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Sweet Favor Ideas with Honey, Jams, and Chutney

Favor ideas with Honey, Jams, and Chutney

For a rustic-style wedding, few favors are as ideal as lovingly home-made goodies. Think golden honey, sweet jams and jellies, exotic spiced chutneys, and the like—packaged in classic glass bottles and canning jars. Lovely!

Guests are sure to welcome food gifts like these, all great additions to any kitchen pantry or home table. Plus you can surf for recipes on the web (we’re sharing a special one here), whip up a batch yourselves, and package the finished product in delightful country style. A great way to save on wedding costs and delight your guests at the same time!

Spread the Love with These Yummy Ideas


  1. Honey is always a sweet treat. But re-packaging it as a guest gift makes it even more special. Try to find containers like these darling 8-oz. honey pots from Magpie Paper Works, that come with natural cork tops and little wooden spoons (love that built-in loop on the pot rim to hold the spoon). Just personalize each favor with a vintage luggage tag and you’re all set!
  2. One of our fave blogs, Bird’s Party, graciously shares a tried-and-tested recipe for mango chutney that would make a fabulous take-home treat from a wedding party. Lucky for us all, this link includes the full recipe with photos and tips—including where to buy those cute miniature jars and to download fun labels (from Bird’s Party, of course!).
  3. Ask your mom, grandmom, or aunt for a favorite recipe for orange marmalade. Then, cook up enough for your wedding guests, bottle it and label with delightful stickers like these “Spread the Love” ones from Sweet Sanity Designs! The wording on the vintage-style labels can even be customized to give credit to Aunt Mary or whoever. Isn’t that neat?

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  1. Ooh for this kind of wedding orange blossom perfume from Florida would be AMAZING for the flower girls! The main image made me think of it immediately. Love!

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