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Cute Easter Treats and Sweets for a Bridal Shower

Cute Easter Sweets

What do you do when there are just so many Easter goodies to share, even after you’ve filled a whole post-full? Why, you have a Part 2! And boy, are we excited to show you what we’ve found. But first, take a moment to hop back to our eggstravaganza of Easter egg treats in Part 1 of this post. Then, come join us as we give you a taste of even more scrumptious ideas—whether to serve at your upcoming Easter bridal shower gatherings, hand out as delightful party favors, or give as surprise gifts to neighbors and friends. Happy Easter, everyone!

Yummy Easter Treats for Everyone!

Sweet Easter Ideas

  1. These glittery sugar cookies we found on Snickety Snacks take inspiration from the popular Easter season “peeps.” Just imagine a basketful of these festive-colored treats displayed on your dessert table!
  2. Look closely! The scoops of ice cream in these darling mini cones are actually Rice Krispie Treats topped with pastel-colored candy melts, sprinkles, and a single sixlet candy each. Thank you, Cute as a Fox, for this sweet idea!
  3. Have loads of fun, just like AlisaBurke did, dipping and decorating your basic cake pops into these playful Easter treats. Use a variety of sprinkles, from confetti to colored sugar, to really capture that spring-time appeal!
  4. Rich, chewy marshmallow truffles can be formed into egg shapes, coated with chocolate and decorated with colorful sprinkles. Just follow this easy procedure from Taste and Tell, and give these as Easter gifts or party favors.
  5. Cupcakes inside Easter egg shells? Such a cute idea, as shown on Cupcake Project. But the added surprise is that these eggs have “yolks” made from dyed cream cheese filling piped into the center of the batter! Add decorative flags and display in a little nest.
  6. Even simple Easter graphics can really up the cookie charm with sweet springtime colors and a dusting of glitter! Sweetopia shares some great tips and tricks for recreating these lovelies using royal icing and a KopyKake projector.
  7. Easter cookies are everywhere this season. But what makes these cuties special (and gives that smooth, glossy finish) is the use of poured sugar icing to glaze them. Recipe and how-to courtesy of The Decorated Cookie—including the little bird toppers made from ready-to-use fondant.
  8. Not just a cake decorated with eggs, but a cake that is an egg! With red velvet cake as the base and a shell of fondant icing, this eye-catching treat featured on Foodbeast is distributed by Williams-Sonoma. But you could always try to recreate one yourself!
  9. Althea McQuestion suggests turning basic cupcakes into the most irresistible holiday goodies. Whether home-baked or store-bought, decorate them with adorable touches like frosting made to look like grass and petite chocolate eggs on top.
  10. Add long floppy ears and a fluffy white tail to macarons, and you have Easter bunny macarons! Raspberri Cupcakes provides a detailed recipe and tutorial—with lots of hints on how to get them this cute!

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