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Create Fun Favor Tags Inspired by Party Themes

Themed favor tags

Favor tags? Oh, you mean those afterthoughts you just stick on guest favors so you don’t get them mixed up? Well, they can be so much more! Especially at parties like a bridal shower—where the guest favors actually serve as part of the party decor—favor tags can be truly eye-catching accents.  After you’ve given so much care and attention to selecting the favors themselves and wrapping them up in the most appealing way, why finish them with plain white cards? Take your cue from your bridal shower theme, and then use it to craft one-of-a-kind favor tags that truly stand out!

5 Creative Favor Tag Ideas by Theme:

Pentagon tags for winter blue wedding

#1 Russian Winter Ball – For a striking Russian-inspired wedding reception in the winter, create favor tags in the shape of pentagons. Use glittery, metallic paper and personalize each one with a metallic marker in either gold or silver. As an impressive touch to the party favors, display them by whimsical Fabergé-inspired porcelain eggs resting atop each guest’s place setting.


Maple leaf tags for fall favors.

#2 Vineyard-Inspired Theme – If Tuscany or Napa are the inspiration for your bridal shower, set out favors in dainty organza pouches reminiscent of a romantic vineyard. And create matching favor tags, of course. Think stylized cutouts of leaves and fruits—a bunch of grapes, perhaps?—using lovely green and burgundy tones. You can also create tags in the shape of a wine glass or bottle for a whimsical look. Then, for a stylish finish, handwrite your personal greeting or note of thanks in an artistic font, using a metallic marker in gold or copper.

Glittery glam beach favor tags.

#3 Nautical Beach Party – Think of whimsical cutouts of seashells, crabs, lobsters, boats, and starfishes using craft paper. For a unique accent, make a border of gold glitter that mimics sand around the edges of each tag, held in place by craft glue—personalize the tag with a colored marker. These would be the perfect match for beach party favors, like a silver favor basket filled with jelly beans, sand dollar cookies, taffy, or lemon heads.

Gold carved tags

#4 Marie Antoinette Theme – These ornate favor tags made for a Marie Antoinette-inspired bridal shower are sure to wow your guests. They’re cut free-hand from white card stock, then given an embossed rococo-style border made from silica gel, finished in gold paint. You can also cut the tags in other shapes that suit this party theme, such as a shoe, a fan, or an antique silhouette. In place of a border, you can give them a touch of sparkle with some glitter, flat pearls, sequins, or charms—perfect for vintage-inspired favor packaging, like these pomander sachet bags.

Mango tags for tropical favors.

#5 Tropical-Inspired Theme – For a bridal shower party with a beach vibe, have shapely fruit cutouts serve as charming favor tags. You may try mangoes, star fruits (known as carambolas), or pineapples cut from construction paper in the most vibrant colors. You can even create interesting edges on the cutouts using special craft scissors with shaped blades. To finish the look, personalize each tag with a fun greeting inspired by the party’s tropical theme and attach it to the favors—here presented in heart-shaped woven boxes—with matching raffia or twine.

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