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Fuchsia! Fresh Packaging Ideas For Your Valentine’s Favors

Fuchsia and pink favor packaging in gingham

Hip, creative packaging and colors that pop—a modern spin indeed for your Valentine gifts and favors! And to keep it trendy, we suggest fuchsia in place of traditional red with bold accent colors like gold, bright yellow, aqua, and orange. Sounds like fun, right? Most definitely! Just take a look at these cool packaging options for saying “I love you”!

Some Fabulous Finds We Couldn’t Resist

Valentine's packaging using pink and fuchsia

1 – What a modern look using hot pink gingham print! Super-crafter Chelsea Fuss of Frolic, featured on Delightfully Engaged, shows how something so simple can turn regular candy bars into the cutest favors or even place card holders (see photo in the full post). Perfect for Valentine’s!

2 – Mini foil baking cups are such cuties to begin with. But see how the crafty blog Hey Look used them as striking packaging accents, paired with fuchsia yarn and a sprinkling of sequins. This site has tons of other amazing projects, so do pay them a visit!

3 – Another of our fave DIY sites, Fun.kyti.me, came up with this adorable neon gift wrap idea in bold pink and yellow. Blogger Sybille provides the cheeriest raincloud printables ever as wrapping paper, then winds neon string around the package and slaps on neon stickers as “tape”. Love it!

4 – How charming are these hand-painted heart tags by Leslie of A Creative Mint?! Yes, she free-handed these quaint pink and aqua geometrics in watercolor (oh, to be so talented!). Then, she tucked the heart cutouts under twine ties on simple kraft-wrapped gift boxes. And voila! Hip Valentine packaging!

5 – Now, this one is an accent idea: ready-to-use neon pink heart stickers! Even the most crafting-challenged among us can certainly doll up a Valentine’s Day gift with these handy helpers from etsy shop Knot & Bow.

6 – This may look like a kiddie idea—and it is! From the sweet crafty site, Inchmark. Candy-filled matchboxes dressed up in decorative paper bands, decorated with doodles, heart punches, striped string, and tiny tags. But seeing the cute mix of colors and patterns made us stop and think, “Hey, wouldn’t this be a fun way to package ‘multiple gifts’ for your Valentine?”

7 – Gift wrap as simple and affordable as tissue paper can make an eye-catching statement. The key is color! Just look at these hot pink bundles tied up with twine, from fd-forever.tumblr.com found on Pinterest. Fun and fabulous!


  1. That gingham is MAGICAL! I love yellow + pink!

  2. Hi HiLLjO! Just searching for fuchsia packaging ideas to share was so much fun — everything looked so vibrant and cheery. And yes, paired with yellow, it really pops! 🙂

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