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Tips on How to Package Favors

Choosing the right favor is one challenge. Finding the perfect packaging is yet another. That box topped with a ribbon may have a high cuteness factor but, more often than not, containers like that get tossed out right after the wedding. How does one come up with the ideal packaging then?

Faced with the vast array of options now available, the following questions serve as a guide for matching great favors with stylish containers in a cost-effective manner:

  1. What kind of favors will be given out at the party? Are they edible, fresh, fragile?
  2. Where and how are they going to be displayed at the reception?
  3. What is the budget for packaging?
  4. Are they going to be given per guest or per couple?
  5. Is the container meant to be kept as a keepsake or simply thrown away after the wedding?

Once these details have been decided, it becomes easier to decide on a suitable container, as well as its decorations and embellishments.

Use Colorful Fabric

One of the easiest ways to spice up up any item is by wrapping it in a fabric like organza. The fine material lends a luxurious look to even the simplest favor, the flounce of the fabric giving a graceful decorative flair. To adorn the finished package, tie strings of crystal beads around the item and attach a decorated tag with the name of each guest.

Present Keepsakes in Delicate Pouches

A pouch with handpainting and glitter makes a pretty package for scented favors.

A handpainted drawstring pouch functions as a beautiful yet versatile package. Like organza wraps, it can hold odd-shaped items such as votive candles accompanied by a small matchbook with the names of the newlyweds and the date of the celebration. It works well for scented items such as wax beads, bath salts, bottles of essential oils, or potpourri as well, since its fabric allows their fragrances to come through. For a hint of surprise, present these pouches looped on the back rest of each guest’s seat.

Place Items in Dainty Bags

Stylish organza bags with elegant embroidery work are appropriate for any occasion, although they lend themselves best to a garden tea party. They are the most flexible choice for bulky or specially shaped favors like cookies, as well as for loose items such as potpourri. Tiered trays can also display them as a charming centerpiece, or they can have a place card tied to them to show each guest to his or her seat. Alternatively, these bags may be laid out on a tray or arranged in a woven basket.

Add a Touch of Class with Porcelain Boxes

A porcelain keepsake box with a French-footed design shows off petite-sized confections.

Porcelain is a dainty, elegant material that brings instant sophistication to any party keepsake. Petite-sized confections such as sugar-coated chocolates, amorini hearts, or French almond dragées can be placed in a keepsake box with a French-footed design. For a personal touch, these boxes may be accompanied by tiny scrolls bearing a romantic quotation or saying inspired by the motif of the wedding, or a personal message of thanks from the bride and groom.

Present Favors in Uniquely Shaped Boxes

An open-weave sinamay box shows off some chocolate truffles as favors and is finished with an ivory satin ribbon.

Boxes now come in such a variety of shapes and sizes that one can surely find the ideal container among them. Their rigid structure makes them perfect for packaging items such as soaps, bath balls, and packets of potpourri. A sinamay box has an organic feel suited to certain party themes, while its open weave allows favors to be visible while packaged. Larger edibles like candied pecans, caramel popcorn, or chocolate pretzels are also best packaged in boxes, as are personal treats the bride may wish to share with guests, such as samples from treasured family recipes. To create an eye-catching favor table, arrange these boxes on a long table spread with confetti or fragrant rose petals.

Selecting the perfect packaging for favors shows an attention to detail that guests will surely appreciate. It begins with deciding on the types of favors to be given, then proceeding to showcase their best qualities in the ideal container. If it is as stylish as it is practical, the package itself then becomes an attractive keepsake that will certainly be taken home.

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