Fall Picnic Food Ideas: The Charm of a Charcuterie Board

French wine and cheese spread for a fall picnic

Fall picnic season is here! And with it comes the call of the outdoors for family time or an autumn picnic date for two. Not the fun-in-the-sun type of seaside gatherings for summer. But the cozier, woodland-feel kind of outing surrounded by autumn’s glorious colors. So, of course, the picnic you pack should be something special, too. Our recommendation? A charcuterie board on the go!

You might know this as a cheese board or even a grazing board. But somehow the French name charcuterie just makes it sound so much fancier! This enticing array of prepared meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, breads and crackers is totally customizable to your food preferences, your budget, and what your picnic basket can hold! So it can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. But it’s charming touches like the ones we spotted in these charcuterie board examples that could turn your fall picnic spread from ho-hum to awesome!

Adding Fall Flair to Charcuterie Board Basics

As we said, the marvel of the charcuterie style is that you can tailor it to your taste. Once you’ve got the basics down: prepared, cured meat products, cheeses, bread or crackers, the rest is up to you!

So, here are some creative ways with both food ideas and fall touches that you can pack into your own autumn picnic. (Fun challenge: Spot the details we are describing in each photo!)

Fall picnic food with cheese, fruit, and wines

1 – From 2 Bees in a Pod, we see how a back to basics fall picnic can be beautiful, too.

Food ideas: A simple spread of just French bread, cheese, and grapes with a muffin baking pan as a clever tray for veggie sticks and dips

Fall flair: A rustic centerpiece of fresh flowers in a lard bucket

2 – This fall picnic date from The Fashionable Maven combines practical with pretty.

Food storage idea: A proper picnic basket that’s roomy and sturdy enough to tote along all your charcuterie treats, while also keeping plates, glasses, and utensils securely in place

Fall flair: hay bales (warning: they can cause itching!), fall flowers tucked here and there, and pumpkins of course

3 – Simply Tara Lynn goes fancy with the drinks for this autumn picnic by the fire, plus surprise sweets.

Food ideas: Sangria-inspired fall spiced wine (DIYed using apple and orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and 2 kinds of wine then chilled overnight); surprise add-ons to the charcuterie spread: candy corn & Milk Duds!

Fall flair: Little faux pumpkins made of fabric or twine, easy to pack with your picnic stuff

4 – Here’s another lovely fall picnic date, this time from Giggles Galore.

Food ideas: Sandwiches and wraps for something more filling; bottled water aside from other drinks

Fall flair: Fresh apples and an assortment of pumpkins and gourds for a harvest vibe

5 – We spy a pie in this perfect fall picnic post from In Ara by May.

Food ideas: A full pumpkin pie (in cute mini size) topped with fresh strawberries and blackberries

Fall flair: Wooden serve ware – from a chopping board and cheese board, to a wood slice as a pie platter

6 – See why we call this fall picnic inspiration from With Wonder and Whimsy ‟brew and blue.”

Food ideas: Cinnamon sugar donuts and spiced apple wine called Witches Brew

Fall flair: The surprise of blue patterned plates and napkins, along with a blue plaid blanket

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Or for a hassle-free picnic option, you might consider store-bought meat and cheese trays all ready to serve!

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