Seafood Appetizers and Cocktail Ideas for Your Housewarming Party Menu

Seafood cocktail housewarming party

We’ve had our share of housewarming party posts. Plus some recent features on doable menu ideas for casual at-home gatherings, like appetizers on a stick or an outdoor snacks and drinks table. But what if you’d like to combine the two—housewarming + easy party menu—while also upping the style factor for the occasion? Here’s what we suggest!

Instead of sliders, chips, and sodas, lay out a luxe-looking spread of seafood appetizers and cocktails! The secret lies in a great choice of recipes, of course, plus a creative serving presentation. An air of elegance that’s actually quite simple to pull off. See our ideas and inspiration below!

Styling Tips for a Seafood Appetizer and Cocktails Spread

Seafood housewarming

Tip 1: Create an elegant ambiance. If possible, make this an early evening housewarming. Perfect for a "cocktail hour" that will glow in the light of pillar candles on pearl-ringed coasters, and tea lights on mini seashell trays.

Tip 2: Keep your menu "on theme" with seafood appetizers. Serve an assortment of shrimp cocktails with a spicy dip and baked mussels in shells (shown in our photos). Other delectable choices would be: grilled oysters, crab cakes, seared scallops, salmon sliders, shrimp satay, mini tuna kebabs, and smoked salmon on crackers.

Tip 3: Pair these with fruity cocktails that are light and fresh. Consider cranberry margaritas, raspberry martinis, and strawberry spritzers—if you’re going for a red-tinted selection. Or mix up some eye-catching blue cocktails if your housewarming will be pool-side.

Tip 4: Add sea-themed decorative accents to your tablescapes. Pearls, seashells, and sea glass are ideal choices for creating a luxe look with minimal effort.

Think of dressing up your drinks with tiny pearls and shells on wires wound around stemmed cocktail glasses, and laying strands of faux pearls and pieces of sea glass around your table centerpieces.

Tip 5: Use more sea-themed touches for your food to favors. Craft special toothpicks tipped with mini pearls and shells for your appetizers. Display your buffet food labels in elegant seashell frames. And finally, surprise your guests with charming seashell card holders to take home as favors.

A housewarming may be an at-home celebration (obviously). But that doesn’t mean you can’t amp up the style with a seafood appetizers and cocktails spread like this!

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