Mmmmm…Macarons! Use Them as Elegant Favors and Decorations

Cream macarons favors

Macarons have been the darling of the wedding world for decades now. And understandably so! Elevated to confection superstardom by France’s iconic Laduree brand, macarons in their myriad variations have been used to grace the wedding tables, dessert buffets, and gift baskets of the rich and famous. Luckily, these delicate sweets are now available from local confectioneries and can even be home made! So, do you fancy having them at your own wedding?

Here are some ways you can do just that, using ideas from our own sets…plus more!

Have Macarons as Fancy Table Decorations

Macarons as wedding favors and table decorations with an elegant look

Not only are these prized treats melt-in-your-mouth delicious, they’re such a pretty sight, too! So take advantage of their chic look to glam up your wedding tablescape in these ways:

  1. Choose from the amazing array of macaron colors available nowadays to complement your chosen palette. Soft pastel shades like pink, cream, pale yellow, peach, lilac, mint green, and powder blue are immensely popular. But you can certainly find bolder hues like teal, orange, fuchsia, purple, lemon yellow, even coffee and chocolate to suit your motif.
  2. Arrange macarons in eye-catching rows or rings, either in alternating colors or creating an ombre effect. Or else stack them on cake stands or vintage glass dishes for varying heights on your dessert buffet.
  3. Position one on top of each guest’s place setting for a pretty pop of color. These can serve to prop up their place cards, secure their menu cards, or simply extend a sweet “welcome to your seat”!
  4. Play around with interesting containers. In one photo above, you’ll see macarons displayed in charming pastry pedestals with bell-jar covers. Try vintage tins or cookie jars, depression glass goblets and candy dishes, or country-style baskets. Or if your motif is modern, why not present them on sleek metal trays, plexi-glass, or mirrored stands?

Delight Guests with Macaron Favors

As a delectable thank-you gift for your guests, macarons are a wonderful choice. And your favor packaging should do them justice, too. Here are some fabulous options we’ve used ourselves and seen on other wedding sites:

  1. For a vintage or Victorian look, why not consider giving a macaron or two in china teacups? Bundle these up in pastel-colored organza wraps, and the cups become lovely wedding keepsakes, too!
  2. Use boxes or hard-sided baskets to protect the fragile macarons. In one photo above, we packaged them in our heart-shaped boxes which have a delicate look but are quite sturdy. Simply trim each box with a dainty bow and favor tag.
  3. You can also present them in favor bags, such as cello bags, organza favor pouches, or tulle bags. Just add a personalized tag and you’re done!
  4. Mason jars or other wide-mouthed glass containers will give your macarons a quaint country or rustic presentation. Very appealing when finished with gingham ribbon, striped twine, or even raffia or sisal ties. The containers will make practical gifts themselves—once all the macarons have been enjoyed!
  5. And if your wedding will have a seasonal theme, you can really let your creativity flow for your macaron favor packaging. Think Easter baskets or bonnets, fall wreaths, and burlap bags, lace doilies, and so on!

Do let us know if you’ve used macarons in a fresh and innovative way at your own wedding! Just leave a comment below.


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  2. So glad you like them, Amy! We always appreciate your stopping by. 🙂

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