How to Style Your Fall Tablescapes from Rustic to Modern!

Ah, fall! Hurry and get here so we can all celebrate in the colors and textures that only autumn brings. And a fall celebration nearly always means a cozy gathering around a lovingly decorated tablescape! So we’re jumping ahead to next season and presenting 10 fabulous tablescapes for your fall party planning. Five of these are from our own styled sets and the other five are from amazingly creative blogs. And we’re singling out the key elements that make each tablescape such a standout, so that you can take tips and hints to create your own!

5 Fall Tablescapes Styled by Bellenza

Draw inspiration from tables we decorated in five different styles—some clearly reflecting the hues and materials of autumn, others adding a foreign flavor with a romantic or fanciful flair!

Italian-inspired al Fresco Tablescape

Italian al Fresco Style Tablescape for Fall

Table Recipe (See our source post here.):

  1. Palette of hues – Inspired by the romantic countryside of Tuscany, this table uses passionate red and burgundy, deep hunter green and rich gold.
  2. Centerpiece – An Italian-style urn is filled to the brim with red roses, grapes and pears.
  3. Accents and accessoriesGold carved frames are used as mini serving trays and white pillar candles on mirror coasters ringed with pearls add to the romance.
  4. Favors – Mini rose arrangements in fabric-wrapped globe vases await each guest, while also serving as part of the centerpiece.
  5. Creative touches – Rolled burgundy-colored napkins in tulip wine flutes hold grape-leaf place cards; while bread sticks are presented in tall trumpet-shaped glasses.

Rustic Glam “Apple Theme” Tablescape

Rustic glam with apples tablscape in gold and red.

Table Recipe (See our source post here):

  1. Palette of hues – For a stylized take on fall’s favorite fruit, we chose bronze, russet and red hues for this harvest-inspired table setting.
  2. Centerpieces – Oversized wooden apples painted matte gold are nestled on a runner of plaited straw.
  3. Accents and accessories – Charming table lamps with leafy stem bases provide lighting through speckled glass shades.
  4. FavorsHeart-shaped woven boxes holding apple-themed treats grace each guest’s place setting.
  5. Creative touches –  Actual fresh apples add pops of color and can be taken home as favors, too!

Casual Rustic Tablescape with Copper Accents

Rustic chic with copper touches for a fall table setting.

Table Recipe (See our source post here):

  1. Palette of hues – In true fall style, this table is decked out in earthy colors of burnt orange, olive and brown with highlights of copper.
  2. Centerpieces – Assembled vignette style are a gleaming copper canister, a glass cylinder vase holding bare branches, a green-tinted wine bottle, assorted mini gourds,  wildflowers and candles.
  3. Accents and accessories – A striped runner in the chosen color palette pulls the table elements together.
  4. Favors – Packs of fall snack mix are bundled up in burnt orange and olive fabric wraps to complement the table setting.
  5. Creative touches – Just visible hanging on each chair are mini grapevine wreaths that serve as place card holders.

Spanish-inspired Tablescape for a Milestone Birthday Party

Spanish tapas fall table settings.

Table Recipe (See our source post here):

  1. Palette of hues – Perfect for a milestone birthday, a Tapas Party from Spain was our inspiration for this tablescape in festive red, fuchsia and orange plus green and gold.
  2. Centerpieces – Using a paella pan as a base, vari-colored leaves are combined with favor boxes for a flowerless centerpiece.
  3. Accents and accessories – Handcrafted tapas plates from Spain provide an authentic and festive touch to the table.
  4. Favors – Spanish turrones (nougat) are presented in heart boxes encased in fall-colored organza circles.
  5. Creative touchesDIY napkin rings made with pistachio shells, raffia and star anise and a seed-covered table number are sure to be conversation pieces at the party!

Arabian Nights Tablescape in Gold for a Sweet 16 Party

Arabian Nights Fall Party in Gold and Pink Table Decor.

Table Recipe (See our source post here):

  1. Palette of hues – A lovely theme for a Sweet 16 soiree, this glittery table setting is inspired by the magical Arabian Nights tale—set with a palette of gold, ivory and dainty blush pink.
  2. Centerpieces – Not just one central arrangement, but a cluster of vessels holding floating candles act as a captivating centerpiece.
  3. Accents and accessories – A gold beaded scarf serves as an exotic table overlay, matching a set of glistening Moroccan tea glasses and teapot.
  4. FavorsPorcelain keepsake boxes in blush-pink wraps hold sweet treats or trinkets for each guest.
  5. Creative touches – The candleholders are actually glass condiment or candy dishes filled with water. For visual impact, some are placed on the table while others are balanced on top of delicate vases.

Autumn Tablescape Inspiration from Other Amazing Blogs

Autumn tablescapes from rustic to modern.

1 – Simple Farmhouse Tablescape from Cherished Bliss
Why we love this: The country-style patterned plates atop a bare wooden table, the white mini pumpkins, the fall-leaf-and-wheat napkin accents

2 – Rustic Fall Tablescape by Annie Selke
Why we love this: The pale to lime green tones that freshen up the entire look, and the chevron napkins that add some pizzazz!

3 – Modern Organic Table Setting from HGTV
Why we love this: The unique runner of wooden twigs and the half-gilded leaves scattered about

4 – Rustic Country Tablescape from Marty’s Musings
Why we love this: The surprise of hot pink flowers amidst the usual orange and yellow, the “place mats” made from fence boards, the accent pieces from thrift stores

5 – Modern Tablescape from Willow Tree Creative, via Hello May
Why we love this: The copper flatware and geometric candleholders on a runner of marble tile fragments, set amidst a pristine white table


  1. I am really partial to all those Italian tablescapes with the bottles of wine waiting for me. They can serve me some pizza while they’re at it. They are all beautiful and jut perfect to whet the appetite.

    • Thanks so much, Mary! We’re with you on loving the Italian vibe. Just perfect for fall, don’t you agree?

  2. love the different themes thanks for sharing have a great week

  3. This is such a relaxed and easy going theme and these tables are beautiful. Slowly, I’m coming to grips that summer will soon be over. Fall may have to take me kicking and screaming though. Your pretty tables are a great reminder of what awaits. Thanks so much for joining us again at Celebrate Your Story!

    • Hi Sandra! We’re so flattered that you like our fall tablescapes. And we love joining Celebrate Your Story. Thank you for being an ever-gracious host!

  4. They are all beautiful!

  5. Wow, so many beautiful tablescapes in one place…and I am so envious of your photography skills, I really need to up my game! Thanks so much for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

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