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How Sweet! Toffee Favors to Delight Guests With!

Toffee chocolate cookies

Toffee is a treat loved all year round! There’s just something special about this rich, chewy blend of sugar and butter that makes it a classic treat and an always-welcome gift. So why not give homemade toffee goodies as winter favors? We found 3 scrumptious variations you’re sure to love making, and your guests will love receiving!

Some Simple Yet Great Ideas You Can DIY

Toffee favors

1 – Traditional toffee bark is an ever-popular treat. This fab photo shows just one of the extra-special varieties made by Goody Twos Toffee Company (found via Phoenix Bride & Groom). But with a simple home recipe like this one from Yum Sugar, you can whip up a batch of your own in just 15 minutes!

2 – We all know and love caramel apples, right? But here’s a yummy twist: chocolate and toffee-covered apples! Available from Cynthia’s Sweets, these specialty items are coated in milk chocolate, rolled in toffee tidbits, then finally drizzled with white or dark chocolate!

3 – We just love mini edibles! So we were thrilled to discover these single-serve ‘Deep Dish Chocolate Chip, Caramel and Toffee Cookies’ on The Sweet Spot blog. Yes, these are technically ‘cookies’ but baked in individual ramekins. So cute to package and have guests take home to enjoy!

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