How to Make a Torte Bomboniere Tower for Wedding Favors

Torte Bomboniere Tower for Wedding Favors

If it’s a stunning favor display you want, this is it! Imagine wowing guests with a pile of gifts and treats, inspired by the French tower of confections known as a torte bomboniere. Set out on a table of its own at your bridal shower, and embellished with ribbons, flowers, and candleswhat a sight it will make!

Here, we present one approach to creating your tower of favors. But you can always modify this to suit the particular items you’re giving and the decorations to match your shower theme.

Assembling the Tower of Favors

Assembling the tower with pink, lilac, and white rose favor bags.

All you will need are simply a tiered display stand, your gift items, and decorative accents to complete the look. That’s it! Oh and, of course, a bit of creative styling on your part.

Add pink, lilac, and shiny varied colored ribbons.

For a really impressive effect, we used a wooden stand with eight circular tiers tapering in size towards the top. But you could always use an available rack for serving cupcakes, donuts, cookies, and the like—and perhaps add height by standing this atop a box or two covered with gathered fabric.

Pink faux flowers add a romantic look.

Then, proceed to arrange your prepared favors on each tier in an interesting fashion. In our example, we showed off the gorgeous rose pomander bags by playing up an all-floral motif. We interspersed the pink, lilac, and white bags with different sizes of white sugar roses sprinkled with glitter!

Add white sugar flowers in between the favor bags.

We then created a topper of multiple ribbon bows for a fancy finishing touch—allowing the ribbons to trail down gracefully on all sides of the favor tower. Surrounding the base of the display, we scattered faux roses on the tabletop and positioned white candles with a rose design, too!

Sugar flowers and rose candles.

The finished display for your Torte Bomboniere Tower!

Towering ribbons with favors.

Voila! The final effect isn’t only that of a tower of gifts. It actually resembles a giant wedding cake,abloom with roses, don’t you think?

Finish the tower with a table at the reception.

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