Dress Up Your Drinks for a Valentine’s Bridal Shower Party

Valentine drinks

Planning a bridal shower party within the Valentine’s season? Then, do present your party drinks in true season-of-hearts style!

Use eye-catching accents, from fun to sophisticated, to dress up those party glasses and get the celebration going. These could range from traditional heart-shaped embellishments to rose petals to “kiss” stirrers to red-tinted drinks and garnishes. The key is to use your imagination and just play around with what will tie in with the romance of the season. Your guests will surely drink to that!

Adorn Drinks with Whimsical Heart Cutouts

Drink ideas for Valentine's Day
Charming heart cutouts set an instant Valentine mood for your drinks’ presentation—whether topping your stirrers or creating a simple centerpiece.

Using felt or any red fabric, board, or paper, create heart cutouts in different sizes. Then, as we’ve done here, attach small ones to your drinks stirrers and transform larger ones into simple centerpieces for your drinks display.

You could also use heart cutouts as charms tied around the stems of glasses, as garnishes on glass rims, or even as “pendants” to hang on chains around wine bottles.

Bring In Accents of Red and Romance

Decorative accents for Valentine drinks
Add red to the party scene with romantic accents like loose rose petals, as well as fun decorations like kiss-shaped toppers for your drinks stirrers.

Since red is so closely associated with Valentine’s, simply bringing in hints of red and pink to your drinks display can already set the seasonal theme. Red rose petals scattered amongst the glasses, along with candles decorated with heart-shaped pins, are a simple yet appealing touch.

For some romance with a bit of sass, you could top your drinks’ swizzle sticks with red felt cutouts of pouty lips all ready for a kiss. Then, match these with multi-colored DIY coasters made from felt scraps!

Have the Drinks Themselves Set the Valentine Mood

 Valentine drinks
Red fruit juices get a classy presentation, served in wine goblets adorned with seashell charms; while sparkling champagne gets a touch of Valentine red with raspberry garnishes.

Select drinks to serve that are red, pink, or burgundy in color—such as red or rosé wines, pink champagne, Shirley Temples, red fruit juices or sodas. Then, pour these into clear glass decanters and graceful goblets or flutes to show off their color to best advantage!

If you opt for clear or light-colored drinks, you can always bring in touches of red or pink with fresh cherries, raspberries, or strawberries dropped into each glass. Or else tie pretty red bows or rings of pink pearls on the glass stems.

When it comes time to host your bridal shower party, you’ll be as thrilled to present such pretty Valentine’s-inspired drinks as your guests will be to enjoy them!

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  1. Wow! Such great ideas. Love the stirrers, love the raspberries! I am so inspired! Thanks for joining the party, sharing this on pinterest and twitter.

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