Sweet Treats and Favors for a Valentine’s Wedding (Part 1)

Valentine treats

The Valentine’s season is the perfect excuse to pour on the sweetness! And even more so, when it comes to choosing treats to serve and favors to give at a wedding styled around this romantic theme. Lucky for couples planning their Big Day in February, Valentine-themed candies, cookies, and cakes are everywhere at this time. In fact, the challenge ends up being how in the world to choose from among all the gorgeous goodies! Well, to try and help you narrow down your choices, we prepared a two-part post on Valentine’s sweets—Part 1 on some oh-so-cute and whimsical edible treats for a casual and intimate wedding, and Part 2 on more sophisticated treats for a stylish and formal Valentine’s wedding. Happy sampling!

Valentine’s Wedding Treats and Sweets

  1. Red, pink, and white cake pops from Bee in Our Bonnet look just darling with heart sprinkles and white chocolate drizzles. The heart-shaped dish is another pretty plus!
  2. How delightful are these love letter cookies by Eleni’s, featured on At Home With Kim Vallee. Imagine having personalized notes captured in sugar icing, with sweet envelopes to match!
  3. Looking for something other than sugary treats? Consider mini bundt cakes like these from Vegan Yum Yum, made with blood oranges for that Valentine red.
    Valentine's cookies and cakes
  4. A simple but still definitely scrumptious choice would be marzipan-filled honey cookies (a double treat right there!), as featured on Baking Obsession. Just add pretty red packaging!
  5. To give a whole handful of treats, check out this bright red bucket for a favor basket found on Ucreate Crafts! Perfect for giving candy bars in customized Valentine wrappers from A Little Lovely, with matching gift tags.
  6. Mini cakes with chocolate icing, like this rose-topped chocolate charmer from Cake Inc., are always a delight to give and receive. Don’t you just love the Burberry bow, too?

More Valentine’s treats and sweets for a wedding:

Valentine's candy apples

  1. Candy apples for Valentine’s
  2. Chocolate shaped roses
  3. Macarons in special shapes
  4. Champagne-infused gummi bears
  5. Liquor-based candy

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