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Homemade Favor Packaging: Making Candy Wraps

Green favor roll

Sweet packaging indeed! That’s the look you’ll achieve when you present guest treats in wrapping that resembles candies. And depending on the materials, colors, and styling used, candy-shaped wraps could easily match your chosen theme, from whimsical to vintage to rustic to modern. These creative examples we found truly illustrate how versatile this packaging can be—and what a breeze it is to make. You’ll surely find yourself saying, “Hey, I can do that at home!”

Enjoy these Creative Examples We Found

Green favor roll

1 – Go for a whimsical and personal appeal to your candy wraps with a fun printed sleeve as a personal touch. The how-to for this, courtesy of The Decorated Cookie, suggests printing names, lyrics, sayings, etc. on the paper sleeve in a variety of fonts and colors. You can probably imagine all the possibilities this easy tube packaging can offer!

2 – Hot colors can give your candy packaging a hip and festive look! And what a great example we found on The Sweetest Occasion (by guest blogger Jenny of Hank & Hunt), using a bright fuchsia and aqua combo. The fun tutorial shows how creative little touches—like cutting the ends into a fringe, and using pinking scissors to edge the tags—can add even more appeal to an already eye-catching favor!

3 – Just the thing for a wedding with a green color scheme are these DIY candy rolls from Confetti Sunshine. With pretty flower-shaped candies tucked inside and bright green crepe paper outside, they capture the spirit of the season so sweetly! Plus a cute little paper tab allows you to personalize each favor as you wish.

4 – Here’s an idea for a hip, modern look or an eco-friendly one, if that’s your theme: using magazine or newspaper pages as your candy wraps! We found this on Frolic blog, where stylist Chelsea Fuss explains how she makes these using a French newspaper that has glossy pages—and, we might add, that extra chic of French wording on your favors! (Her full tutorial appeared on Project Wedding.)

5 – How’s this for festive?! If you’re planning a holiday season wedding or one with a carnival theme, this geometric packaging styled after traditional party crackers would be perfect. Design Sponge’s post features the great tutorial sent in by Kate Petty of Mini-Eco. Just use the template provided and your choice of colored card stock, then fill with candy!


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