“Finding Dory” Party Treats: 14 Goodies You Can Make at Home!

Everybody loves Dory, the endearingly forgetful blue tang fish-character from Pixar’s animated feature film Finding Nemo! So it’s no wonder that Finding Dory parties, based on the Nemo sequel, became such a huge hit over this past summer! And with kiddie parties, of course, come themed treats. So read on to fish for recipes and decorating tips for 14 amazing Dory-inspired goodies—from cookies to cupcakes, cake pops, jello cups, pretzel rods, snack mix, even popcorn and pudding pops. The cutest catch for treats to serve at the party and to give as favors!

“Finding Dory” Popcorn to Pretzel Rods and More

See how simple home-baked goodies and even store-bought snacks and candies can be magically transformed into Dory-themed party treats!
14 amazing Dory-inspired goodies—from cookies to cupcakes, cake pops, jello cups, pretzel rods, snack mix, even popcorn and pudding pops.

1 – Blue Chocolate-covered Popcorn – Such a clever party snack from A Pumpkin and a Princess, made with blue chocolate candy melts then mixed with mini Dory sprinkles!

2 – Fish Bowl Jello Cups – This easy treat from The Trophy Wifestyle has “Finding Dory” fruit snacks taking a swim in clear plastic cups filled with blue jello.

3 – Marshmallow Pops – See how to whip up these sweets by See Vanessa Craft, using large marshmallows dipped in blue chocolate melts and garnished with Finding Dory crackers.

4 – Dory Cupcakes – Take your basic cupcake recipe (or use store-bought cupcakes), frost and create an undersea scene with cut-up candies, as shown on Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

5 – Blue Jello Cups – Have some of Dory’s sea-creature friends join the party, by having cups of blue jello each topped with a gummy octopus—as seen on a Pumpkin and a Princess.

6 – Dory Cookies – Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe, then follow the great step-by-step icing tutorial from Divine Lifestyle to bring Dory to life!

7 – Finding Dory Snack Mix – Check out this scrumptious combination of Finding Dory cereal, goldfish crackers, popcorn and M&Ms, plus cute character toys on top—courtesy of Sunshine and Hurricanes.

8 – Finding Dory Cupcakes – Here’s another easy version of Dory party cupcakes from Craft Create Cook, topped with Finding Dory Goldfish and graham cracker “sand.”

9 – Under the Sea Pretzel Rods – See how Sunshine and Hurricanes used regular pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate candy melts and trimmed with Finding Dory cereal and sprinkles.

“Finding Dory” Treats Combining Store-Bought with Home-made

You’ll love how cleverly these ideas take advantage of ready-to-use cereals, candies, mixes and snack items. The results are pretty amazing Dory-themed goodies!

Finding Dory Party Treats. 14 Goodies You Can Make at Home!

10 – Rice KrispiesTreats – These creative cookies from Disney Family.com are actually made from Kellogg’s Rice Krispies pressed into “Dory” shapes, with Friut Loops for eyes!

11 – Donut Hole Cake Pops – Thanks to Tonya Coleman of Soiree Event Design, you can turn plain store-bought donut holes into these amazingly decorated Dory cake pops. See how via Oriental Trading.

12 – Finding Dory Cookies – Another adorable take on cookies for this theme, courtesy of Wilton—using their Disney Pixar Finding Dory Sprinkles, Royal Icing and Meringue Powder.

13 – Finding Dory Pudding Pops – Why not a cold treat like these from Mrs. Kathy King? Follow her recipe using cheesecake-flavored instant pudding, jumbo sprinkles and orange gummy fish formed in popsicle molds.

14 – Finding Dory Cereal Snack Mix – A great combo of crunchy munchies from Momma Rambles, featuring Finding Dory cereal, popcorn, pretzel sticks, peanuts, and gummy “Swedish fish,” sweetened with white chocolate chips and blue sugar sprinkles!

Seeing this amazing array of themed party treats, you’ve surely got a sweet “Finding Dory” idea or two swimming around in your imagination now! Share it with all of us in a comment below.


  1. Thank you for including my Finding Dory Pudding Pops.

    • Oh, it’s definitely our pleasure, Katherine! They were too cute and clever not to include in this Finding Dory roundup!

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