Wrap Art : Learn How to Wrap Gifts with Fabric

 Wrap Gifts with Fabric

Using fabric to wrap gifts is not new, by any means. But it’s not used often enough—considering its amazing versatility, range of colors and textures, and ease of handling. We’re sure you’ll agree, when you see the fabric wrap ideas offered here!

The look can be high on style, as with shimmering organza circles. Or it can be charmingly homespun, as with un-dyed 100% cotton wraps. Either way, fabric packaging is a great eco-friendly option, as the wraps can be reused or can serve another application in the home. Plus, they end the frustration of struggling to wrap odd-shaped objects such as candles, wine or perfume bottles, vases, and even fruits.

With delightful finishing touches in the form of ribbons, gift tags, and jewel-like embellishments, see how fabric-wrap packaging transforms even the simplest gift or guest favor into something truly special. With our quick and easy ideas that follow, you can become a “wrap artist” in no time!

Go Natural With Cotton Wraps

Cotton wraps in muslin for wrapping chocolates

Well-loved food items as gifts take on a homey charm with “natural” packaging. Here, we’ve used plain 100% cotton cheesecloth to bundle up goodies like chocolates and freshly-baked cookies. Then, the party color motif is picked up with a simple bow of sheer ribbon; while the look of a country kitchen is echoed in a patterned or textured ribbon in polka dots, gingham, or stripes. Cool aluminum gift tags even mimic homemade kitchen jar labels! To present them as favors to wedding party guests, you can arrange these gift bundles in a dainty basket or on a wooden tray. Or you may display them on a gift table at the party entrance.

Go Elegant With Organza Circles

Aqua and lilac organza circles for wrapping edibles

When it comes to giving gifts you’ve made yourself, a homebaked treat or a handcrafted ornament gets an instant dose of glam in a pretty organza wrap. Just choose from among the many colors to complement your chosen party palette. A creative variation would be to combine two types of fabrics (as we’ve done above (left)—a layer of tulle and a layer of organza. Simply enclose the item first in gift wrapping tissue, wrap it with tulle, and then finish it with an outer layer of organza. Tie the package closed with matching organza drawstrings, tipped with beads and pearls. How lovely is that!

Tips for Making Delightful Fabric Packaging:

1. To determine the total yardage of fabric you will need, decide exactly how many gifts you will be giving. Then, experiment first with a newspaper cutout to wrap a sample gift. Use this as a guide for measuring the proper amount of fabric to obtain and, later, as a pattern for cutting the fabric for each gift. This approach allows you to save money on any excess fabric that may go unused.

2. When wrapping edible items, such as chocolates or candies, which melt easily, be sure to wrap these first in aluminum foil, wax paper, or in food-safe cellophane bags. This retains the freshness of the packaged items, while it also protects the outer fabric wrap.

3. Add a unique touch to your wrapping style. For example, you can consult books or sites that illustrate the Japanese art of furoshiki. This is the craft of wrapping gifts in colorful fabrics using different techniques, but employing only special knots—rather than ribbons—to complete each gift.

4. Choose fabric wraps that are in keeping with the theme, motif, or season of your party. For example, when thinking of a unique way to thank your bridal entourage at a rehearsal luncheon, present gifts wrapped in dainty fabrics that have a pretty floral pattern printed on them.

5. Personalize your wraps using monogramming. If you want to get truly creative and have a talent for sewing, use your sewing machine to create embroidered initials. Or you can even make elegant gift tags with hand embroidery.

6. Give your wraps a hip and modern feel by using an iridescent fabric or one with a distinctive retro print. You can also use denim, suede, or velvet.

7. Use fabrics like lace, cotton eyelet, sheer chiffon, or nylon mesh that allow the gift items to be seen through the wrap. This adds to the visual interest of your packages.

8. Search through your old clothes for sweaters or jeans. These can be transformed into creative fabric wraps, too, particularly if you leave in fun details like buttons, zippers, or pockets.

9. Mix and match two types of fabrics—each with a different look and feel. Overlay these on top of each other for an interesting contrast in textures.

10. Tie your wrapped gifts with unique “ribbons”—items like a braided tassel, a printed handkerchief, a beaded bracelet, a men’s tie, or something whimsical such as colored shoe laces. Moreover, fabric scraps can also be used as lovely ribbons to tie gifts.

For Further Examples of Using Fabrics to Wrap Gifts

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