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Honey Bear in a Bottle Wedding Favors: Something Meant to Bee!

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The iconic honey bear in a bottle has been around since the 1950s, so it is no wonder that this cute packaging design would make its way into the wedding arena as an adorably sweet wedding favor idea. Guess you could say that it was “meant to bee!” Let’s explore how the honey bear can be your inspiration as a lovely memento of your special day.

Why Give Honey as a Wedding Favor?

Who doesn’t love something sweet? Honey has many uses primarily as a sugar substitute. It can be used in summer beverages to make lemonade, iced tea, or even fruity cocktails. In the fall, honey goes great on waffles, oatmeal, or warm apple cider. With such a practical purpose, honey remains a popular option for many summer and fall brides. Convinced? Let’s move on to the ideas and inspiration.

Honey Bear in a Bottle Ideas for Giving Something Sweet!

Honey Bear in a Bottle Favors

These whimsical bottles in plastic come in three major sizes ranging from 8 to 6 to 1.5 ounces and can be purchased through many organic farms. Find them in a variety of bottle cap colors such as black, yellow (1), white, and multi-colored ones (2). They can be personalized with a label or tag, decorated with a ribbon and honeybee accent (3) , and presented with a wrapping of some sort. For a creative approach, dress the honey bottles up as a bride and groom (4, 5)!

Image credits: 1 – Honey Run Farm / 2 – Heritage Bees / 3 – Heather’s Harvest / 4 – Bee Lovely Botanicals / 5 – Remsburger Honey & Maple

DIY Wrapping Idea: Easy and Convenient!

For a fast and simple way to present these cuddly bottles, ou can also circular fabrics made of organza. These are available at the Bellenza SHOP, click to view.

DIY wrapped honey bear bottle

Thinking of Bottling and Packaging Them at Home?

Empty honey bear bottles—also in squeeze bottle type (6)—as well as bulk honey can be readily purchased from places like Amazon. Have fun personalizing and decorating these bottles with stickers (7) that can be printed on your home computer. Wrap them up in cello (8), burlap, or organza for a lovely presentation. Or, you may opt to just present them as-is with a simple ribbon and favor tag that says, “Meant to bee!”

Packaging options from ribbons to wraps for honey bear in a bottle favors.

Image credits:  6 – Marshall’s Honey / 7 – Sweetnes Honey / 8 – Amber Field Honey Farm

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