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What to Give as Favors and Gifts for the Men at the Wedding?

Favors and Gifts for the Groomsmen and Men at the Wedding

Don’t overlook the gentlemen in the wedding! Show your appreciation to the best man, the groomsmen, the ushers, and of course your Dads by preparing thoughtfully chosen gifts for each one of them. But as you’ve probably discovered by now, finding unique and stylish gift items for men is no easy task!

Before you end up giving the usual mugs, pen sets, key chains, or liquor flasks, do stop and consider other options. We suggest that you take your cue from a theme at one of your wedding socials. Check what motif you’ll be having for your engagement dinner, for instance, or for your wedding rehearsal party or the groomsmen’s dinner. Then, use that as a guide in selecting cool and practical gifts and favors the guys are sure to appreciate! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Choose Favors for the Guys with a Cool Latin Vibe

Chocolate cigars for men as wedding favors.

Is your groomsmen’s dinner going to have a “Havana Nights” motif? Match the ambiance of the evening, then, by giving the gentlemen authentic Cuban cigars as favors. Whether they actually smoke or not, these would be cool party keepsakes. But if you’d really like to be sure that everyone enjoys their gifts, you could give chocolate cigars (*affiliate link through Amazon). Bundle 3 or 4 pieces each in quaint kraft paper or gift paper rolls, and they’re ready to give!

Latin Jazz CDs for the groomsmen or as wedding favors for men.

If what you’ve got planned is a Latin jazz theme (*affiliate link through Amazon), then CDs would be ideal gifts. Look for recordings by the legends of Afro-Cuban jazz like Tito Puente, Frank “Machito” Grillo, Mario Bauza, Ray Barretto, and Eddie Palmieri. The CDs could be simply tied with some twine or colorful ribbon, and presented in an upturned straw hat at the party!

Satisfy Those Coffee Cravings

Rare is the guy who doesn’t enjoy an excellent cup of freshly-brewed coffee. So, for a rehearsal party with a coffee theme or an eco-friendly slant, a package of roasted coffee beans would be a much-appreciated treat!

Coffee favors and gifts for men.

Even more so if you can source beans that are a specialty of your home town, available from a popular roaster right in your locality. Or you may check Amazon for specialized beans, such as those grown and harvested in specific communities in South America, Asia, or Africa as part of their livelihood assistance program, or those that are certified “organic” or grown in accordance with Fair Trade agreements. Moreover, a coffee-subscription via Amazon would be perfect for sampling various coffee from around the world.

Package the beans in well-sealed plastic bags and pop them into rustic-style burlap bags or boxes tied closed with twine. And for an eco-friendly finishing touch, use favor tags made from recycled soda cans etched with each guest’s name.

Impress the Guys with Fine Wines

Wine for the groomsmen.

Throwing a cozy wine-and-cheese groomsmen gathering? Then, you can’t go wrong by giving bottles of personalized wine bottles (*affiliate link through Etchedwine.com) etched with a customized message. You can make the bottles look real fancy with stylized packaging made from gold board. Or you could personalize them with bearing your names and the date of your upcoming wedding. Either way, wine is always a most welcome present!

Give the Men at the Wedding Something Practical

Barware and drinkware for the groomsmen.

If you’ll be holding an informal al fresco party after the wedding rehearsal, that would be a nice opportunity to say your thank-yous to the special gentlemen involved in the big day. For a bit of a teaser, decorate each party table with a fedora hat as a centerpiece. Then, as the party draws to a close, call on each one to accept your thanks and a big hug—along with a fedora to take home. And, of course, you must all pose for a souvenir photo of them wearing their fancy headgear! Alternatively, you can consider barware gifts (*affiliate link through Amazon) like these bullfighter themed drink coasters, which would definitely come to good use at home.

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