Pink Candies Go Perfectly Sweet with a Bridal Shower

Pink candy

What comes to mind when you think of pink? Sweets, of course! Confections in this sugary hue say festive and fun, and often evoke a hint of nostalgia for one’s childhood days. Remember those clouds of cotton candy, luscious scoops of strawberry ice cream, even chewy bubble gum? All pink!

But don’t get a sugar high just yet. You’ve got a bridal shower to host! And we’ve come up with some of our favorite pink confections for serving at your party—and for giving as delectable guest favors.

Below are Several of Our Irresistible Ideas:

1. M&Ms® – These ever-popular candy-coated chocolates in pink and fuchsia would fit right in at a summer bridal shower with a garden theme. Set them out—along with other treats, like pink amorini hearts—on crystal candy dishes for guests to enjoy. Then, also use them as fillings for pink and lilac silk sachets to take home.

2. Saltwater Taffy – These pink-and-yellow candies make perfect goodies for a preppy-themed summertime party. To give them as take-home gifts, tuck 4-5 taffy candies each in lovely tulle purses lined with pink crinkle paper.

3. Pink Whoppers® – It’s hard to resist these yummy malted milk chocolate balls. Especially when they’re presented in chic silver favor baskets lined with wax paper and tied with a petite gingham ribbon. This presentation gives a simple pink, silver, and white palette a modern and elegant feel.

4. Pink Foil-Wrapped Chocolates – Chocolate is always a winner as an edible treat. So charm your shower guests with chocolate balls wrapped in pink foil and presented in pretty porcelain footed boxes. Fit 3-5 chocolate balls into each box, tie on a satin ribbon and a favor tag (both pink, of course), and your favors are ready! Hint: You can also look for heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in pink foil.

5. French-inspired Treats – What could be more romantic and sweet than a trio of marshmallows, pink nougat, and savory Macaron de Paris in lovely hues of pink and lilac! Package them in a stunning heart shaped box colored in fuchsia for a cheerful surprise!

Other treats that everyone will enjoy:

6. Pink Buttermints – These minty little confections are a welcome treat, especially if your party fare includes a lot of spicy foods. No matter what the menu, though, these candies would make great giveaways, tucked into pink 12″ fabric wraps. Display these pretty bundles by the guests’ place settings, to add a touch of pink to your table decor.

7. Pink Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks – They’re a treat to eat, and can be used to sweeten up a cup of coffee in a fun way. Better yet, they can double up as both place card holders and guest favors. Simply attach name cards to the swizzle sticks’ handles, tie several together with a tiny ribbon, then stand them up in the glass at each guest’s place setting.

8. Cotton Candy – Bring this childhood favorite back as a nostalgic treat at the party. Make them serve as part of the table décor for an eye-catching and sweet surprise!

Other “Pink Sweets” Party Tips:

1. Send out invitations that will get guests charmed by the whole “pink sweets” bridal shower idea. Options could be: candy-shaped board cutouts, or cards tied to lollipops or tucked inside little packets of hard candies.

2. Set up a dessert bar displaying a variety of all-pink treats, from cupcakes to lollipops to jelly beans. Bring a chic edge to such a sweet set-up by using sleek glass bowls to present a monochromatic palette—ranging from bold fuchsia as the base color to the palest powder pink. Adorn the bar with lovely pink ribbons in different textures and patterns, and add a fun sign like “Pink Candy Heaven.”

3. Have a festive dessert buffet presenting delightful cakes and pastries made with pink accents. Think frosted cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies, strawberry ice cream, and even real strawberries with a chocolate dip for a special treat. The signage for this display could read “Go Ahead, Take Your Pink!”

4. For a refreshing spin on the party drinks, think soda pop, cocktails, and wine served up in a pretty hue of pink. Guests will be delighted at such concoctions as pink martinis, rose-champagne or wine coolers, and bubblegum flavored sodas. Yummy indeed!

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  1. this is sooo cute! i am having a bridal shower in pink and lilac and we’re having a small candy and dessert table. the ideas here should be helpful. thank you 🙂

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