Money Gift Ideas for Newlyweds that You Can Send in the Mail

Money Gift Ideas for Newlyweds that are Mailable

Not able to make it to the wedding of dear family members or friends? Whatever the reason may be, you can still send them your love and best wishes through a truly practical wedding present—a money gift sent via mail! Giving newlyweds cash gifts has become quite acceptable in recent years, and spares them from receiving multiple toasters or electric kettles as wedding presents!

But to keep a "cold cash" gift from seeming too impersonal, why not put your own special touch to the presentation or packaging? Here, we feature 8 creative ways to make your wedding money gift fun and memorable—while ensuring that it will arrive safe and sound via mail! This post contains affiliate links.

Creative Ways to Present a Wedding Money Gift: 8 Great Ideas

You can fold paper, can’t you? Well, in this case, it’s paper money you’ll be folding and/or packaging in some truly imaginative ways! Which of these would suit your intended newlywed-recipients?

Money Gift Ideas for Newlyweds to Send in the Mail

1 – DIY Mason Jar Piggy Bank – This crafty project from Fun 365 can be modified to any design you choose. Just be sure to pack it in bubble wrap or foam chips for mailing in a sturdy box.

2 – Money Origami Butterfly Lei – Is the couple from Hawaii or wishing they could fly off there some day? Send your cash in the form of butterflies in this pretty lei presentation we found on Sugar and Charm.

3 – Money Gift Idea using Ikea RIBBA Frame – Create a stylish shadow box displaying a wreath of paper flowers and "money leaves" as shown on Style Academy (original source unavailable, but cited on Pinterest).

4 – "Box of Chocolates" Money Gift – Now, here’s a sweet surprise for a chocolate-loving couple! Just follow the easy tutorial on Life as Mom.

5 – Personalized Savings Jar – This cool idea from Evermine has a photo of a savings target tucked inside a mason jar (think of something you know the newlyweds are dreaming of). Then, a money bill (your gift to start them off) is attached as the "bow" on the jar along with a personalized tag.

6 – Gift Money Envelope Templates – With these templates provided by My Frugal Home, you could use wrapping paper, magazine pages, even a printed collage of treasured photos to create extra-special envelopes to hold your money gift.

7 – Origami Card Bride and Groom Wedding Card – This delightful card is available ready-made from Branching Off Studio on Etsy. But you can replicate the concept in your own DIY card, giving it a personal touch.

8 – Shopping Bag Money Card – Your cash gift will surely go to much-needed purchases by the couple. So a shopping bag card like this one (found on Pinterest) is just the thing! Simply change up the design as you wish.

See? No need to feel awkward about giving a wedding money gift after all. Especially not when it’s sent along with such creative and personalized packaging!

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