Cheers! A Toast to Wine Themed Favors and Gifts

Wine Themed Favors and Gifts

Lovers of wine? Then, why not celebrate this special affinity with a stylish wedding event “flavored” with a wine-inspired motif! Bring this distinct cachet not only to your wedding decorations and reception menu, but also to creative guest favors and thoughtful bridal-party gifts that are artful references to your love for wine.

Hoping for a few sips of inspiration? Allow us to get the wine flowing, so to speak. We offer ideas that go from unique favors cleverly disguised as table setting accents, to scrumptious edibles that would complement a favorite vintage, to wine accessories that combine chic with practical. So let’s savor the samples below—both for your guests and for the members of your bridal party!

Guest Favors That Celebrate Wine

Wine-inspired favors may range from gourmet edibles perfect with a glass of vino and packaged in sachets; to colorful glass charms to match your theme; to glass coasters!

Being wine aficionados yourselves, wouldn’t you love to share your passion with your guests? You can do this with favor ideas—both edible and non-edible—that will remind them of your wine-inspired wedding long after the occasion is over.

Edibles – Favors that are Tasteful and Memorable

Edible favors are a tasteful way to go (literally!). For these, you can consider mini canisters of gourmet cheese spreads paired with crackers; or a special mix of nuts including almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and hazelnuts. If you prefer to give something sweet, why not bake up a batch of wine bottle-shaped cookies with frosted “labels” bearing your monogram? Then, simply present these treats in grapevine-embroidered organza bags finished with leaf-shaped thank you tags.

Wine glasses can serve as your favor containers, too! Use them to hold Jordan almonds, chocolate truffles, candies, nuts, cheese and crackers, or even a slice of wedding cake. Then, finish each glass with a pretty satin or organza bow, and a personalized gift tag.

To share your enjoyment of wine, you may order mini bottles of a popular red or white variety. [Hint: An on-line search should be helpful.] Then, personalize them with labels bearing your names and the date of your wedding. Or for a quaint touch, you may craft little tags from recycled tin, etch your monogram on each, and hang them around the neck of each bottle with a chain.

Finally, transform little boxes of chocolates into sentimental guest favors with special gift wrapping. For instance, if some of your most memorable wine experiences together have been in Napa Valley, wrap each box in a reproduction of a map of the area and use a souvenir photo from a trip there as your favor tag!

Non-edibles – Favors that are Practical

Should you opt to go with non-edible guest favors, try this approach. Consider items that you can present as fanciful table accents, and then later give away as wedding mementos. For instance, if your wine-themed party has a tropical or beach setting, you could embellish each guest’s wine glass with strings of multi-colored beads. Then, announce that these may be taken as fun bracelets or hair ornaments, in keeping with the ambiance.

Coasters made from recycled wine bottle corks are another innovative favor idea. Not only are they eco-friendly and easy on the budget, they’re practical as well. Sets of three coasters each, popped into pretty bags, would make great mementos of your wine theme.

Similarly, wine bottle stoppers are yet another useful guest favor. You may choose from the many designs available in houseware stores or on-line, or you may opt to make them yourself from recycled materials. For simple yet stylish packaging, use brown Kraft boxes to hold 3 to 4 stoppers each, and finish each box with raffia twine and a grape-leaf shaped favor tag.

You could also gift your guests with introductory books on appreciating different wines, knowing the great wine regions of the world, or recommending great food-and-wine pairings. Then for a personal touch, you could print out on special card stock a brief description of your favorite wine as a couple, and laminate it as a bookmark to present with each book.

Wine-inspired Gifts for Members of the Bridal Party

Bottles of choice wine are true gifts of distinction, ideal for the special people in your bridal party. Select them not only for their flavor but for their meaning to you as a couple. Then, present them in fittingly artful gift packaging.

Now, don’t forget your bridal party. A wine-themed wedding presents a wonderful opportunity to give them something truly beyond the ordinary.

When searching for wine-themed gifts for your bridal party, consider items that would be welcome additions to their homes or kitchens. Always much appreciated would be bottles of fine wine that they would be proud to serve on occasions they may host later on. Make them extra-special, though, with customized packaging—personalized wine labels bearing your names and wedding date, or exotic carriers made from glittery gold board and finished with gold ribbon.

Wine accessories that are both stylish and practical are another ideal gift option. A shapely glass decanter or a set of chic wine glasses would make lovely presents for the maid of honor and bridesmaids. While wine bottle openers with the latest high-tech design would be great for the groomsmen.

Products like these are widely available on the market today, ranging from pricey to affordable brands. So do shop around first for what best fits your budget—whether in actual stores or on the web. Check out brand names such as Reidel®, Metrokane®, and Houdini®.

Who wouldn’t love to receive a wine-themed gift basket like this one? Actually, it’s a clear ice bucket filled with treats to go perfectly with a bottle of fine wine. This would make a gracious welcome basket for each bridal party member arriving at a destination wedding; or an ideal thank-you gesture to the parents of the bride and groom.

Should your budget permit, consider giving wine-themed gift baskets! These are wonderful gestures of appreciation to the special people in your bridal party. Simply take unique containers—we’ve used a clear ice bucket—and fill them with thoughtful wine-related treats. You could have a selection of the edibles and accessories mentioned above, topped off with a final special item or two. This could be a subscription to a wine magazine, such as Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast—ideal for the vintage connoisseurs in the group. Or one to Food and Wine magazine—a great alternative for those who are foodies at heart, but are also interested in the world of fine wine. And should there be a budding wine expert among them, perhaps you could gift him or her with an initial membership card to a wine club.

And finally, a most exciting option: what about hosting a luxurious weekend getaway at a relaxing resort located in wine country such as Napa? Many such resorts now offer special group packages for wedding parties, complete with treats from spa services to wine tasting tours. Imagine the fun of having the entire bridal party enjoy these activities as part of your romantic destination wedding!

With so many great ideas, here is a recap of wine-themed favors and gifts you can give:


  • Cheese and crackers, nuts, candies, or chocolates [check out Brix Chocolate] – Tuck these into pouches, present them in wine glasses, or package them in boxes with wine-themed gift wrapping.
  • Bottles of wine – Choose a vintage with significance to you as a couple or a favorite wine that you enjoy. Then, order them in mini bottles to give as guest favors, or in full-size bottles to present to the members of the bridal party. Make personalized labels or present them in striking gold packaging.


  • -Wine glass charms
  • -Wine cork coasters
  • -Wine bottle stoppers
  • -Stylish sets of wine glasses
  • -Elegant glass decanters
  • -Books on wine with personalized bookmarks
  • -High-tech wine bottle openers or corkscrews
  • -Subscription to a wine magazine
  • -Membership in a wine club
  • -Gift certificate to a spa resort in Napa Valley
  • -Gift bucket filled with a selection of the above!


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