Holiday Gift Wrapping That Goes Easy on The Planet

Eco-friendly gift wrapping

Thanks to a colorful fabric wrap, you can transform a simple CD into a stunning holiday party favor or even thoughtful Christmas gift. Guests will be exclaiming, “How did you do that?” as they admire your handmade gift packaging crafted from a circle of organza fabric. The wrap’s striking color and luxurious sheen are just perfect for the holiday season. Plus it’s eco-friendly, too, as it can be kept and used again.

Just follow our fold-and-tie procedure, and you’ll have lovely guest favors ready for giving at your festive holiday-time wedding!

Fabulous Holiday CD Packaging You Can Do Yourself

Materials needed to create your holiday wrapping

The materials that you will need for this project are simple. Just obtain: 17” red and/or olive wraps made of organza, a CD, sticker gift label, and a paper band (about 14” to 15” inches long). Optional: holiday gift accents such as mini bells, ornaments, or candy canes.

Tying the ribbon around the cd

Steps 1 and 2 – Lay the fabric wrap flat, position the gift item at its center, and fold all 4 sides of the fabric up towards the midpoint of the gift. Hint: This wrap works best with flat, regular-sided items like a CD or a slim boxed gift.

Step 3a and 3b – Take the matching ribbon tie of the fabric wrap and fold it into two. At the folded midpoint, create a small loop and knot it securely.

Wrapping directions for holiday gifts

Steps 4 and 5 – Position the loop of the ribbon tie at the top edge of the package. Then extend one loose end down the front of the package, and the other loose end down the back. Knot the two loose ends at the bottom edge of the package, letting the pearl-tipped ends create a pretty tassel.

Step 6 – Create gift labels made of special craft paper or board. Write each guest’s name in a graceful cursive font. Then, slip these on as “sleeves” over the favor packages for an elegant touch.

Step 7 – Give the loose edges of the fabric wrap a creative finish by folding them outwards. And you’re done!

A Fitting Holiday Presentation for Your Favors

Holiday gift wrapping on a wreath

What more fitting way to display your fabric-wrapped party favors than on a festive Christmas wreath. The brilliant red and rich olive green of the organza wraps allow your favors to serve as truly enticing ornaments as they adorn your wedding party scene. Then, guests will be thrilled to take them home afterwards! Hint: the wreath can be made as part of a table centerpiece, too. Just add a simple pillar candle in the center of the wreath—bringing a pretty glow to the table.

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