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Turn Napkin Rings into Fashion Accessories for Your Tables

Ideas for napkin rings

Talk about pulling a look together! Just like a perfect fashion accessory, napkin rings can bring that final hint of polish to your place settings. But what makes these rings really work? Clearly, they should be in synch with the theme or motif of the occasion. This means that their color, materials, and design should complement the overall look of your table display.

For your rehearsal dinner, for instance, are you planning to go festive and vibrant, beach-inspired and organic, elegant and refined, or fun and whimsical with your table settings? Let our exciting ideas provide a fresh approach to making your table display look done-by-a-pro. You’ll be surprised at how well-chosen napkin rings can make such a stylish difference.

Creative Ways to Make Festive Napkin Rings

colorful cindo de mayo table napkin rings

1. Colorful Beads – Multi-colored bead bracelets make really fun table napkins! They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Hint: Large-sized sequins or acrylic or wooden beads would be great alternatives. Just visit your nearest craft store. To see these table napkins in action, check out our Cinco De Mayo tablescape.


popcorn napkin rings for a halloween party

2. Edibles – Consider fun treats such as marshmallows, popcorn, or soft jelly candies for a whimsical table presentation. String them together and they make a fun napkin ring with a creative and yummy twist!


organic materials for a shell napkin ring

3. Organic Materials – Seashells, leaves, and even dried fruits can be used to make a unique napkin ring with an organic-look. Hint: If your party has a luau theme, guests may later loop the strings of shells around their wrists, or wear them as tropical necklaces or hair accessories. For more decorating ideas, check out our beach-inspired tablescapes.


flower heads as a napkin ring

4. Ribbons and Flowers – Use a pretty satin ribbon, a strip of colorful fabric, or a bandanna as a stylish way to spruce up a napkin. Bring in some texture by choosing a textured ribbon or a fabric made of luxurious velvet or romantic lace! View this place setting in our Southern Belle Bridal Shower Breakfast.


tassel napkin rings for a moroccan or arabian nights theme

5. Tassels – A braided tassel turns a napkin into an exotic piece. Decorate it with some jewels for an added touch of style. To view a more elaborate setting with our table napkin, read For a Magical Engagement Party, Make It a Moroccan Theme.


faux crystals napkin rings

6. Faux Crystals – A simple string of sparkling faux crystals or acrylic beads make a glamorous napkin ring. Hint: Use inexpensive crystal-bead bracelets or hair accessories. You may even have some at home. To get more fun decorating ideas, read A Modage Wedding Shower for the Contemporary Bride.


brooch napkin rings for a marie antoinette theme

7. Jewelry – Turn your napkin rings into fashionable pieces by using a vintage brooch as a material for decorating a table napkin in a Marie Antoinette themed table setting. You can also make it modern by creating a napkin ring in the form of a ribbon buckle. Hint: Use a round or square jeweled buckle and tie them with a colorful ribbon that matches the event for a simple yet stylish look. Many craft stores sell these jeweled buckles in various colors and shapes.

8. Paper – For something easy-on-the-budget, think of the creative uses of craft paper as napkin accents. It can be cut up into fun shapes based on the theme of your event. At a fall wedding party, for example, cutouts of leaves can be tied onto napkins with golden strings to make beautiful charms. Hint: These paper napkin rings can also be personalized so that they double up as place card holders.

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  1. I attended a children’s party once where the napkin rings were made of licorice strings!

  2. I once attended a Halloween party where the host used ring pops as the napkin rings. So cute.

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