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Postponing Your Wedding in 2020: Tips to Handle the Situation Gracefully

Postponing Your Wedding in 2020: Tips to Handle the Situation Gracefully Due to Coronavirus

There comes a time when postponing or even canceling a wedding becomes necessary. Whether it is due to a natural disaster, the current coronavirus pandemic like (COVID-19), or personal nature, getting through this challenging situation requires not only patience, but also grace. Let our practical tips below help you in communicating your change of plans in a calm and stress-free (hopefully) manner!

7 Tips for a Making a Wedding Postponement Announcement

These tips are based upon a postponement of at least 6-8 months prior to the originally set wedding date. It also assumes that the venue remains constant. If you need to cancel your wedding sooner, it is probably more sensible to use electronic means to inform wedding guests of the change.

How to postpone your wedding due to the coronavirus

  1. Determine when should you set the new date, if possible. If setting a new date isn’t feasible yet for you, then just stick with making the announcement with a TBD as your date.
  2. Make a list of people to whom you need to notify right away. This would be anyone who would be traveling from out-of-town or abroad that need to be aware of the change.
  3. Depending on your guest list’s size, you may want to have a portion of the guests notified via email instead of a formal postponement. This will be practical option if you have to pay for a postponement fee and need to defray your costs.
  4. Find a printed format for making the announcement that succinctly communicates your message for re-scheduling the wedding. You don’t need to describe the full details for the postponement unless it is really situation beyond your control.
  5. When setting the tone of your announcement, find an appropriate tone depending on the reason of the change. The use of humor will depend on the reason of the change, so use it only when appropriate!
  6. Send your wedding postponement announcement with a “maybe” field, but put a date when the guest must inform you of a decision.
  7. If you need to postpone the wedding until 2021, be sure to emphasize that the date has been changed to a year later. Many people make plans ahead that could impact their availability, which is why making the year 2021 in a clear format should be prominent to them.

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