Fill-in Wedding Invitations: Budget-friendly Yet Pretty Options!

Pretty blank wedding invitations

You need not sacrifice style just because you want to be practical for your wedding. For instance, let loved ones and close friends know about your wedding day details with invitations that are cost-saving and convenient—and still a perfect match to your chosen theme!

That’s right. Thanks to specially designed fill-in wedding invitations available for order online, you can search for those in your chosen color scheme and style—whether floral or rustic, modern or vintage. Then, simply write in the needed info and send them off. Much less pricey than custom invites. But just as pretty! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Fill-in Style Invitations: 6 Picks for Different Wedding Themes

With just a little online searching, see what we found for you to choose from. Six distinct designs of invites for your Big Day, made for filling in the blanks.


Available from Amazon are these 3 different takes on floral invites. First, a band of hot pink blooms set against black and white stripes (1) for a chic, trendy look. Then, a sweet wreath of soft pink florals (2) paired with graceful calligraphy. And third, the vintage rustic air of dainty lace on burlap (3) on kraft card stock. Take your pick!


From Purple Trail, we found 3 more distinct looks for fill-in wedding invitations. There’s the simple charm of Soft Blue and Taupe Florals (4) or Whimsical Woodland Foliage (5) for you to choose from. Or the edgy vibe of a Modern Geometric Glitz design (6) in a unique square shape.

An interesting selection, wouldn’t you say? And all with the ease and cost savings of going for the “fill-in invitation” option for your wedding!

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