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Sweet DIY Favor Ideas for a Bridal Shower Party

Sweet favors that you can diy

Handmade or homebaked + edible = extra-special favors for a bridal shower! Guests always appreciate delicious treats that have been lovingly made by the bride (and sometimes the groom, too) because it shows that added personal touch. But what if you could go beyond the usual bridal cookies or cake pops, and concoct something different to give as edible favors?

These 3 yummy ideas we discovered each have something out of the ordinary to delight guests with. Plus, they’re packaged stylishly, yet simply for a great gift-giving look!

Give Something Sweet and Stylish

3 ideas for making jam, meringues, and jellies

  1. Blogger Precious Sister shared her own favor ideas, all edible, all homemade, and all prettily packaged to give as a set! These were brownie mix in a jar, berry jam, and chocolate flake tops. She shares the recipes for the brownie mix and the chocolate flake tops, so you can easily make them yourself.
  2. Is that glitter we see on these pink cotton candy meringues? It certainly is! Sprinkle Bakes explains that you simply substitute cotton candy sugar for the regular granulated sugar. Follow her recipe for these sweet treats, and then package them as stylish favors in beribboned boxes. (Wouldn’t the black stripes and pink meringues be tres chic for a Parisian-inspired wedding shower?)
  3. Confit de vin (or wine jelly to you and me) make wonderful shower favors with a gourmet spin to impress your guests with. Cookinghow.com reveals how these were made from fine wine, sugar, lemon juice, and pectin—resulting in chic little bottles of Sauvignon blanc and Shiraz wine jellies. We just love the purple and orange ribbons and the labels on top that double as the guests’ escort cards!

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  1. Those jelly wine favors are sooo cute!

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