Pie Pops as Favors: 7 Creative Ways to Display and Package Them

Pie pops on truck. Source via Brides.com

Fall and winter are definitely pie season! And when those well-loved baked creations come in mini form as pie pops, they make ideal favors to give at fall and winter weddings. Already adorable and surely scrumptious, these treats need only a bit of creative packaging and a charming display at the wedding. So we’re thrilled to share these 7 pie-pop presentation ideas with you!

How to Package and Display Pie-Pop Wedding Favors

How to Package and Display Pie-Pop Wedding Favors

Stand them up in mason jars with chalkboard signs (1) marking the filling flavors.Yum! Use them as place “cards” that double as favors (2), tied with tiny bows and with name tags held by clothes pins. Arrange them in vintage wooden crates (3) filled with crinkle paper or straw, for a quaint country look. Or surprise everyone with a tiered stand mounted on the tailgate of a vintage pickup truck (4)!

Image sources: 1 – Sweet Lauren Cakes / 2 – Jamie Lau Designs / 3 – Eric Asistin Photography, via Tahoe Unveiled / 4 – Sweet Lauren Cakes / Michele Beckwith Photography, via Brides.com

Pie Pops as Favors

Create an entire Southern-inspired vignette (5) with pie pops presented on a table decked out in quilt-style fabrics, books, and fresh and paper flowers! For a “green” display, prop them up in a box of moss (6) with succulents tucked in, too. Or for a tea party-themed wedding, serve the pops on tea trays with vintage china (7).

Image sources: 5 – Allison Barnhill Designs / Elizabeth Ryan Photography, via Southern Weddings / 6 – Kasey Davenport (table styling) / Acqua Photography, via Foodie Agenda / 7 – BHG

Such appealing ideas! Quick, think of an excuse to serve pie pops or give them as favors. No wedding coming up soon? There’s always Thanksgiving!

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