Romantic Favors that Say “Happy Valentine’s” in a Special Way

Romantic Favors

With all that romance in the air at Valentine’s, why not state the obvious, “We’re in love!” Hold your wedding party with dear family and friends, and give favors that profess not only your love for each other, but also your warm feelings for these special people in your lives.

Of course, you may go with favors featuring traditional Valentine symbols like hearts, roses, and cupids. With a stylish presentation, these would make lovely giveaways. But you may also opt for take-home gifts that convey the spirit of the season through color or an unmistakable romantic flair. Need some ideas? We’ve got five for you to consider.

Idea #1 – Wrapping With Red!

Bring the romantic aura of Valentine’s to your favor packaging with organza wraps in luxurious red! Pearl and crystal accents and glittery heart-shaped favor tags complete the look.

Virtually any favor item you choose can take on a luxe Valentine look encased in a circular fabric wrap of crimson organza. Tie the bundle shut with matching organza ribbons finished with glittery crystals and pearls. And for a final touch of sparkle, add a heart-shaped tag edged with silver glitter.

Filling ideas – The lovely red fabric could hide a romantic rose candle in honor of Valentine’s, or perhaps a bottle of rose-scented lotion or a jar filled with pink foil-wrapped chocolates. Your guests will be delighted!

Packaging suggestions – If the item you’re giving comes in a box, create an opulent-looking band using a wide red velvet ribbon with fancy edging. You might also craft a sleeve from red-dyed sinamay fabric or wrap the entire box in red handmade paper for a more organic presentation. Add ribbons, crystals, faux gems, or other suitable accessories as finishing touches.

Suggested romantic quote – “If I know what love is, it is because of you.” – Herman Hesse

Idea #2 – Sweet and Heartfelt

If you do select favors with hearts, keep it subtle. Little purses holding heart-shaped tea cookies are a sweet spin on the usual red-hearts-and-arrows of the Valentine season.

If you’re a softy for tradition, then by all means prepare guest favors with hearts! We do suggest, though, avoiding the cliché of blood red hearts pierced through with Cupid’s arrows. Consider something sweet and subtle instead, like heart-shaped tea cookies, peering out of dainty tulle favor purses. Complete the pretty packaging with pink crinkle paper and pink satin bows.

Filling ideas – Other heart-inspired fillers for these purses could be home-baked sugar cookies frosted with a heart design, heart-shaped mini soaps, or a petite silver frame with a heart-adorned thank-you note inside it.

Packaging suggestions – Depending on your wedding party’s color motif and the fillings you choose, you may vary the trimmings on the tulle purses. Attach a trio of petite fabric roses to the handles, for instance, or tuck in a recipe card for the baked goodies you’re giving. And for a thoughtful gesture, add a personalized favor tag to show how special each guest is.

Suggested romantic quote – “Till I loved I never lived—enough.” – Emily Dickinson

Idea #3 – Romance For Keeps

Give guests something to remember your wedding by, with edible favors in containers they can keep and re-use. Heart-shaped woven boxes in purple are both Valentine-themed and practical, too!

Give containers that are as special as the fillings inside them. When giving edible treats, for example, wouldn’t you want your guests to have something to remember the occasion by after all the goodies are gone? Uniquely shaped boxes in hearts allow you to show off yummy treats like taffy candies, meringues, macaron de Paris, or decadent chocolate truffles. At the same time, they give a chic spin to the Valentine look with their purple color. Best of all, guests can find many practical uses for these boxes—while recalling your wedding day over and over. This idea’s a keeper…literally!

Filling ideas – Aside from packaging edibles, these woven boxes are ideal for presenting scented favors like potpourri, tea lights with special fragrances, or aromatic soaps. Their rigid structure also offers protection for fragile favor items such as porcelain figurines, glass decorative pieces, or crystal accessories.

Packaging suggestions – Edibles, of course, should be packed in clear cello bags before going into the woven boxes. But whatever filling you choose, hold the boxes’ lids secure with ribbon complementing the party’s color palette, or bundle them up in sheer fabric wraps in matching lilac. Add decorative accents like tiny flowers, jewelry charms, or tags cut in whimsical shapes.

Suggested romantic quote – “Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.” – William Shakespeare

Idea #4 – Love in Bloom

In the tradition of red roses for Valentine’s, give guests rose flowerpots in lovely pink and ivory. Just imagine these gracing the tables at your wedding party, then brightening up guests’ dressers or desks once taken home!

Valentine season or not, roses are the bloom of choice for expressing love. But again, we recommend taking a slightly different approach from the usual red rose bouquet for your wedding party keepsakes. Give charming flowerpots abloom with fabric roses in either blush pink or classic ivory—or why not both? While at the party, they would make a captivating sight indeed on a special favor presentation table!

Packaging suggestions – These flowerpots already come with matching organza ribbons. So you only need to add personalizing touches, like these good-enough-to-eat name cards. Or you may tuck heart-shaped name plates into the pots’ detachable wire holders—having them serve as place card holders on the party tables. Once taken home, they provide a gorgeous floral touch on a dresser or desk.

Suggested romantic quote – “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” – Robert Frost

Idea #5 – Lovely in Lilac

Lilac is the new pink, when it comes to an alternative to Valentine-themed favor packaging. In pomander-style sachets, this sweet hue turns any favor ultra appealing!

As you may have noticed, our ideas encourage a fresh take on Valentine gifts and packaging. Use red, hearts, and roses—why not? But take it a step beyond the usual. The easiest way to do this is with color. Lilac packaging, for instance, is an unexpected yet elegant alternative to pink. Give candies or petite gift items, then, in lovely lilac bags.

Filling ideas – These sachets have an inner pouch just the right size for mini vials of cologne or perfume, beauty accessories like a lip balm, wrapped candies, or packets of scented items. They can also hold a petite book of Valentine quotes, or a special photo with a scrolled note of thanks to each guest.

Packaging suggestions – Since they are ready to give, hardly any embellishment is needed. As we said, “lovely in lilac”! If you’d like a Valentine touch, though, simply add thank you cards with a romantic saying and these lovely sachets are sure to bring smiles.

Suggested romantic quote – “Men always want to be a woman’s first love – women like to be a man’s last romance.” – Oscar Wilde


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