Italian Picnic Ideas: An Autumn Date for Two!

The autumn air may soon be upon us, but that’s no reason why you still can’t have a romantic fall picnic! Consider the rustic Italian countryside as your inspiration for planning the perfect autumn picnic for two. With our staff picks below, we are confident that your palate will be in for a feast with a sampling of everything there is to like about Italian food— buon appetito!

Ideas for an Autumn Picnic For Two with an Italian Twist

Plan the Perfect Date for an Autumn Picnic For Two with an Italian Twist

Think of a picnic fare consisting of a Chianti wine and sampling of various Italian cheeses such as Piave Vecchio, Mountain Gorgonzola, and Pecorino Toscano. Include snacks such as tasty pasta chips, a flavorful Italian fruitcake called panforte from Tuscany, Italian Amaretti cookies, and Baci® Perugina® chocolates.

As a fun picnic activity, bring along a traditional Italian card game called Scopa! Finally, pack these goodies in a handy picnic basket lined with pretty gingham fabric! Viola! You’re ready for a relaxing Italian picnic this coming fall. Enjoy!

Be sure to visit us again as we will be sharing with you another themed picnic!

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1 – Italian Cheese Sampler in Gift Box

2 – 2011 Terre di Melazzano “Chiandrè” DOCG Chianti Classico

3 – Pasta Chips

4 – Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno

5 – Marabissi Trio Panforte Mix

6 – Baci Perugina

7 – Scopa Traditional Italian Card Game

8 – Vintiquewise(TM) Rectangular Basket

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