Bellini Wedding Favors: From BUY to DIY

Bellini favor ideas to make or buy in bulk

You’ve got to love a wedding favor idea that’s this pretty, delicious, and comes ready to give in a bottle or can. We’re talking about Bellinis! This simple cocktail, which originated in Venice, is made by mixing peach and a sparkling wine. Couldn’t be more perfect for gifting to guests at your spring or summer wedding. All you need to do is buy ready-to-drink bellinis in bulk, then add a fabric wrap or a ribbon and tag to each one. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Oh, and bellinis would be wonderful as your signature wedding drink at your reception, or for a Bellini Bar at your bridal shower. So we’ve included ingredients and recipes below as well.

Buy Your Bellini Wedding Favors in Bulk

How handy is it that bellinis are sold in single-serve bottles and cans? There are also variations in the mixes, so you get to choose.

Bellini Wedding Favors

Survey this tempting selection we’ve made for you:

  1. Bellini Cocktail – a ready-made cocktail produced in Italy from white wine and natural peach flavors, available via World Market
  2. Cipriani Food Peach Bellini Mix – comes in glass bottles, 4 to a pack x 6 packs, available via Amazon
  3. CÎROC™ Peach Bellini – made with vodka, this is to be mixed with champagne for an extra-special bubbly cocktail
  4. San Benedetto Cipriani Bellini Mix – naturally peach-flavored mineral water, comes in a pack of 8, available via Amazon
  5. Banrock Station Bellini Sparkling Wine Cocktail – via Accolade Wines

Mix Up Your Own Bellinis

As mentioned, you can also serve bellinis as your wedding signature drink or set up a Bellini Bar. So here are some handy ingredients and recipes to help you do just that!

Mixing up your own bellinis

  1. Powell & Mahoney Peach Bellini Cocktail Mix – just mix with prosecco and other sparkling favorites, available via Amazon
  2. Monin Peach Syrup – ready-to-mix syrup for your bellinis, available via Amazon
  3. Torani Peach Syrup – gives your cocktails a refreshing fruity flavor, available via Amazon

Bellini Recipes You Can Try

This is one cocktail that’s actually a breeze to make! But you might be interested to try these variations:

Bellini Recipes  You Can Try

  1. Fresh Peach Bellinis – a recipe from Ina Garten, using ripe peaches with lemon blended in a food processor, then prosecco is added
  2. Virgin Peach Bellini – a non-alcoholic version, made with a peach-flavored drink mix and cold sparkling water
  3. Canned Peach Bellini – a convenient approach using canned peaches and sparkling wine

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    Where can I order miniature Bellini bottles?

  2. The best approach is try your local liquor store because of shipping restrictions on alcohol. Thanks for stopping by!

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