Fall Skillet Recipe Ideas: Kid-Friendly and Easy!

Summer days for outdoor camping may be coming to an end. But that just means that indoor camping season is next up for the fam this fall! We have earlier posts that have got you covered for everything from homemade tents to games and activities and even a faux campfire.

But of course a major must-have for any fun family activity is food! And what could be more perfect for serving the kiddos something flavorful as they gather at their indoor campsite than dishes cooked (with their help) and served in an iron skillet. Grab our featured skillet dish recipes right here!

Editor’s note: Skillet dishes are right on theme, too, if you plan a fall gathering with a little cowboy motif or a rustic woodland setting. You may even serve in mini skillets for added fun and flair!

7 Skillet Dish Recipes for Fall Family Fun Time

Our picks for recipe ideas all pack a flavor punch with seasonings and spices inspired by Southern, Western, and Mexican cuisine. While also incorporating kids’ faves (plus quick and easy prep) like mac n’ cheese and Spam. Enjoy!

Fall skillet recipes with eggs, sausages. and other ingredients

1 – Loaded Mexican Chicken and Potato Skillet

This recipe from Betty Crocker is hearty and filling with diced potatoes, chicken breast cubes, bacon bits, and cheddar cheese—served with a dip of sour cream flavored with taco seasoning mix. Loaded indeed!

2 – Spam Classic One Skillet Mac and Cheese

Family faves combine in this recipe from Spam.com. Mac n’ cheese (actually 3 cheeses: cheddar, mozzarella, and cream cheese) with cubes of classic Spam mixed in. Plus butter, mustard, cayenne pepper, and nutmeg for added zing

3 – Chili Mac Skillet Recipe

Get that south of the border flavor with this blend of kidney beans, salsa, macaroni, chili powder, and cumin. Thanks, MorningStar Farms.

4 – Cajun Sausage Pepper & Rice Skillet

Just 3 easy steps in this Knorr recipe, featuring a Chicken Rice packaged mix, cajun sausage browned in cayenne pepper, and red or green bell pepper tossed together in a skillet.

5- 15-minute Cast Iron Skillet Hash

Quick and easy with just 3 basic ingredients, this recipe from Johnsonville features smoked sausage slices, diced potatoes with onions grilled in a skillet. Then, a final layer of shredded cheddar cheese to melt on top.

6 – Texas Egg and Potato Skillet Casserole

Well-loved breakfast staples all in one skillet, courtesy of A Cowboy’s Wife! A base of fried potatoes, crumbled bacon and red, green and orange peppers poured over with eggs whisked with milk and sour cream, then topped with shredded cheese.

7 – White Chicken Chili Cornbread Skillet

From Randall Beans, here’s a skillet pie you can slice and scoop! A yummy combination of white chicken chili with a buttery cornbread crust to seal in the flavors while baking in the oven. Jalapeño slices embedded in the crust are a fancy add-on (but optional if serving kids), plus side garnishes like sour cream, shredded cheese, and lime wedges.

With such delish recipe ideas, skillet dish cooking sounds like a plan, right? A great tummy filler for family reading night this fall, too. Enjoy!

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