Capture Spring in Party Favors for an Easter-time Wedding

Easter favor ideas

Spring is in the air! It’s the perfect season to celebrate the start of your marriage. Capture the freshness and hope of this time with an Easter-themed wedding party decked out in joyous colors—from the sweetest pastels to the cheeriest primaries. For fittingly festive take-home gifts, here are some fun favor ideas that are sure to have guests beaming as they leave the party.

Easter-themed Favor Ideas Sure to Charm Guests

#1 Create a Playful Easter-themed Favor Table – Simulate a springtime garden scene with a fancy favor table covered with grass (real or artificial), florist’s moss, or a bed of green raffia or straw. Set up a whimsical welcome sign held up by a row of pastel-painted flower pots, decorated with paper birds and ribbons. And for the stars of the display, arrange porcelain egg boxes on the grass that open up to reveal sweet treats, like these jelly beans.

#2 Think Double Duty – Take the Easter party concept up a notch with petite straw baskets filled with colorful saltwater taffy and finished with pink ribbons. Continue the playful-yet-sophisticated contrast with swirling pink and green ribbons on the favor display table. Or you can have the baskets serve double duty: first, as place card holders at each guest’s plate, then as lovely take-home favors.

#3 Give Something Dainty – Say “Thank you” and “Happy Easter” in a sweet way with lavender embroidered organza bags. Present them with a delicious cookie in the shape of a wedding cake or your favorite candy will do fine as well.


#4 Consider Convenience and Style – Don’t want to be hassled with finding a box or bag to present your favors? Think of simple wrapping materials such as fabrics. For packaging odd-shaped or loose items, like these Hershey’s Kisses®, fabric wraps are ideal in pastel colors of lilac and pink (see 12” wraps). They’re ultra easy to use and give instant style to your gifts. All you need to worry about is the candy!


#5 Have Fun with Color – Create a colorful Easter palette for your favor display with a preppy vibe. Fill capiz baskets with pink and green candy, like these Skittles®. Your guests will appreciate using them as dresser accessories, potpourri trays, or trinket holders when taken home.


  1. I can’t wait till Easter. For my favors, I’m giving out little egg-shaped cookies coupled with jelly beans. All wrapped up in pink! Other suggestions for colors? Thank you 😉

  2. Your Easter favor table display is just adorable! It made me check out other DIY projects that Bellenza might have. Will you have more coming up?

  3. We definitely have more projects coming up! So stay tuned for more 🙂

    As for Easter colors, we suggest that you try incorporating multiple pastel colors such as aqua, lilac, yellow, and green.

  4. Your Easter wedding favor ideas are great. There are so many wonderful colorful candies to choose from.

  5. This coming April, we will be celebrating my daughter’s bridal shower as an Easter brunch party. My centerpiece will consist of giant egg-shaped spheres painted in pastels then sprinkled with some gold glitter. The look will be whimsical yet cute just like how I see my daughter! And for the favors, each guest will be getting a egg shaped cookies — giant-sized as well!

  6. An Easter brunch is a fun way to have a budget-friendly celebration. Be sure to check out Kim Vallee’s nice Easter tabletop and brunch post:

  7. Adorbs little basket favors!

  8. Hi, there! So glad you found this previously published Easter article, too. Happy Easter!

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