Fall Picnic Ideas: Easy Essentials to Pack and Go!

Apples for a fall picnic

How can you resist? Once that awesome autumn scenery beckons and sweater weather sets in, fall picnics will definitely be on your mind. So why not be ready to grab your picnic basics and head outdoors—anytime that autumn picnic feeling kicks in!

No fuss and nothing too fancy. Just these easy essentials that you can prepare in advance or have on hand. (Hint: The edible items will be great for instant fall entertaining at home, too!) But back to picnics, you can’t go wrong with these 5 to 6 simple must-haves we recommend. Plus a fun add-on if you’ll plan a family fall picnic! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Picnic Prep Basics for Fall

Easy fall picnic planning ideas

See our suggestions for staple picnic supplies and easy to bring along finger foods, snacks, and drinks.

It all starts with a perfect-for-fall tartan pattern picnic blanket (1) like this one from Tartan Blanket Co. made from cozy recycled wool. Plus of course, a roomy vintage-style picnic basket (2) with its own tray and lid, as found on Amish Baskets.
Add a handy fold-away picnic bottle holder (3) available on Amazon, to keep your picnic munchies and wine bottles and glasses right within reach.

And what might those munchies be? Your favorite variation on sandwiches, like these pressed picnic sandwiches (6) from Host the Toast with a scrumptious eggplant-prosciutto-pesto filling. An assortment of cheese wedges and slices, crisp fall apples, and nuts (5), as shown in our own styled set. And a seasonal treat of chocolate chip pumpkin bread (4), all sliced and ready to serve (recipe from Go Dairy Free).

Oh, and if you’ll have the whole family along on your picnic, be sure to have a great game for both adults and kids to play. Beat That! Game via Amazon We found Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges on Amazon. Sounds like fun for the fall outdoors!

Happy autumn picnic season!

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