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Confectionery Favors for a French-themed Bridal Shower

Confectionery Favors for a French-themed Bridal Shower

Decorating a French-themed bridal shower can be oh-so-chic and stylish. So how delightful would it be to prepare shower favors just as exquisite! But what could you give? Why not some to-die-for French confections? Not only would these be an extra-special taste treat for your guests, but they are so pretty to look at or come so charmingly packaged as well.

So Chic and Yummy to Give as Favors

To help you with sourcing the confections you fancy, the delectable images we’re sharing here are from sites that are themselves makers or distributors of these gourmet goodies. So you can either place your orders online, or survey the confectioneries in your area for one that carries your chosen treat. Now, wouldn’t we love to be guests at your French-themed bridal shower!

Sweets for a French-themed Bridal Shower

1 – These chewy French nougats are handmade by Kettle Confections, specializing in all-natural gourmet candy sold on etsy. Take a look at their irresistible array of flavors!

2 – Popularly known as Jordan almonds, French almond dragees now come in pastel colors perfect for bridal shower favors. The high-quality Médicis brand is available online from Crosslin Confections.

3 – The traditional French cookies known as madeleines are delicious served with tea or coffee. You can purchase them online from French gourmet food sources like Saveur du Jour—or bake your own, following recipes like this.

4 – Calissons, pictured here from The Vermont Country Store (via Amazon), are a traditional French candy featuring a paste of candied fruit and ground almonds, topped with a thin layer of royal icing. Yum!

5 – Of course, no selection of French confections would be complete without the classic macarons! Sources for these are all over the web, like the etsy shop Norwegian Wood Bakery (formerly Eastern Cookie, recommended by AZ Creative Kitchen). Package these as fancy shower favors!

6 – Pates de fruits are another favorite French treat, consisting of fruit puree condensed into a chewy, intensely fruity candy. Find some ready for gift-giving, like these from Daniel Chocolate, or package them yourself.

7 – Hard candy made by Bonté in violet and rose flavors are old-fashioned sweets with a nostalgic air. Carried by Bien Manger, their lovely art deco-style tins need nothing more than a simple ribbon to complete the gift look.

8 – These popular chocolate disks known as mendiants come in dark, white, and milk chocolate. This sampler bag from Jacques Torres Chocolate includes all three, with each disk containing a pistachio, an almond, and a sliver of candied ginger.


  1. Love these favors!! Had to share them on our FB page!!

  2. That’s so sweet of you, Jennifer! Actually, putting the finds together for this post made us realize how extra-pretty these confections are–aside from being delicious, of course. Trust the French!

  3. Love those gmmy things in the first pic–yum!

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