How to Bring Colorful Décor into Your Home: Beat the Winter Blues!

How to Bring Colorful Décor into Your Home and Beat the Winter Blues

Once all the holiday trimmings are packed away and winter lingers on for a couple more months, how do you keep your home cheerful and upbeat till spring comes around? Easy! With bursts of color in your home decor pieces! What a treat it was to visit some sites we love, to see what colorful product picks we could suggest to you. Nothing like bright, vibrant hues to beat the winter blues! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Editor’s Picks for Colorful Home Decor Pieces

We found ourselves drawn to items with a vibrant southwest, South American, even Indian vibe to perk up your home post-holidays. So, these decor elements could happily take you through spring and on into summer!

Editor’s Picks for Colorful Home Decor Pieces

1 – Mexican Surf” Trip Framed Graphic Art – Bring some summer sun into your winter home with this bold art print framed in bamboo, from All Modern.

2 – Artisan Crafted Decorative Ceramic Vase – Inspired by the ceramics of the ancient Chorotega people of Central American, this piece from Novica would be a striking accent anywhere you place it.

3 – Folkloric Llama Shaped Throw Pillow – Loving the llama trend? Add this cuddly, colorful accent piece from World Market to warm up your living room couch.

4 – Mexican Crepe Paper Flowers – Even just a bunch or two of these, available via Amazon, tucked into vases, bottles, even loose on tabletops or shelves will bring a little fiesta spirit to your home!

5 – Chindi Area Rug – Quick! Pick a spot for this eco-chic update of a traditional Indian rug, only available at World Market, featuring a multi-colored chevron pattern woven from recycled cotton.

6 – Mexican Dolls Wall Clock – Make checking the time less stressful with this fun clock we found on Amazon (Ships from and sold by Society6)!

7 – Otomi Mexican Tapestry – Stripes and swirls of color jump out at you from this fabric piece, available via Amazon. Depending on available space, you could use it as a wall hanging, table cloth, or couch overlay.

Who knew home decorating could be this color-happy even in the winter? Happy shopping!

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