Hip Favors for a New Year’s Engagement Party

Hip and modern new year's favors

Champagne, confetti, sparklers, noise makers—all festive traditions at a New Year’s Eve bash. But how do you bring these in to a year-end engagement party in a stylish (read, non-cheesy) way? Turn them into favors! Take these 8 ideas, for instance. Each one is sure to get that mood of revelry going, with a tasteful touch of that magic element: sparkle!

Get Ready to Party with these Cool Favors!

Hip and modern new year's favors

1 – Almost like party ‘pixie dust,’ confetti just seems to work magic on any occasion! So why not let guests take some of that with them, by preparing confetti bags as favors. This DIY example found on Pinterest (credited to Somewhere Splendid) has a hip gold-striped pattern. Just fill with colorful confetti and add a festive tag!

2 – Party crackers are another staple at New Year’s gatherings. But instead of the usual gaudy look, these ones crafted by Livy of A Field Journal are made with cream-colored crepe paper and covered with gold mesh lace. So pretty, with a sprinkling of gold stars for sparkle!

3 – What about a whole assortment of little favors on each guest’s plate? Here, the traditional New Year’s Eve party hat, horn, and paper blower were given a vintage look by Traci of Whimsy Decor. The secret to their charm? Sheet music trimmed with silver tinsel. Sparkle again!

4 – Cupcakes are always a hit. But when you dress them up as ‘glitzily’ as these gold goodies we discovered via Pinterest (attributed to Mixed Plate blog), they look extra stunning! How we wish we could find the original post to let you in on the decorating details. If anyone out there finds it, please let us know!

5 – Which are the favors here? The cookies or the mini sparklers? Why not both! This festive photo just sparked the idea (no pun intended!) when we spotted it on Ivy Clad. Image credit is given to The White Company, but sadly these cute sparklers aren’t on their current catalog.

6 – Decadent chocolate macarons are sure to delight your guests. Especially when they are inspired by ‘Ferrero Rocher,’ those gold-wrapped chocolate-and-hazelnut balls from Italy! Foodie blog Almost Bourdain shares the recipe for this gourmet treat, including garnishing each macaron with a pinch of edible gold leaf. There’s your New Year sparkle!

7 – Store-bought silver horns get a personal and party touch by Jessica of the crafty blog Two Shades of Pink. We love how she created her own subway art-style cards to tie on to each horn. That way, guests get to pin these up at home and remember your special engagement dinner all year through!

8 – Keep guests in a bubbly mood even after the party with gifts of sparkling cider! Glam each bottle up for the occasion with shimmery ribbon and a fancy gift card, like this one featured on Kara’s Party Ideas. The entire post is pure gold-and-glitter New Year inspiration, so do check it out!

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