Beach Inspired Favors with Pretty Packaging Inspiration!

Orange bundles in organza by Bellenza

Favors for a beach theme wedding have really come a long way! They can be so fabulously packaged that they become decorative pieces in their own right. You’ll see what we mean with these 5 favor presentation ideas from our own beach- and nautical-themed sets. Pretty fancy, if we do say so ourselves! But surprisingly easy to assemble, using items made with seashells, tiny pearls, and sea-inspired wraps and tags. Hope you sail away with your own seaside wedding favor ideas from here!

Go With Whimsical Symbols of the Sea

Mesasge in a bottle as beach-inspired favors. Styled shoot by Bellenza. #beachfavors #beachweddings

“Message in a Bottle,” “Treasure Island,” “The Love Boat,” even “Gilligan’s Island.” Just think of the images that come to mind from books, movies, and TV series like these—classic, sentimental, whimsical, funny—and use these as springboards for delightful guest favors! Petite apothecary bottles can hold scrolled personal messages, romantic quotes, or tiny mock treasure maps for guests to claim party giveaways as they leave.

Favor wrapped goodies as beach-inspired favors. Styled shoot by Bellenza. #beachfavors #beachweddings

Going for a “Castaway” concept? Assemble organza-wrapped bundles mounted on wooden sticks to hold seashell chocolates, packages of “ocean breeze” potpourri, or fish-shaped crackers. Then, simply embellish the bundles with starfish, sand dollars, seashells, sea glass beads, or little origami fish!

Have Favors Double as Table Decor

Shell encrusted keepsake frame for a seaside-inspired wedding celebration. #shellfavors #beachfavors

The ocean is a treasure trove of natural elements that make their way into exquisite wedding table decorations and guest favors. In fact, many of them do both! A seashell-encrusted picture frame, for instance, serves as a lovely place card holder at the reception—enhancing the table display with its adornment of coral-colored flowers and ribbons. Then, once taken home, it becomes a perfect memento of this romantic beach-themed occasion.

Tip: You can have photos taken of yourselves with guests at the wedding, then send these as photo-thank you cards afterwards. The frame favor is complete!

Wrap It Up in Style

Shell dish filled with chocolate gold coins as beach-inspired favors. #beachfavors #chocolatecoinsfavors

Presentation is key when it comes to giving favors. From the simplest shell-shaped hand soaps to the fanciest pearl accessories, any beach-themed wedding giveaway can (and should) look as elegant and stylish as possible. Luckily, elegant need not mean complicated or costly. A miniature seashell dish filled with chocolate coins gets an air of glamour in a fabric wrap made of silky lilac organza. The wrap is simply gathered around the gift item and tied closed with its matching pearl-trimmed ribbon. So easy and so pretty!

Tip: Other creative packaging options for a beach theme would be woven sinamay boxes, capiz shell baskets, seashell escort card holders, or miniature glass fish bowls. Add some pretty adornments and guests are sure to be impressed!

Add Fun Personalized Touches

Flip flog tags in aqua as beach-inspired accents for packaging favors. Styled by Bellenza. #beachfavors #beachweddingideas

Personalizing your favors lets guests know how special they are to you. Thank you cards and favor tags, then, are great ways to do just that. For a beach-themed event, you get to give these a playful spin—crafting fun cutouts like beach slippers, life preservers, corals, sea horses, anchors, palm trees, and beach umbrellas.

Tip: You could also print gift cards with amusing quotes about the sea, or photos of your friends’ faces superimposed on figures in ’50s-style swimwear. Another cool idea would be to enclose “pretend postcards” with each favor, showing fabulous beach scenes and saying, “So glad you were here!” (instead of the usual “Wish you were here!”) and the date and place of your wedding.

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Did these beach-inspired favor packaging ideas get you dreaming up some of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!

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