wedding presents many meaningful options for expressing a heartfelt thank you to your guests. Get ready for a creative cultural adventure, then, when planning your favors! Whether you choose to give keepsakes or edibles, packaging and presentation are key to crafting favors with that distinctive Asian flair. Color choice, as well as the use of certain shapes and figures, is also significant in symbolizing happiness and success in marriage.

So, join us on a tour of different gift categories inspired by Asian artistry. The fabulous ideas are sure to spark your own creativity!

Practical Pieces Made Pretty

Picture frames in origami sleeves
Chopsticks definitely say Asia! Dress up each pair with beads, crystals, and leaf-shaped tags. Or present frames in rice paper sleeves finished with origami-style crane cutouts.

Something that is actually useful are always welcome. Items for the home, then, such as lacquered chopsticks, bamboo baskets, or wooden coasters would make wonderful ideas. The trick, though, is to add artful packaging. Here, we’ve decorated pairs of chopsticks with their own beaded wire jewelry, holding leaf-shaped tags. Carved frames in brilliant gold—an auspicious color for a prosperous marriage in Asian cultures—are another excellent favor option. We wrapped each picture frame in a sleeve of handmade rice paper, tied it in place with a cord, and tucked in a crane cutout a la origami.

Dainty Dinnerware and Ceramics

Asian accent pieces for the table are sure to delight guests as well. Consider stylishly glazed tea or sake cups, soy sauce dishes, candy and condiment bowls, or quaint figurines. Or give porcelain keepsake boxes, specially hand decorated with a floral pattern or rendered in a striking color. For the Japanese, for instance, a red and white combination is considered auspicious for special occasions such as weddings. Dress up white porcelain boxes with bright red ribbon, then, and bring on the good fortune—for both you and your guests!

Sweet and Savory Edibles

Edible goodies presented in asian-inspired packaging
Give guests a “taste” of Asia with sweet treats in silk shantung sachets shaped like lotus blossoms, or a mix of Japanese peanuts in a sinamay gift box.

For edible ideas, think Asian fusion—with tempting treats in equally attractive packaging! Prepare favor fillings like traditional fortune cookies, Japanese tea cookies and candies, and mini Chinese mooncakes. Or give fresh fruits such as tangerines, plums, or Japanese pears. Then, present these in fabulous favor containers. For candies, you can tuck them into a colorful silk shantung pouch reminiscent of a lotus flower. For bulkier items such as fruits and cookies, you can bundle them up in soft pink fabric or a brilliant red fabric wrap as this color is believed to symbolize luck, love, and good fortune in various East Asian cultures. Then, for savory treats like Japanese peanuts, you may choose a heart gift box topped with a pretty gold cord and wooden chopsticks.

Stylish Beauty Accessories

Asian-inspired hand fans made of fabric
Make something special and homemade like fabric-lined hand fans decorated with Asian-inspired accents.

There are also a number of ladies accessories that you can give. Hand fans made of textured rice paper or colored fabric to match your wedding motif are lovely options. In the example above, we created this simple hand fan using fabric with an Asian-inspired motif of cherry blossoms. There are even fans made from fragrant sandalwood with an intricate cutwork design. Elegant hand mirrors with a lacquered finish or an inlaid mother-of-pearl design would delight any guest as well. And specially handcrafted wooden combs would make charming surprises inside silk floral pouches with a pretty floral design.

Scented Gift Items

Aromatic gift items are another wonderful choice for guest favors. Consider giving scented soaps in exotic fragrances such as carnation (this flower is said to symbolize marriage in China), green tea, or sandalwood. Or prepare small bottles of perfume infused with a scent like jasmine, packets of incense chips, or a mix of floral potpourri. Any of these would fit nicely in an embroidered sachet, ready for giving!


  1. Samantha Stevensen

    Hello there. I’m getting married this coming December! My fiance is Chinese, while I am British. I love the suggestions above for favors especially the chopsticks and gold frame. I’d love to incorporate both into the wedding actually. But, my problem is this. I have to host a small after tea party for my fiance’s mother and friends and I have no idea (ok. I have some idea like serving chinese tea like oolong, but I’m not sure abou the food). Should I serve sandwiches like a classic British tea party? I’m leaning towards a more Asian fare and my only familiarity with Chinese food is very limited as we are both graduate students right now. What are some nice things to serve for such an afternooon afffair. Any suggestions on how I can make this event happen wihtout looking like an idiot! Thank you! Thank you in advance.

    Sam. S.

  2. First off, congratulations on your engagement! How exciting! I think this looks like a nice way to have an afternoon tea party with Chinese dimsum and pastries. These are best ordered a day before or on the morning of the event to ensure freshness. You may want to consider food items such as pork dumplings, pork buns, sesame seed buns, sticky rice with filling, shrimp dumplings, and then for sweet pastries you can try egg custard tarts, almond cookies, and sweet buns filled with red bean. As for your tea service, serving up a variety of teas such as oolong, jasmine, and black tea would be great!

    Good luck and we wish you all the best!

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