Can’t Choose a Wedding Theme? Start With Colors

A theme is a popular way to plan a wedding, but using colors to inspire the design for the event is a practical alternative offering greater flexibility. By choosing the right color palette, letting one’s style and personality come through without adhering to countless thematic-driven elements provides a fun opportunity to plan the wedding party’s decorations, table settings, centerpieces, and other key details like the favors for guests.

Working with a favorite color may make it tempting to use just that one hue throughout the décor. This will only create a dull and artificial atmosphere. Far more appealing would be a palette of contrasting colors applied to the various decorative elements. The following examples illustrate just how versatile and creative such color palettes can be as a possible inspiration for a wedding look – whether these use light color contrasts, warm color contrasts, or cool color contrasts. The results are startlingly distinct—both visually and emotionally.

(1) Light Color Contrasts

For light color contrast, we suggest these color combinations for light wedding colors. These color schemes can work for a varied number of styles and seasons:

  1. Mint green and pink
  2. Aqua and yellow
  3. Coral and teal
  4. Champagne and blush pink
  5. Blush and rose gold
  6. Lavender and yellow
  7. Serenity and rose quartz
  8. Peach, pink, and mint green
  9. Teal and chartreuse
  10. Mint green and silver
  11. Blue and purple
  12. Pink and aqua

Subtle Color Contrasts

Base Color: Pink
Contrast: Yellow and Green

Pink is a sweet, feminine color, but too much of it throughout the décor may make the party appear overly saccharine and juvenile. A color palette with pink as the base color can use lemon yellow and lime green accents for contrast—instantly creating a light, cheerful look. This color scheme is perfect for a wedding reception held on a springtime afternoon, as it brings to mind a fancy English tea party.

Table Elements

1. Cotton tablecloth in pastel pink

2. Cake with creamy yellow frosting

3. Guest favor – a white tulle purse filled with French madeleines

4. Basket of bright pink mini roses tied with a pastel pink organza ribbon

5. White porcelain teapot with silver trim

A pastel pink cotton tablecloth can serve as the backdrop for the entire table display. Pink-trimmed white plates may be laid on cream-colored place mats, accompanied by a white porcelain teapot with silver trim. A cake with creamy yellow frosting may serve as part of the decor as well as a delightful dessert for guests. A basket of bright pink mini roses tied with a pastel pink organza ribbon carries the same color palette, but with darker hues. Such a celebration calls for favors as pretty as they are delicious. A goody bag may be used to carry such treats as cookies, marshmallows, French madeleines, or chocolates.



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(2) Warm Color Contrasts

For warm color contrast, we suggest these color combinations for warm wedding colors like red and orange hues. These color pairings can work for a varied number of styles and seasons:

  1. Marsala and teal
  2. Red and peach
  3. Orange, moss green, and mustard
  4. Orange and purple
  5. Pink, fuchsia, and orange (ombre wedding)

Bold Contrasting Colors

Base Color: Red
Contrasting Colors: Burnt Orange and Brown

Red as part of the color palette of a wedding celebration certainly makes a bold statement, but using a palette consisting solely of red shades may be overpowering. Thus, warm colors such as burnt orange, brown, and a muted shade of gold are recommended as contrasts in a red-based table setting.

Table Elements:

1. Lacquered gold leaf tray

2. Porcelain favor box wrapped in a 12″ red organza circle

3. Heart-shaped chocolates

4. Red roses in a dark green pot

5. Porcelain favor box wrapped in a 12″ gold organza circle


These colors are best played up in a glamorous centerpiece laid on a tablecloth of white linen. A lacquered gold leaf tray can play host to the elements of the centerpiece, such as a scattered handful of heart-shaped chocolates and scarlet roses in full bloom arranged in a dark green pot.

The earthy tones of this palette’s accents are perfect for an Italian-inspired event, such as a reception with a Roman or Tuscan theme. In keeping with such a theme, special treats like chocolate-dipped biscotti or amaretto cookies may be presented in tasteful packaging in colors of red or olive. For petite-sized candies, these items may also come tucked into boxes with a fleur-de-lis motif and wrapped in fabric. Trays or platters in an antique gold finish may be used to display them as part of the party décor.


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(3) Cool Color Contrasts

Cool color contrasts run from blue to purple hues. We’ve gathered some color palettes with styling inspiration:

  1. Blue and gold
  2. Royal blue, purple, and magenta
  3. Blue and emerald green
  4. Dusty blue, gold, and grey
  5. Denim blue and pink


Varying Shades with Subtle Contrast

Base Color: Light Blue
Contrasting Colors: Navy Blue and White

Light blue is a lovely, relaxing color. However, if a party’s color palette is based solely on this hue, the setting may appear pale and washed out—not exactly befitting a festive occasion. Wedding party décor with light blue as its base can be enlivened with touches of navy blue and white.

Table Elements:

1. Light blue satin tablecloth

2. Miniature porcelain shoe filled with white Jordan almonds

3. White brocade gift boxes with satin and organza ribbons

4. Clear crystal beads

Showcase this color palette in a towering centerpiece created out of stacked favor boxes in white. This approach offers an economical way to fashion an attractive centerpiece on a limited budget—not to mention doubling as packaging for the items hidden inside. Assemble this centerpiece on a light blue satin tablecloth that complements the white boxes. Navy blue comes into play in this arrangement with miniature porcelain shoes reminiscent of Delft blue ceramics. These petite mementos serve as whimsical decor elements for the table.

To extend the fairytale effect of this centerpiece, fresh rose petals may also be spread at its base for a soft, natural appeal. As a finishing touch, clear crystal beads and blue and white faux pearls scattered on the table add a delightful twinkle to the entire display.

While a party theme may be an exciting challenge for many, planning a theme in the hope of ensuring a perfect wedding can be limiting at times. The good news is that, in lieu of a theme, color serves as a wonderful unifying element that can be parlayed as a great source of inspiration for the party décor. After all, a wedding party is not always about staging a theme. It’s about celebrating that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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  1. Hi! I want yellow as my base color for my wedding this coming May 2009. May I ask what color contrast would be great. thanks! Pls. help me.

  2. Yellow is a wonderful color especially for a May wedding. Some great color contrasts include matching yellow with various hues of blue such as teal, navy blue, or periwinkle. It is also a nice color to match with black, but this combo may not be for everyone. You can also coordinate a nice yellow and orange palette, yellow and brown, or yellow and pink combination. Isn’t yellow a great color!

    Color question

  3. I like red color for my January 25, 2009 civil wedding. just for the reception…but is it kinda proper for the beginning of the year to have this kind of motif…do u have other suggestions besides burnt orange and brown something to make the warm color feel cooler…i don’t know if i’m explaining myself clear. You see i’m also a preggy bride…pls. help! thanks!!!

  4. That’s a great question. You can opt for a color in shades of lilac for a cooler palette that still gives you a “warm” feeling. Then, you can pair it with a color like brown!

  5. I have my wedding in july yellow, gold and brown are my colour. How do i combine them ?

  6. Great question! Congratulations, too. That is definitely a nice color combo. I’d apply yellow as the dominant color while using gold and brown accents. Flowers such as yellow dahlias, tulips, and even sunflowers are wonderful to have as centerpieces or as your bouquet trimmed with brown ribbons and gold brushed berries.

    As for your gown, you can even opt for an ivory one because it works well with yellow. Your bridesmaids can wear pretty pastel yellow dresses with a brown sash. Picking the right shade of yellow here would be key as you don’t want your bridemaids dressed in a loud shade of yellow. And then your wedding cake can be an ivory one that is embellished with tiny yellow flowers, chocolate brown swirls, and even edible gold leaf. Hope this helps!

  7. Hi. My wedding is in nov 2009 at a Christian sanctuary. Ceremony and reception will be held at the same place. we have chosen gold as our motif. please suggest color combinations for gold. thanks

  8. Gold is a great color that can be matched with a variety of hues and shades. If you prefer warm colors like red, orange, fuchsia, pink, and yellow, then you can match gold perfectly. Adding an additional color such as olive green is also possible. Some nice color combos are: red and gold, fuchsia and gold, and then adding a hue of green to the palette. When looking for something on the cooler side, lilac, or purple goes beautifully with gold! You can also try aqua and gold!

  9. Hi, I will have my wedding in asia this november. I like to use the Tiffany blue as a base color. I also like to use red especially for the flower. Do you think the blue and red will look good together? Would pastel yellow be a good third color. I love to hear your suggestion.

  10. Matching Tiffany blue and red is a great color combo! I love it! Actually, it all depends on the shade of red that you choose, so a darker shade of red would be nice, but be sure to use red in a balanced way – not too much or it can look overpowering. Putting a third color like pastel yellow, though, might not work well because it might clash with the two other colors. You may want to try ivory or cream instead. Here is an example of how ivory is used:

    Host a Classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Engagement Party

    Thanks 🙂

  11. Hello! Be getting married 1st quarter of 2010. But as early as now im so excited on planning for the Big Day. I plan it early for i want to enjoy the whole process of it. =) I want Orange as my base color, any additional contrast color for it? Help me, please! Thank you.

  12. Orange is great with any of these other colors: aqua, brown, apple green, or yellow. It is also beautiful with fuchsia. It all depends on your wedding style. For instance, an orange and aqua palette is great for a beach-inspired wedding, while an orange and apple green is a refreshing color combo for an elegant garden wedding in the summer. Orange and brown would be more appropriate for a wedding in the fall, but this color combo is also nice in the summer. It all depends on what suits your taste! The key is to use orange in the right amount without going overboard. Even a minimal amount of orange can make a nice impact. For some examples using orange, you may want to read this articles we created:

    Salute a Summer Wedding with a Citrus Theme Table Setting

    Bring the Caribbean Home for a Jamaican Inspired Engagement Party

    3 Truly Tropical Table Ideas for a Caribbean-style Wedding Celebration

    Have fun with this color! Good luck and best wishes!

  13. I am having my wedding in august of 2009. the groom is wearing a dark forest or hunter green.having a hard time to find color for my bridesmaid and flowers to match that shade of green.if any good ideas please let me know, thankyou.

  14. That’s actually quite an interesting color palette of dark green/hunter green. It also appears as an emerald hue. Therefore, you can probably use a contrasting color that will not make the whole scene look completely green. Say, for example, ivory. The bridesmaids can wear ivory dresses with a pretty green sash that would complement the look very well.

    As for flowers, to bring out the richness of green, you can have flowers in yellow together with a mix of ivory blooms for a nice finish. Some examples are sunflowers, tulips, zinnias, or even roses. You can even infuse some browns and greens in the bouquets. The mood comes out as being completely elegant and refined (not heavy and dark) as the color of hunter green is brought to life with lovely, contrasting colors.

  15. i get married in june 2009. i have a problem as i would like the bridesmaid dresses to be light purple/ lilac or similar colours but the room where i am having my wedding reception is a yellow and red bold colours, its a roman-themed coliseum room. can i have some advice on colours for both the bridesmaid dresses and the reception room

  16. Depending on how dark of a shade is the red at the reception room, you may still be able to use lilac or light purple dresses because they don’t clash with yellow. If you prefer to be on the safe side, you could select dresses that would complement the look of the reception in hues of brown or even burgundy. Ivory bridesmaid dresses can also work because it is a neutral color! Since it’s a summer wedding, silk shantung dresses in a light shade of orange are nice, too. Good luck!

  17. christi nicholson

    Hi I’m getting married in September- my bridemaids are wearing navy blue dresses and I am having a hard time coming up with a colour scheme. Also I need some help with centerpieces ideas. Can anyone help !

  18. Hi Im planning my wedding for February 2010 and I’ve started by choosing tulips to use as theme. The color for them will probably be fushia/orange. But I’m a little confused with what other colors I may use to decorate the tables. I’d appreciate if you’d help me by suggesting a color palette that’ll go with the tulips.

  19. We get married in July. I would like to have black table cloths, at the moment have silver sprinkles for the tables but wondering about what colours to use for centre peices(would like to use maroon & silver)? Also can you suggest what colour wedding dress would look good. Am only having a flower girl & still undecided on her dress too.

  20. Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll provide our responses below:

    For Christi (navy color scheme) – That’s a great color. You can have a monochromatic color palette consisting of all shades of blue. Matching it up with turquoise is also very elegant! Imagine a beautiful white gown with a navy blue sash, a white magnolia bouquet (to bring out the blue!), centerpieces consisting of pretty flowers in blue hues such as hydrangeas, and a lovely wedding cake made with Tiffany blue icing. If you are looking for more ideas on using blue, check out this slideshow called Showcase the Brilliance of Blue.

    For Jeli (tulips inspired theme) – I love tulips! And with fuchsia and orange, you’re looking at a vibrant color palette ready for Spring. I would suggest that you try tempering it with some green hues. Or even incorporate touches of ivory and perhaps some metallics such as silver or gold accents. You can put in some sunny shades of yellow which go perfectly with orange and fuchsia. What a cheerful color palette! For additional ideas, please see our slideshow on fuchsia called Spice Up a Wedding Party With Fabulous Fuchsia.

    For Jackee (black tablecloth) – When working with black tablecloth, you are looking at a very dramatic color scheme. I wouldn’t use colors such as maroon because it will just make the tables look entirely odd. I would suggest a “soft” color such as pink together with some touches of silver or even a darker shade of pink for some added contrast against black. As for the dress, you are definitely looking at a chiffon gown with lots of ruffles for a truly feminie look paired against a sophisticated black and pink color palette. For your flower girl, dress her up in a pretty pink dress with a ballerina-inspired design. For more inspiring ideas using this color combo, see A Modage Wedding Shower for the Contemporary Bride.

  21. Our wedding will be in Aug 2009. We really like the aqua/brown combination. A friend suggested changing the color palette to tie it in better with the reception room, which has dark red curtains with gold chivalry chairs. Do you think it is important to incorporate red into our colors or it will be ok if I stick with our original color combination? Much thanks!

  22. Greetings Matt:

    I don’t think it would be necessary to change your color palette just to tie in better with the red and gold colors of the reception. It would be fine to have an aqua and brown color combination because of the nice contrast they have against red and gold. In fact, if your colors were to be too “matchy” with red and gold, you might end just seeing red and gold everywhere.

    What you might want to do is to soften the overpowering color of the red curtains. Perhaps you can incorporate some soft flower colors like ivory. You might even suggest to have the curtains tied with a gold-like tassel in order to create some interesting aspect to the decor.


  23. Hi! Be getting married on March 2010. Still can’t decide on our color motif. my fave color is red & my groom’s blue. Can you please help us come up with a color scheme? Really need your help.

  24. Congratulations! Even if it is still in 2010, it’s never too early to look for ideas!

    A nice color combination that you can consider is red and aqua or turquoise. The look can be chic and modern with touches of either gold or silver. You can have the bridesmaids wear pretty silk shantung dresses in aqua (I don’t recommend red for the dresses because it will just overpower the entire color scheme – stick with subtlety), the wedding cake can be made of fondant in aqua and then decorated with pretty red flowers or sugar-made floral accents, and then your groom can wear a tie or bowtie in aqua! As for your gown, consider a classic A-line gown with a red sash or similar embellishment. Then carry the gown with a gorgeous red bouquet of roses and make a stunning statement!

  25. i’m getting married summer 2010. we’re planning to have a beach-inspired wedding. we dont have any idea on how to come up with a color scheme. and also can you make a suggestion for our invitations, etc… thank you so much..

  26. A great color scheme for a beach wedding is blue (aqua, turquoise, light blue, or navy) and burnt orange. Or you can also go with a completely monochromatic color scheme with just one hue of blue. The look can be very stunning! You can then have your invitations designed with a pretty seashell logo rendered in a lovely blue font. Since it is a beach-inspired wedding, you may want to have a nice modern look to the decor intermixed with organic elements such as shells and plants. As a finale, have your wedding cake made with gorgeous white buttercream icing or fondant and then topped with beautiful shells (made of sugar), and decorated with some blue and burnt orange accents.

    By the way, congratulations! Thanks for stopping by!

  27. Hi i m getting married in the month of december 2009 and i choosed yellow and green as the wedding color theme.. Would like to know if thats the right choice and could you please help me with some good decorative tips and would butterfiles be a good theme for the colors i have slectd..Thanks

  28. Congratulations Ingrid! I think your color palette probably matches your personality so I wouldn’t change it. While most weddings in December would typically have a more winter-like palette of blue, silver, and lilac, if you want a yellow and green color scheme, then what you can do is to present it in some chic way. Think in pastels! Perhaps even with an eco-friendly look that has butterflies and touches of nature. And with green and yellow, a touch of orange is a nice way to accent the entire look.

    Consider flowers such as roses, marigold, or dahlias. You can also add natural elements such as lemons and limes. Here are some pictures:

    As for the butterflies, make some paper cutouts of butterflies in different sizes and then decorate them with glitter. Add these cutouts to the table decor such as placing them on the table or even interspersed through the flower centerpieces, or use them as your place cards tucked as a garnish on a wine glass. Be creative! Here is an article with some butterfly cutouts:

    For the wedding cake, this is real chance for you to have fun and incorporate the theme of butterflies. You can have a pretty yellow cake decorated with whimsical sugar butterflies rendered in hues of orange, yellow, and green. Add some green touches of leaves, too. If you prefer to opt for cupcakes, have them made with frosting to match your color palette and then topped with a sugar-made or marzipan butterfly! Cookies are also fun as a favors. Bake some butterfly-shaped cookies and sprinkle with yellow sugar crystals. Here are some examples of cakes:

  29. Well the reason i choosed yellow and green was bcz tht is a very good combination and the reason i hv not choosed blue or silver or colors like red, orange was because those colors are very common in the area i stay and i was lookin for sumtin very differnt and thn i came up wid yellow and green.. well u hv given me really good tips and website address. Could you please help me with your email id if its ok wid u so that i can get in touch incase i have any more questions. It wud really be great.

  30. hi,we’re plannin to get married this may.we’re thingking to have a silver and yello for our motif, is that a good match motif for us?.could u suggest me what is good color for us please.thank

  31. Greetings Michelle!

    A silver and yellow wedding can actually be quite sleek and modern. You can also add touches of white and/or ivory. Very nice colors! I suggest flowers such as tulips in both yellow and white for a unique centerpiece or even bridal bouquet. You can even choose whimsical sunflowers! As for your wedding cake, a lovely ivory 3-tiered cake with buttercream icing with yellow sugar ribbons lined at each layer liked a band would be beautiful. The topper can be made of lovely yellow sugar flowers shaped like mini callas. For a pretty cake picture, see this picture. Have fun with this color palette!

  32. HELP! I am so overwhelmed with all of the beautiful colors. Our wedding date is July 10, 2010. I keep changing my mind from purples to greens to corals. I love the champagne color with a beach theme and I could maybe incorporate the coral with it. Bu then my mind goes back to a classy look with black and white and then accent with a watermelon color. I want it to be something eye popping! Please help.

  33. Hi, I am helping my cousin with her wedding. She loves very pale pink but was not sure what her other 2 should be. I decided we go for ligther shades of sliver and green.The light silver is to tie everything in. It an afteroon wedding and we want an airy feel. Do you think the 3 colors are a wise choice. Please do let me know. Thank you

  34. LaRue (Fuchsia question):
    Color can definitely be overwhelming! A color palette that would definitely pop can consist of fuchsia and green. If you want to add a third coolr, you can accent it with black and white. A layer of silver accents would also be quite stunning and yet you can still achieve a classy look. Consider bright flowers such as dahlias, green moss, and light pink flowers such as peonies or mums. If you want more examples of how to match fuchsia, you can view this slideshow:

    Spice Up a Wedding Party With Fabulous Fuchsia

    Nelita (Pink quesiton)

    A pale shade of pink can be very lovely! You can match it up with any of the following colors: lilac, chocolate brown, sea green, yellow, or cornflower blue. If you prefer a light and airy color scheme, I suggest a lovely pink and green combination with a preppy feel. You can use pastels to create a very relaxing look. Two colors would actually work fine and if you want a third color such as silver, it’s also okay. I’m enclosing an example of how this palette can look like, be sure to view the slideshow:

    Fun and Preppy Favors and Party Fare

  35. Hi! I’m getting married in September 2010 and I am having a hard time making a decision on our color scheme. My fiance and I have agreed that we love chocolate brown and champagne, but we are having a very difficult time deciding on what accent color we want. My bridesmaid dresses are chocolate brown with champagne sashes. I am torn, because I know that time of year is prime to do a “fall theme” with bright oranges and reds, but I’m not sure that’s the direction I want to take. We are having the wedding at a location overlooking Lake Erie but not on a beach per se. I would love to incorporate some kind of beach feel with the brown and champagne without doing a full-fledged “beach theme”. We have some lanterns we may borrow from a friend in a variety of sizes and colors that we would love to use for the centerpieces. Also, the walls are a pale yellow color with big open windows and hardwood floors. Please Help! I would really appreciate any suggestions!

  36. Wow! That sounds like a really exciting wedding. And in front of a lake, how much more romantic can you get! If you want to have a semi-beach feel that would still go with the location of your wedding, then any of the following combinations is possible:

    1) orange or maybe a color close to coral and brown with accents of gold – you can even apply champagne as an accent color

    2) light aqua and brown with subtle hints of peach and champagne

    3) yellow and brown with hints of ivory and gold, including champagne

    4) champagne and chartreuse with accents of gold and brown

    note:*adding accents of gold will make the other colors come out beautifully

    These color combinations should work with your overall table decor by incorporating subtle shell decor accents intermixed with fall elements. The key is apply these elements in an elegant way that doesn’t speak all-out beach, since you want to have a fall feel to the decor.

  37. Hi! I am having a wedding July 11th. We are doing a morning wedding/brunch receptions. I have no idea what color palette to use. I like pinks and oranges but I think that is to bold for morning. I like the orange and lime mix as well. I just need so artistic help! What do you like is a great color scheme right now. For bridesmaid dresses/ flowers/ decor:) Thank you so much!

  38. Congrats! Actually, having orange and pinks is fine for the morning as long as they are applied in soft tones of pastels. With this color scheme, you can have a very elegant reception.

    We have an example that you can look at of a breakfast inspired by a Southern Belle theme. Here we used an entire table setting of soft colors coupled with accents of mint green and silver. Flowers such as pink gerberas, roses, or gardenias would be wonderful for this kind of brunch. Your bridesmaids’ dresses can be in pink on silk shantung fabric which looks absolutely gorgeous!

  39. Hi,
    i’m having a wedding Sep 09th and my problem is with matching the color, i know i would love to have kiwi green and mocha/chocolate brown but i’m not sure how to match them especially for the groom’s men. My bridemaids will wear a kiwi green dresses with a brown sash.
    please help me with the idea of making my wedding a stunning and memorable day

  40. What a beautiful color palette! I’m thinking that your groomsmen can wear chocolate brown suits which are so classy and have a wonderful appeal in the summer. They can wear men’s ties that have a green and chocolate brown design such as stripes or polk dots. For something whimsical, they can try green bow ties, too! This color scheme and style will then match perfectly with your bridesmaids’ dresses. The key is to be able to coordinate the “style” of both the groomsmen and bridesmaids’ so that they essentially enhance each other. I’d say that you will definitely have a very cool and chic kiwi green and chocolate brown wedding with this kind of approach!

  41. Hi Liz,

    Thank u very much for ur response. What i would like to ask u is that the Groom would love to wear something different from the groomsmen and i suggested that maybe he should wear a gold/cream waistcoat and the suit can be the same as theirs. What do u think? The other question is that is it necessary for the men to wear waistcoat and if yes then what colour do u think will suit them well? my theme color is kiwi green and mocha/chocolate brown.

  42. Hi. I have a very hard time coming up with theme colour for my December 2009 wedding. I had chosen pink and silver as my theme colours. I would like a suggestion for a third or even fourth colour to blend in well with the two.

  43. It should be perfectly fine for the groom to wear a gold/cream waistcoat and a brown suit! As for the groomsmen, it’s really up to you as to whether the groomsmen should wear the same color of waistcoat, however, you may want to have them wear a different color such as a light brown or tan. A shade of green might also be fine.

  44. That’s a wonderful color palette! You may want to try a shot of fuchsia that would work beautifully with pink and silver!

  45. Hi, I’m having a July 2010 wedding and have a question about colours! I really like the orange and fuschia combination but want it to have a formal feeling to it. I was thinking of accenting with a black and white damask print (like with damask overlays on the tables) and having linens be black and white. Does this seem okay? Also, any other ideas on how to make the two colours seem evening-like?

  46. A nice way to add a formal style to your color palette is by incorporating some metallic colors. While black would be fine, it may appear to be too strong, since you would have fuchsia and orange as the key colors. A bit of gold or silver accents will make a nice addition especially against the reflection of candlelight.

  47. May you please combine/mix the colours for me, I will get married in Winter or midSummer

  48. Hello! Due to marry in December!! Colours are royal blue/light blue and silver (silver mainly as an accent colour). What would you suggest as unique table decor and for lighting? The reception will be in a hotel banquet hall/ballroom and we cannot do much with decor as far as hanging things up (like lights) go. I was thinking of using fibre optics to create a blue/silver “winter wonderland.” Do you think it is a good idea? Please help!! Thanks so much =-)

  49. Some great color combinations for a winter or mid-summer wedding are:

    Lilac and silver with touches of matte silver
    Aqua and silver
    Emerald green and gold
    Pink and gold
    Ivory and orange
    Chocolate brown and lilac

    They can be used for either season, so you don’t have to be tied down to browns or blues.

  50. Victoria:

    For such a romantic winter wedding, you are looking at candles everywhere. Create a scintillating table scene with centerpieces housed in glass or metallic containers. Using the element of water is also a nice addition. The reflection of candlelight against elements such as glass, metal, and water will be stunning. Also, you can try using tiny decor elements such as acrylic beads, marbles, or crystals in the centerpieces. As for using a fibre optics display for the centerpieces (I assume), this is fine as long as the cables to light them aren’t exposed. But, if you want to achieve a more natural look, candles would be best. You can use them in various sizes and lengths to get an interesting look. Even floating candles would be great!


  51. i am using the colors red and champagne for my wedding in May of 2010. I would like some ideas for using the loose crystals and calla lillies as centerpieces for the reception.

  52. Hello Liz,
    Our wedding is planned for Mid-November 2009, but I’m still having trouble finalizing colors. I would love to give the feel of a romantic fall afternoon/evening (candlelight), but with a modern/classy element.
    I like the idea of burnt orange/brown, but don’t want orange overkill. I also really like red, but don’t want a “Christmas” theme.
    Can you suggest some schemes with three or four colors that would carry the theme and allow some “pop” of color?

  53. Sonia:

    For such a striking and elegant color combination, a beautiful arrangement of red flowers such as roses, ranunculus, and of course, callas would be perfect in tall (super tall) glass vases filled with clear or frosted loose crystals. If you prefer a shorter arrangement, you could try placing the flowers as a group on long rectangular vases that are filled with crystals. The latter would definitely be dramatic and modern at the same time!



    For your wedding colors, since red was a color you really liked, how about considering a color palette consisting of burgundy, orange, and a dash of brown! This would be ideal for the fall, but also has a very modern look to it. If you prefer other color combos, you can try any of the following:

    1) red, fuchsia, and orange

    2) plum and moss green – adding dashes of gold would be brilliant

    3) red and aqua with accents of silver

    4) burgundy and gold with ivory


  54. hi, my name is brittany and i am getting married this Sept. 26, 09. my colors are kiwi and mocha/chocolate brown. im having problems deciding on flower colors. my reception tables will have the chocolate table cloths with a kiwi table runner. can you help me find colors for my flowers that will look good with my color comb?

  55. Hello my name is Shanequa. I am getting married February 27, 2010. I know I want my colors to be chocolate brown, champagne, and I would like another color that would pop as to say. I am not sure what would look nice with these two colors. Any suggestions?

  56. Hello Brittany! Some beautiful blooms that would coordinate well with your chosen color scheme are those in ivory, white, and even yellow. Examples include: magnolias, lillies, callas, roses, and parrot tulips. You can also add a hue of green with flowers such as hydrangeas or green mums and even fuchsia like dahlias, anemones, or peonies to spice up the flower arrangements. Moreover, these two contrast well enough with brown!

  57. victoria ndemuti

    hi brittany 🙂

    i think adding a little pink or lilac to your flower choices would set off the green and brown nicely. your kiwi green will blend with the leaves in the flowers arrangements so adding a contrast color will make the flowers more attractive.

    since green and brown and considered “neutral “colors in the florist’s world ( meaning , any color will go with them ) you can experiment with color swatches from a paint store and see which colors you like best before you spend lots of money on flowers .

    victoria n. 🙂

  58. A great color to match with chocolate brown and champagne is gold! It adds an elegant pop of color. You can also add orange or yellow instead of gold as highlights. Just be sure to balance these colors carefully. But, they work just as nice as gold. Thanks!

    🙂 Liz

  59. Hello Im a late starter in my wedding planning we are getting married on the 16th of december and can seem to pick the perfect color we dont want the normal december wedding color “red” we was thinking of a blue or somerhing like that but dont want people to come to our wedding and be talking about how blues arent fordecember weddings. I personally wanted a kinda snow flake wedding with all diff kinds of blues and whites i thaught that would be beautifull. We are fun loving 21 year olds we have a 1 year old daughter and we want something that reflects our personality and view on life which is family, fun , and love all the time… PLEASE HELP!!!!

  60. For a December wedding, if you want something different from the traditional reds, then you can have a nice color combination of periwinkle and silver. And a little dose of ivory! It’s not quite blue, but you get the romantic feeling of a winter wedding with this hue. A color like lilac would also work nicely!

    Incorporate sparkling touches of silver, but put in some crystals and candlelight. Then, consider flowers such as hydrangeas, irises, or roses. To add elements that reflect your fun personality, have a snowflake confetti spread around the centerpieces!

  61. Hi,
    I’m getting married in May 2010 and have my heart set on dark red bridesmaid dresses. We’re having an outdoor, tented reception and I have no idea what color combinations to use. I love red/orange, but don’t want to make it look too much like a fall palette… Can you suggest an elegant color palette?

  62. Hello Juliane:

    If you want to have a fall wedding without having a traditional color palette typically associated with fall, then I suggest a nice color combo of plum or eggplant purple, apple green, and chocolate brown. Instead of brown, you may also substitute navy blue. And I’d also add a lighter shade of green for additional contrast. Think jewel tones!

    Egglant color palette

    If you still want to have dark red as one of the colors, then you could opt for a palette of chocolate brown, magenta, and eggplant.

    Dark red color palette

    Liz (The Wedding Bistro)

  63. Hi Liz would these colours be good for a December wedding Watermelon and Tan and the mini bride and ring bearer will wear ivory what flowers and other accessories could we use.

  64. Watermelon and tan is certainly a nice color combination! While not popular for a December wedding, I think you should go for what you like! As for the flower girl and ring bearer, imagine a pretty ivory basket filled with champagne rose petals and a ring pillow in a lovey shade of ivory. You can also incorporate some bright accent colors such as orange and fuchsia into the scene. Consider flowers such as dahlias, zinnias, or bright gerberas! Or another option is to add a cool hue of blue such as aqua.

    Watermelon color palette

  65. Hi Liz,

    Thanks alot sounds great however where would you suggest i include the orange and fuchia or even the aqua in the scene.
    Will surely use the champagne and white petals did not want the traditional December wedding colours getting married on December 12, 2009.
    Original colours were canary and latte but persons in the bridal party are dark in complexion

  66. Perhaps you can apply the fuchsia to the bridesmaids’ dresses. In this way, they will complement their complexion. Make sure though to test the actual fabric colors! You may also want to have accents of orange on their dresses just for variety. When applying the aqua, this is just an option if you still want some cool hue in the palette. This can be incorporated into your table decor such as some hydrangeas.

  67. Hi Liz,
    I have decided to with Chamoagne and a Deep Red for my wedding in December. My question is how should I incorporate those color into my table settings for the reception? What should I use for the table linen and for the the chair cover and the sash around the chair? Any suggestions?

  68. Sorry! I meant Champagne!=)

  69. Champagne and deep red (maroon) is one of my favorite color combinations. And it is just perfect for a December wedding! Imagine flower centerpieces consisting of callas, zinnias, and green hydrangeas with hypericum berries. You can also intersperse ivory blooms!

    To welcome guests at the reception, have your florist create a wreath using red pepperberries. As for the table, imagine ivory satin or brocade linens with shimmering organza swags for the chairs. You can also incorporate accents of gold with gold place frames as favors that are placed atop beautiful ivory china and gold cutlery. The look is romantic, upscale, and very classy!

    Congratulations, Eve!

  70. Hi Liz,

    I am set on having yellow, gold, and white to be my colors for the wedding. However, the reception venue my fiancee and I fell in love with is not available on July 3, 2010, but is on July 4th. I love the fact that we will be able to see fireworks and have sparklers as favors, but I really don’t want to focus much more on the 4th of july, and do not want to include red, white and blue as the colors. July 5, 2010 will be our 10 year anniversary which is why I am set on that weekend. Any suggestions?

  71. First of all, I think you have a very clear idea of what you want for your wedding! That’s such a romantic way to celebrate a 10 year anniversary! The colors you’ve picked are wonderful! If you really want to have a more distinctive look and feel far from the traditional red, white, and blue that is typically associated with July 4th, then I would include chartreuse, olive, or some green hues as your additional color. This is an example of the colors:

    Yellow and chartreuse wedding colors

    Imagine beautiful floral centerpieces of green hydrangeas, green spider mums, and yellow zinnas. Green cymbidium orchids alone are gorgeous, too! The overall look says summer elegance! You may also want to check these inspiration boards for more ideas:

  72. I’m getting married this November and I choose espresso color with a champagne sash and my mistake was that my flower girls will be the same color. Is this bad? If so what color do I change them to? HELP!!! Also what other colors can I combine with chocolate brown and champagne? Any suggestions? This is so stressful than fun.

  73. An elegant and safe color to match with chocolate brown and champagne would be gold. You can also incorporate hues of green or even yellow. This will break the monotony of just having brown and champagne. As for the flower girl dresses, having them in the same color would be fine as long as you can apply some green or yellow.

  74. i am getting married this oct.
    but i have the biggest prob here.i’ve decided gold and white to be my wedding’s color. but now,my mom want it to be pink and white.
    this is so stressful. is there any way i can have both color without making it look weird? i am having an asian-malay-wedding.
    pls help.

  75. What you can do is to have a pink and gold color combination! It is actually quite nice and you can add touches of white or even ivory. Ivory would be nice because it adds a more elegant look to the color scheme. Think of flowers such as magnolias or pink peonies as your bouquet. The dress can be in chiffon, and made in pretty ivory or ecru with subtle hints of beads and embroidery. You can also try blush pink roses which have a nice hint of pink, too.

    We also have an example of a display that we did which uses pink and gold. Here is the article we wrote:

  76. We are getting married on April 10, 2010. The one flower I definitely want to use for my wedding is Stargazer or Pink oriental lilies (very similar color-wise). I’d like to use the pink in those flowers as the main color in my wedding, but I’m having a hard time picking another color, and then a white/silver/gold to go with it. What do you think would be the best to use?

  77. Greetings Tera. Since stargazer lilies essentially have a fuchsia color, you can match them up with a beautiful combination of chartreuse and pink similar to what we have created below:

    Fuchsia color palette

    You can then add touches of gold to serve as accent colors.

  78. hey im gettin married august 2010 in the beach… our colors are burnt orange with champagne….with a lil gold…do u think that will look nice or should i change a color???? any suggestions??

  79. Hey
    I really need your help, I’m having a 21st in October and i have not sent out Invitations or started with any arrangements as i do not know which colours to choose, i like the Red, burnt orange and brown idea but i’m lost because every time i see a better colour combination then i want to change it… I’m not to sure what to go 4, IM LOST. PLEASE HELP… Please also advised me on the table deco and any other Deco…
    Please assist im pressed for time, as it is the 10th October 2009..

    Many thanks..
    Jamie Bond

  80. Somthing else that i forgot to add is that the 21st and around that time it will be Spring and i am trying to run away from the typical Oranges and reds altho those are the colors that i had said i liked, its just that they might seem a bit too common for Spring..


  81. Hello Dee. The burnt orange and champagne color combo is fine with some gold, but since it is a beach wedding, I suggest some blue hues. You may want to put in some aqua.

  82. Congrats Jamie. What a beautiful time to have a wedding! I suggest a pretty color palette of peach and mint green. Their beautiful for a Spring wedding yet not so common. Imagine beautiful Spring flowers such as gerbera daisies! Here are some articles that might interest you with some more examples of Spring colors:

    Ideas to Bring on a Southern Belle Bridal Shower Breakfast

    Dreamy Decorations for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding Party” – a pink and orange palette

    Jump into Spring with Fresh Wedding Colors

  83. My wedding date is set for July 17. I need helping choosing wedding colors. I have no idea what color is apprpriate for this month or what colors go together. Any assistance will be great!

  84. Hi Liz, thanks so much for helping the future brides!I have read some of your inputs, and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you about the color combination that I am pondering on since our wedding will be on Oct. 2009(Hall setting). It will be an evening event, and so I am deciding on what will look best with gold, is it okay to match it with aqua, or with peach? I want to wear a pure white gown, will it be fine if female sponsors will be wearing an off white gown?What can you say?Please help.Thanks, and more power to you!God Bless.

  85. A nice color for an August wedding is pink because it is neutral enough for a summer wedding. You can have a pink color palette consisting of pretty lilacs, white, and silver. It is classy and very elegant! Check out our own color combinations using pink, click to view the slideshow.

  86. Hi! I am so lost on what colors I should use for my mid september wedding. I love so many colors that it has been difficult to choose one. Specifically, if I can find a base color for my bridesmaides maybe that can help me choose accent colors. My reception will have gold chairs and I really want bright vibrant flowers. I love the color emerald and brown with gold or burnt orange…Please any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

  87. Hello Mandi. Emerald green is a beautiful wedding color that you can match with gold and brown perfectly! Your flowers can be ivory with hints of some orange or lilac. Another option is moss green which matches nicely with emerald green and brown. Then, you can work in hints of ivory and gold, too. We also have another example of emerald green with red in A Wedding Party with a Romantic Tuscan Ambiance.

    You can also have a green and orange color combo as well. EAD Weddings has an example that you can check out consisting of emerald green and mango.

  88. Hi. I really need your help. We are getting married on February 14, 2010. Nothing elaborate just a small wedding only a maid of honor, best man and maybe a ring bearer and flower girl. We will be hosting a brunch immediately after the ceremony. I want to create an intimate elegant affair since only family and close friends will be attending the brunch. I love the idea of black and white with red as the accent color; however, I am concerned that this will be too elegant of a color scheme for an afternoon brunch. I am also concerned about the cost of roses around that time of year. Please any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am also open to other color choices.

  89. While you can certainly have a black and white color scheme with red roses as the accent color, it does seem a little bit on the formal side considering that the event is a brunch. What you may want to do is to soften the look with touches of ivory and instead of a strong color like red, you may want to try peach or pink. You can even incorporate other accent colors like mint green and silver. We have an example of party that uses this color. Here is a link to the example we created:

    Host a Classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Engagement Party

  90. I’m planning my March 2010 and am trying to choose my colors. I love the elegance of black and white but want to incorporate some color since it will be close to Spring. My favorite color is green and his is silver. Anyone have some ideas? Thanks!

  91. You may want to incorporate mint green or a very light shade of green, since it is also close to Spring. When working with black and white, a more muted shade of green would work nicely. Then you can also add some silver as a pretty accent color.

  92. I am getting married on June 12, 2010 and I still can’t fiqure out the color scheme that I want. I know I want Tiffany blue which I will use light aqua since it is very close to Tiffany blue. I don’t know what color I should pair it with. Can anyone help with ideas?

  93. Greetings from Bellenza! Silver is a lovely color to match with Tiffany blue. You can also incorporate some ivory. Think of beautiful ivory magnolias as your centerpieces, crisp white and silver cutlery, and pretty blue table napkins to match the whole table setting. We have created a table setting as an example. Please read Host a Classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Engagement Party.

  94. I am getting married in Nov 2011 (long time away I know) but was wondering about colour combinations for winter wedding – thinking about dark green or chocolate brown, purple and champagne – what sort of combination of these would work! Was aiming for classy and simple winter wedding so any other suggestions appreciated!

  95. I am getting married on 28th December 2009. I am still confused on what colour to match my maroon colour. Someone please help with some ideas. Thanks.

  96. Maroon has become a very popular color of choice for weddings! It can be matched beautifully with plum and gold. Consider burgundy which has a darker hue to it as well. Nevertheless, you can match maroon nicely with callas and roses. Then your bridesmaids can wear pretty iridescent taffeta or organza dresses in maroon. An iridescent fabric color will give the event a more stylish and elegant look beyond ordinary maroon, which tends to look very overpowering in photos.

  97. hi, i am getting married on may 15, 2010. I have a light champagne colored wedding dress and im not sure how to color coordinate my wedding party. i wanted to use pink for my bridesmaids, however im not sure of the shade. also the banquet hall im using has a lot of red & gold, which made me consider red dresses for the (bm) can i use these colors during this season? please help, any ideas appreciated !

  98. Liz,
    I need your help immediately im trying to plan my wedding for february 27, 2009 and the colors i want are: Chocolate, Orange, Turquise, And Apple Green. I need your help far as a theme for my wedding it will be an evening wedding and a layout for my colors for as bridesmaids, maid, and matron.

  99. I’m getting married July 24, 2010 and am definitely using sunflowers. However, I’m having a hard time coming up with a color palette. I love red, orange and yellow but am afraid it’s too fallish. Any suggestions? It’s driving me crazy!!

  100. Liz – I am getting married in July. Orginally I was thinking of having my colors be blue and yellow but now I am liking green and like a vintage purple. My mom thinks the purple and green is not very summery. What are your thoughts?

  101. will you please advise on nice combination colours with burnt orange

  102. hi i am helping my sister with her wedding on april 2010 …. its summer here in the philippines …. the reception will be fronting the beach at 5 pm (sunset to be exact)……..i am thinking a color combination of fuschia pink and aqua blue with a dash of gold? do u think i have the right pallate of color..? and i am also thinking to have a lantern surround the venue…….choice of flower will be sunflower withsome orchids in the entourage…small pink and aqua blue balloons will also be scattered in the red carpet of entourage …flower for the bride will be tulip(pink) with touch of dancing lady(yellow)….for the bridesmaid flower of choice will also be pink rose with dancing lady (yellow)…..well we havent decided yet ,,…. please help us to organize the color scheme….the theme at the reception… and at the church.. thank you….

  103. Hello! I am having a real tough time deciding what colors to choose for my Sept 2010 wedding. The ceremony and reception will take place at a country club with a fantastic background of maple trees with their fall leaves. I love jewel tones and am not particularly fond of pastels and “light” colors. I was originally thinking of a cranberry, plum and vintage gold combination but I’ve been thinking of some different colors lately. Now I’ve been thinking of an emerald green and plum combination, perhaps with a shot of either champagne or gold. I see a lot of dark green and lighter purple/violet and/or dark puple and light green combos but not the two darker colors together. Do these two dark jewel tones go together or would it be just too dark of a pallete??? Help me please!

  104. Hello Ian.
    Since it seems like your sister will be getting married in a gorgeous beach location, try to make use of nature to guide your color scheme. You don’t need to incorporate too many bold colors or even metallics here because the backdrop of the beach and the lush greenery can provide most of the color that you will need. I think a fuchsia and green color palette would be ideal especially since you are located in a tropical location. Adding yellow highlights (minimally) would be nice, too. You can also incorporate white or ivory to balance things out. Think subtlety in this case. So for example, your bride’s bouquet can be made of beautiful fuchsia dahlias, lisianthus, and even some hibiscus. Go light As for the bridesmaids, let them carry pretty flower pomanders using flowers in fuchsia and yellow. As for the wedding cake, consider an all white cake decorated with bold fuchsia flowers. The look will be stunning!

  105. For Tarina.

    Greetings! You seem to have a good idea of what you want, but let me suggest some color combinations:

    1) Dramatic – plum and gold with chartreuse highlights

    2) Regal – gold and apple green with brown

    3) Sophisticated – dark purple, lavender, and brown with gold

  106. Liz,
    I need your help immediately im trying to plan my wedding for february 27, 2009 and the colors i want are: Chocolate, Orange, Turquise, And Apple Green. I need your help far as a theme for my wedding it will be an evening wedding and a layout for my colors for as bridesmaids, maid, and matron. What are some good ideas far as the reception? With the table decor how do you think i can include all of my colors

  107. Greetings! I think you have chosen a lovely color palette. Since it will be in February, you can already incorporate a more Spring-like feel so an appropriate theme would be something like a citrus or apple-inspired theme. With colors such as chocolate, orange, turquoise, and apple Green, I’m thinking that incorporating fruits into your decor would be a nice way to spice up the decor. Think centerpieces with green hydrangeas, some orange-hued flowers such as calendulas, and filled with sand together with some woodsy elements. You can also have fruits such as oranges and limes to lend a hand at adding more color. All of this depends, though, on what is your base set of colors for the event. You may want to consider orange and apple green as the base colors, while the other colors can be used as highlights.

    As for your reception, think of an ivory wedding cake that is decorated with main colors of your event. The contrast of ivory against orange, turquoise, and/pr apple green would be stunning. A whimsical look to the cake would also be nice–think geometric shapes or polka dots that mimic fruits! For your bridesmaids, consider pretty silk shantung or organza in a shade of olive or something close to apple green. Your Maid of Honor can then wear a gown that has a darker shade of green.

    Here are some additional ideas that offer up an orange and green palette:

    A citrus-inspired table setting

    Orange and green wedding colors

    BHG centerpiece with green

    Green and orange tablescape

  108. Good Day!

    My wedding date is on January 31, 2010.Our motif id blue,green and to combine those?and what good color for that?


  109. Greetings! Congratulations, too! I would suggest a very light color palette for these 3 colors. Actually, what I have below is light coral, sea green, and an aqua blue color combo. I imagine this kind of palette to have some gold or silver accents together with shades of light ecru or ivory. Very elegant and light!

    Coral, sea green, and aqua palette

  110. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for giving sometime in my queries.But all of this are light colors, is it good during night time?my wedding is at 4pm and my in laws asking if those where good in picture during night time.
    Thanks and more power….

  111. Hello! Actually, light colors can look amazing at night especially when you incorporate the right kind of lighting. Think of it as a romantic reception decked out in lovely paper lanterns or similar ornamental lighting like Christmas lights. The look can be just as dramatic or even more impressive when working with pastels. If you love metallics such as gold or silver, this is also a nice way to lend a hand at enhancing the scene. Good luck 🙂

  112. Hi Liz,
    wow i noticed you bothered to answer almost all the questions posted here! so impressed..! i’m having a church wedding followed by a dinner reception,in Singapore! I’m think of having a maroon/burgundy,black and ivory colour theme for the reception,as the catering skirtings will already be ivory with maroon overlaid on top(2 toned). I will be wearing a white wedding dress for the ceremony ,but after that will be changing into an olive green dress/turquoise dress. What do you think ?how else can i bring out the colours of the wedding?what colour should be ‘accent’ colours ,how do i make sure the colours don’t alsh so much?oh i also forgot to mention that the church itself is completely white in colour,rather modern traditional looking with some stained glass. there’s green grass surrounding the entire wedding reception area!
    looking so forward to your expert suggestions on how i can better coordinate the wedding colours =)

  113. Congratulations to you! It seems like you have a good idea of what you visualize for your wedding. As for the color combo of the tables, instead of having a black and burgundy palette, you may want to opt for teal and ivory alone instead of incorporating dark colors like black and burgundy/maroon, which doesn’t seem to match well in this example.

    Since your wedding venue as a whole seems to be in a very light, modern setting, with lots of natural lighting, using a palette such as turquoise or olive green would be ideal. Moreover, since you plan to change into a dress in these colors anyway, you may want to extend it to the overall color of your wedding. Consider an ivory or white and olive green or turquoise color palette with brilliant accent colors of yellow or gold that would brighten up the wedding beautifully!

  114. Hi Liz,

    We’re getting this May 2010. It’s gonna be a Garden / Sunset Wedding and the thing is we haven’t got a motif yet.
    We’re thinking of something Citrus Color (green, yellow, orange) as our motif.
    Can you please help me what would be the best match?

    Many Thanks.

  115. I’m getting married in June in the evening (5 pm) & am having a hard time deciding on colors. Originally I selected Tiffany Blue, Silver & White but am torn between apple red (a little lighter than burgandy), Black & Silver. Would that even be appropriate for a summer wedding?
    For each color scheme, what colors would be appropriate for bridesmaid shoes, mothers dresses & flowers?

  116. I think a nice motif for your chosen color palette would definitely be citrus, but you can also pursue a flower motif with sunflowers and tulips–very appropriate for a garden setting. You can also have a whimsical one using geometric circles, strips, or checkerboard. My personal favorite is a citrus theme.

  117. Cyndy:

    For such a color palette, your original choice is actually quite classy! Consider having a touch of ivory as well such as having a bridal bouquet of pretty magnolias. Then your bridemaids can be dressed in lovely silk shantung dresses with a white sash.

    As for the mother of the bride, she can then wear a beautiful ivory gown so as to distinguish her color from the bridesmaids. And for your wedding cake, consider a gorgeous Tiffany box inspired cake with a diamond ring as your motif. I think this is a nice way to bring out the elegance of the palette without looking too “themish” in style. Perfect for a summer wedding.

  118. I’m getting married on Oct. 2010, i had a hard time thinking about our motiff. I prefer red and yellow coz it’s a lucky wedding motiiff on that year based on what i read. Any suggestion of what color is the best combination or does the combination red and yellow good?

  119. Hi, I have been looking for my wedding colors for too long now. I have found something I think I can settle with, but, I am not thrilled. I want to be thrilled! I like too many colors. My favorite is purple and his favorite is black, but we don’t want a “dark” wedding. We want something bright and airy, but also elegant and graceful, but playful too. See why we are having such a hard time? He is Black and I am white. So, we thought about black/white wedding, but decided it might be too much. I settled on chocolate as the base color since we both like it and it blends well with most other colors. I like pearl, gold, burnt umber, all brown shades especially champagne, latteand mocha, a variety of greens, varieties of pinks, yellows, and some other orangey shades. We also have a lot of red in our closet, so it too must be a color we like. I love cherry wood finnish color in our home. I am in-love with sunrise and sunset colors. Our June wedding will be on a majestic lake in Montana with ruggage beautiful mountains as the backdrop (with snow on them still). Our reception will be at the same location, on a lighted deck at night. I plan to have loads of candles rather than ceiling lights if we have to have it inside. I love deep romantic lightening. We have been planning to combine a western BBQ (my heritage), Soul food (his heritage), Hawaiin food and Jamaican food (our favorite foods) together for the reception. I love Bird of Paradise flowers as well as asian lillies, cherry blossoms, irises, but my favorite flower of all is the yellow daffodil.
    We plan to have a butterfly release at the end of the ceremony as well as fireworks at the end of the reception.
    I hope you can help me with the colors/theme. Please. I am having a hard time, and have been struggling with this since May 2008 and have until June 2010. But, feel I’m running out of time fast!

  120. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding in June of 2010. I would fully take advantage of the outdoor scenery in Montana. Then I would incorporate a color palette with nature-inspired hues in a tri-color combo, but you can also apply any of these colors in twos:

    Assorted color palette for summer wedding

    1) Palette #1 – Imagine a garden filled with summery citrus hues like pastel green, orange, and yellow. Your decor can make use of organic elements from bright oranges to limes. This is perfect for your outdoor candlelit event, too. If you’d rather incorporate your favorite flower, then make your theme “yellow daffodils.” It’s perfect for a summer wedding and you can still match them with green and orange hues elegantly.

    2) Palette #2 – With chocolate brown as your base color, you are looking at a sophisticated summer soiree with purple (or light lavender) set against chartreuse or yellow green. The decor is inspired by a ton of verdant foliage together with beautiful hydrangeas. Add some metallics such as silver or gold to truly glam up the look!

    3) Palette #3 – This is a playful color scheme of brown, pink, and fuchsia. Your decor can consist of fresh flowers such as peonies, anemones, and ranunculus! Integrate some light pink flowers such roses. The look is a romantic flower garden set against a majestic lake.

  121. Thank you for your ideas! I trully appreciate it! So, while I am looking at the color palettes, what do you think of a mixture of the pallets? Such as, chocolate and brown as the base focus, using orange, and pink for the centerpieces, pulling fuschia and yellow and green in by use of flowers, and then adding the chocolate to the table linens with pearl table runners to add some “white color”. Is that good? Or do you think it would be too much?

  122. HI Liz! I will be getting married on December 2010 but since both me and my fiance` are working overseas we are already starting to plan for it this early.
    I find it really hard what color motif would be in for that season. Im thinking of plum as the base color and would mix it with a light shade of celadon green but I dont know if its a good color combination.with regars to flowers I am really an orchid lover so I’m planning to have cymbidium orchids for my bouquet ,can you suggest what other flowers would be nice when combined with cymbidiums? THanks a lot and best regards.=)

  123. It is certainly fine to mix the colors of the palette. In fact, that would be a wonderful way to infuse different colors from the use of pink and orange in the centerpieces to mixing in a little bit of fuchsia, green, and yellow. I would probably go easy on the fuchsia, since it is very overpowering colors when placed against other colors. Other than that, it should be okay. As for the table linens, I would just stick with colored linens without the brown.

  124. Hello Jesse! Celadon green with plum is fine, but you may want to consider a color such as chartreuse, which has a little bit more yellowy hues that go better with plum. It can be a very sophisticated color palette! See example below:

    plum and chartreuse color combination

    Think of white callas and white cymbidium orchids, or even a variety of other orchids such as phalaenopsis, dendrobium, or cattelaya. Another option is to have plum callas. These flower combinations are actually quite stunning as opposed to most bouquets you see nowadays.

    Extend the orchids to other elements of the wedding such as a wedding cake topped up with a cymbidium orchid or have one made with draping orchids on a three-tier, white cake. Check out this lovely palette from featuring a lovely plum and chartreuse wedding with an elegant Asian flair – click here.


  125. Hello!! I am getting married September 2011, plenty of time but i am soo stuck on what colors to use! I found my dress by chance and i LOVE it, it is not white though its an antique pink, im not sure what colors i should use to go with it but i dont want to have colors that will make me “blend” with my wedding, like any bride i want to shine 🙂 I could really use some advice!! Thank you!!

  126. Hi!….I have my wedding in december2010 yellow, gold and brown are my chosen colors…do i have a right combination for december??? pls give me some suggestions…thanks!!!;)

  127. Antique pink is a wonderful color that you can pair with gold. Consider a glamorous pink and gold color palette with stylish trimmings reminiscent of old Hollywood. Think of modern meets vintage with the look. Use pink in various shades with a muted shade of gold, too. If preferred, you can also infuse some touches of ivory! The key is to make the look classy.

  128. Hi I am helping my sister with her wedding in April 2010 her colours are maroon,cream and champagne.I am not sure how to use the colours for table deco and centrepieces.I want to create a wow factor to their wedding.

  129. Congrats to all!!

    I am in early stages of planning a June 25, 2011 midafternoon wedding. Considering maybe an outdoor venue. My fiance and I both would like to go with apple red for our color…but not sure what color to accent it. We want romantic….. semi-formal. Is apple red an acceptable color for this time of year? And should I pair it with cream or white?? what about black? Would black take it to a super formal level?? i’m afraid the black will take a ‘gothic’ look which we do not want. HELP!!!!!

  130. My favorite colors are Red and Yellow. Am I crazy to think I can do both of those colors for my wedding and it still be elegant??? Please help!

  131. what will be the best color motif to combine in gold?

  132. Palesa – Maroon, cream, and champagne are gorgeous! Think of pretty calla lillies together with cream roses, while adding some chartreuse zinnias. I would also add some gold and crystal accents to your centerpieces. Imagine gilded containers filled with rich textures of fruits such as plums –adding to the maroon side of your palette!

    Jeanie – Apple red is actually a versatile color that can be matched with aqua, lemon yellow, and pistachio green. You can also pair a bold color of orange or fuchsia with apple red. They should be fine for the month of June. As for me, I prefer to match apple red with aqua, while adding some cream touches of vanilla. It brings out a classy and elegant feel. Be sure to add some accents of silver or gold, too.

    Shelley – Red and yellow are actually beautiful colors to match up. It can be a bright red with yellow hues or a blood red color. They say summer all the way, but it can also be a fall palette. Imagine pretty yellow blooms such as daffodils, chrysanthemums, and tulips. The key is to use red more as an accent color so that your wedding doesn’t get blanketed in everything red. Use it sparingly and the color will come out for you nicely. Add a third color like ivory or gold, too. These can balance out the palette as well.

    Color question

  133. Hi -I am getting married in January and would like a black and silver theme with touches of white to brighten it. Would this look right?
    I was thinking of black chair and table covers with silver chiffon bows and then having candleabras with white and black flowers? Is this too much black?

    Any other suggestions are welcome.

  134. Hi – I am getting married in August 2010 at a winery. I’ve picked out my bridesmaid dresses – they are hunter green with a white sash. My fiance and I both like hunter green, and I think it looks good on almost everyone. I am struggling in deciding what a good accent color would be/what flowers would look best. I was thinking pinks, but I’m not sure that it will work with the hunter green. The reception venue is has light yellow walls with a light reddish/orange/pink accent and hunter green trim. Any ideas? Thanks!

  135. hi liz,

    I will be having a church wedding this DEC 2010, we havent decide yet what will be our motif.. I really like it to be color blue..and im thinking if aqua blue combined with black and white would be fine?
    please advise..please give me insights as well the colors that i could combine blue with.. thank you..


  136. Hi – I am getting married in July 2010 and I am having a hard time choosing my color scheme. My dress is ivory and the groom suit is black. There is no bridesmaid. I am thinking on gold and ivory but looking for bold summer colors that will be romantic/warm. The reception will be held in a school hall so I need to brighten the atmosphere. Please help me. Thanks

  137. Hi liz,

    I am getting married on december of this year and would like red,lemon yellow and lime green as my motiff. Do you think its a good combination?The reception will be held in the garden and it will be a mid afternoon ceremony. Please help. Thanks

  138. I am thinking of Apple green, aqua , and white for my informal wedding on a hillside in Montana….what do you think?

  139. Hi! We are having our wedding in late October. I’m crazy with the color purple or any shade of violet or I guess any color that belongs to the same color family. 🙂 I have a total of 5 bridesmaids (including my maid of honor) and I want each of them to wear a different color. The other sponsors will be wearing champagne and I was thinking of doing purple, dark to light hues but I don’t want the darkest color to stand out from the crowd. So, can you give me a set of 5 colors that we can do for my bridesmaids without having to go with a really dark hue? Thank you.

  140. Hi Liz,

    I’m glad I was able to find this site. Truly of great help for us bride-to-bes. My church wedding is set in early 2011 (too early, just excited) and I find it hard to look for the perfect color combination for my entouarge. Everytime I see a new color combination in the internet, I easily change my plan. I just want a classy wedding reception and I think I like either gold/silver/old rose to be the accent colors. Can you suggest of other colors that best suit these accent colors? My reception venue will be in a hotel. Please help me.

  141. hi, may wedding is on may, please give me an idea of which color combination is best….. thank you…

  142. Burgundy, mauve, and even red make a nice monochromatic color scheme. But, you can also have a purple or blueberry hues as illustrated below with these three 4-color combos. You can even incorporate a shot of silver or brown depending on your preference. My personal favorite is the combination red and brown, while having a darker shade of red and then some mauve. I also think incorporating the purple or even magenta will make your palette look more unique and interesting! Feel free to mix the colors below and find the right color scheme for you.

    Burgundy and mauve color palette

  143. wow! Thanx so much…I will let you know what i have come out with..the colors are just brilliant.Thanx Thanx.

  144. Hi, My daughter is having difficulty deciding on colors. She really wants chartreuse, a light (subdued) orange and plum scheme. The venue’s ceiling is painted in white and aqua (featured in Martha Stewart Weddings/Fashion Issue), so we would like to incorporate the aqua too. Please help !

  145. Hi, I have upcoming wedding in May 2010. I cannot decide my wedding motiff. Color blue is my fave color . kindly give some contrast or pallete to combine with..


  146. hi liz, im thinking of yellow and blue as my wedding motif.. what shade of blue and yellow would match with bronze for my third motif. thanks

  147. hi, my wedding is on november 2010, please give me an idea of which color combination is best for yellow and red and what flowers suits for accent

  148. Hi Liz,

    Me and my boyfriend were planning to have an afternoon wedding, maybe will start at 3 pm but we cant decyd what will be our motif. Can you help me regarding this probz? i love brown, is it nice to an afternoon wedding? or any suggestion of color. Thanks a lot!

  149. Hi Liz!

    My wedding is on December of 2010. I am working on champagne and gold colors already, I would like to seek for your advice on what additional color could go contrast with these two colors? I wish to create an elegant themed wedding. I am willing to take off gold if necessary to combine champagne color in various ways. Your suggestions will be of great help for me.
    Much Thanks!

  150. what colors will match with kiwi green for a wedding

  151. Hi,

    I am getting married on November 6th of this year.

    I am considering the following colors:

    Ivory, champagne, and eau de nil (or some type of green).

    I want the floral arrangements to include variations of greens, champagne, and ivory.

    I also love berries in the fall. Would it be too much to include a cranberry color with the other colors I had mentioned?


  152. My daughter is having a spring wedding (April 2, 2011). She is considering a dark blue and yellow theme, and wants her wedding to be elegant and classy. Any suggestions on the right blue (not pastel) and yellow color combo? We really can’t go to much further with the planning without some professional guidance.

  153. I will be getting married in Oct 2011 and i like Orange,red. And yellow but im having a hard time coming up with the color scheme of my bridal party bc i want my bridesmaids to match the groomsman and my dress is white with a color trim but not sur what color to go with but my fiance will match me with a white tux and and his vest and tie will match the color of my trim but the groomsmen i want to wear black tux with their ties and vest to match the bridesmaids dress so what color u think i should where and what about my bridesmaids?

  154. My wedding date is June 28 2011 my base color is watermelon pink what color would go with it ?

  155. Hi! I’m getting married in Oct of 2010 and I’m trying to chose my colors. I’m wanting to do Emerald green for the bridesmaid dresses and lilac purple for an accent color, but I’m having a hard time picking the second accent color! My fiance is going to wear a kilt in his clan’s tartan, it has green, blue, and a small amount of red and white in it. I don’t want my colors to clash with it. Please help!

  156. hi, i would like to know what shade of green as base would be perfect for a silver accent? would it look nice for a december wedding?

  157. Hi. I am having a wedding in June and have chosen an old rose gown. i dont know what colour of shoes to wear and the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and am running out of time. please help!

  158. hi,gud day!

    I’m getting married on Dec. 2010,and i am not yet decided to what color do i want on my wedding day, i want two color combination only.

    plz help me….thanks!

  159. good day, im getting married this august, and i dont have any idea of what our motif will be. please help…

  160. Hi! I’m planning to have a fuchsia & violet motif. Are these colors ok?

  161. my wedding dress is orange/ possible a burnt orange what color dresses for the wedding party would be a perfect match?

  162. An orange wedding dress is certainly a radical departure from the norm! I suggest you try toning down the color, and then for the bridesmaids, you may want to have them a light shade of ivory. Another option is brown silk shantung that can compliment orange.

  163. Hi! Our BIG DAY will be next year by January but till now I dont have any ideas for my motif. But planning an orange or apple green as my base. Please help me. Any suggestions??? Thanks

  164. Greetings!
    I’m yet another bride trying to deal with the struggle of choosing my colors. Our wedding date is set Oct.3rd for a outdoor wedding. Its on a mountain top at a cabin home with another mountain and tree tops in the background.Theres a pool and serene waterfall around reception area.Originally we had planned on Teal/Chocolate. But I have found a dress with trim in Victorian Lilac. The dress has enough power over me to change my colors! So we were thinking Victorian Lilac for the brides side and possibly silver for the grooms. We both are heartbroken over the loss of teal! I had the perfect bouquet originally-teal,burnt orange-some silver accents and some “twiggy” branch. It looked very fall like. I love the deep rich hues of fall! So Im having a very hard time figuring decorations and flowers with Lilac… Especially my bouquet. I have a bunches of white calla lillies premade for the bridesmaid and was thinking of just adding to them. Any input would truly help. My fiance is so stressed over me jumping back and forth between colors that he’s leaving it all up to me now ! So no more input from him and my mother is clueless ! lol thanks!

  165. hello! i’m getting married on october 23 this year. i’m thinking of having the colors orange, yellow and peach. is that a good combination? what do you think should be the dominant color, and what color(s) will be the accent?

    thank you!

  166. hi my wedding comes of in october Godwilling what do you think about my colors? am taking aqua blue with choclate brown. these will be seen largely in the bridesmaids dresses as well as the vest coat, neck ties and handkerchiefs of the groom and groomsmen. i want to add peach as a third colour will it be fine?


  167. Adding a third color like peach might not match with the aqua blue. You may just want to stick with aqua and chocolate brown, and perhaps add a third color that won’t clash with aqua like ivory. But, you can also try to incorporate a lighter shade of aqua.

  168. hi liz,

    i am wedding in November and i am terribly confused on the issue of colours. my boy friend likes sky blue and I think i like brown. so I decided to have turquoise blue as the base colour . what do you think of silver as the complementary colour? also advice me on the colour for bridesmaids grooms men and bouquet.

  169. That is certainly a conundrum, but not one that can’t be solved! I think you can certainly have a color combo of turquoise blue, brown, and silver. Silver should work fine. Your bridesmaid’s dresses can then be in a nice, light shade of turquoise (don’t make it too dark) because it will tend to look darker once the photos are taken, so stick with a lighter shade of turquoise. Your choice of fabric would also be key because some fabrics like silk shantung or chiffon reflect the color differently. A pretty ivory bouquet of roses would be just perfect as well. As for the groomsmen, they can wear black tuxes with turquoise bowties or ties! And for your table decor, you may want to check out our very own creation for a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Engagement Party.

  170. HI Liz,

    I’m getting married on march 5 2011. I’ll be having two receptions one here in Sydney and one in Manila. I’m thinking of having a burgundy and champagne as my wedding motif. I’m thinking of adding coral as the third colour. Would that be fine? thanks heaps

  171. Congratulations! Burgundy and coral may not come out nicely in photos, but it all depends on the proper shade of coral as well. You may want to consider a color like brown instead of coral. Or even a dash of gold might be nice and would greatly add a glamorous flair to the wedding!

  172. Hey Liz,
    I wanted a spring wedding because I’m obsessed with the color lime green but my fiance doesn’t want to wait that long. So, we are thinking about getting married on New Years. I still want Lime green but I don’t know if you can do that. I was thinking maybe lime green and black or bright red and lime green…I don’t know. I love bright colors and lime green. What should I do?? Please help????

  173. hey liz,

    m getting married this coming December what do think about antique gold,chocolate brown and champagne for the motif and for my bridesmaids a different color like maroon,plum,burgundy and for my maid of honor a midnight blue with a brown sash vera wang taffeta/satin dress….please do help is this a disaster combination ?

    what would be the appropriate color that would look elegant on a penthouse reception…

  174. Your color combination is fine except for the midnight blue maid of honor’s dress. This can potentially clash with the burgundy. Therefore, you may want to have your bridesmaids wear brown instead, while your maid of honor can wear a lovely dress in either maroon, plum, or burgundy and then a brown sash can be an option. And for a penthouse reception, your overall color scheme with antique gold, brown, champagne will have a nice complementary color of maroon, plum, or burgundy, which you can then extend to the reception’s table decor and flowers. Think of burgundy callas, roses, or even dahlias. Accents of gold and even a hint of of chartreuse or moss green would look brilliant against this backdrop of flowers.

  175. hi liz!
    this site’s been really helpful..ive actually read all of the posts so i wouldn’t have to bother asking about my problem but i couldn’t find any answer that fit. anyhow, my friend’s gettinbg married this october and she’s very much resolved in using white and silver as her motif. just wanna ask, wouldn’t that be boring since both colors are usually used as accents?…i’m the one planning the wedding so it’s been giving me a lot of headache..i’d appreciate your help a lot…much love more success..(^^)…<3 thanx a bunch!

  176. hi! i’m getting married next year, 11th of June. we’re still not decided on the motiff. but i would like green as our base color.. please help..thank you..

  177. Hi! I am so interested in all of the replies! how amazing the colours are!
    I originally decided to have multi coloured tulips as the base for my whole wedding because i couldnt decide on just one. i love colour Plus i had an idea that i wanted to wear yellow shoes! I have since had a special headpiece made that is made from a magnolia and i have decided to use magnolias as my main flower. My dress is a 1950’s, ivory tea length prom dress and my groom will be wearing navy. I cannot decide on colours to contrast with ivory and navy but i wanted to have an accent colour in my petticoat if not my shoes. Our cake is a 4 tiered stawberry cheesecake and our favours are bowls of loose, retro sweets. I wonder if you could help me to tie all of this together with colour?
    Thank you in advance!

  178. ok thank you liz !!!! ,

    on the other hand ,can you give me a suggestion on what color my principal sponsors will be wearing? same with the cord,veil and candle..i want unity on their sets of duty..i do appreciate your help …

  179. Hi, i am getting married in February 2011 and originally had a colour scheme of sage green, ivory and gold. Unfortunately, we have had a terrible time trying to find bridesmaid dresses in the sage green and, instead, have chosen a dark / royal purple for the bridesmaids. Do you think that ivory and gold would look okay with this colour and how would I blend all the colours together so that it all looks planned?


  180. Hi!
    i will get married in june 2010 and i like to select my wedding color so that i can prepare this DAY.I choose GREEN,ORANGE AND HOT PINK.can you give me a suggestion……


  181. Hi.i am getting married in march 2010 and i would like to use purple as my motiff, could u please suggest any combination colours or perhaps give me ur suggestions colours.

  182. Purple is a wonderful color to match with brown. You can also choose to have a monochromatic palette of different shades of purple from dark to light. Another option is to match lilac with silver and then add a color like mauve. The look is gorgeous!

  183. Hi!
    i will get married in june 2011 and i like to select my wedding color so that i can prepare this DAY.I choose GREEN,ORANGE AND HOT PINK.but my boy friend favorite color is GREEN, can you give me any suggestion……


  184. Hi,
    I am getting married November 2010 and my wedding colours are ivory, sage green and gold. I am having problems trying to find morning suits to match was going to choose grey with ivory waistcoats and green cravats but think the grey may clash. Also having doubts on my colour scheme, would love your opinion on colour scheme and suggestions for mens morning suits.
    Thank you!

  185. Hi,

    I am getting married in July next year when it is winter but would like a spring/summer themed wedding. I am thinking about ivory and yellow with ivory table cloths. Im a bit concerned it may look dull. please advise on how to make this a beautiful fresh wedding symbolising new beginnings?

  186. Scarlet t- you may want to incorporate some highlights of chartreuse and/or even orange into the color scheme. These would look lovely as a spring/summer event because they look lively and fresh! Consider flowers such as dahlias, zinnias, or gerberas as your bouquet and table decorations. You can even use ivory roses as a classy touch.

    Jane -I would stick with using grey or even charcoal suits and then have the men wear sage green vests with white dress shirts. The ivory is just going to clash!

    kundahel – You certainly have a unique color combo, but be sure to stick with a hue of green that has some yellow in it like lime or apple green. This will look lovely with fuchsia or hot pink and orange! A dark shade of green will just clash with orange.

  187. Hi!

    I really love red cherry blossoms as wedding theme – it is so Asian and is for good luck. What other color/s will make the combination extra special?
    Thanks a lot!

  188. I belive gwan that really dark orange eould be the bes combination i think that is gonna be my wedding theme colour maroon and orange

  189. hi, i’m getting married next year. we chose emerald green and yellow gold as our motiff. do you think its a good combination?

  190. Alright, i have a situation. My two colours for the wedding are going to be champagne and a dark green. Is there another colour that i can use to help balance these two colours? Help!

  191. hi liz , I’m having my church wedding in December 4, 2010, still can’t decide on what color to choose as my wedding motif honestly i don’t have any color in mind . can you suggest any color combination? it’s an evening celebration. please help thanks a lot & hope to hear from you soon =)

  192. hi, am getting married in dec and am having a hectic time chosing colours. i wanted a touch of pink and now, am settling for fuchsia pink and lemon. i really would like to know if these two colours blend and what othere colour i can add to it for the hall decoration. also, i would love suggestions as regrds what colour of tie the groom should use in the two.

  193. I am helping my sister in law plan her wedding. We are thinking along the lines of pink and navy. Would silver go well as an accent color? We are still trying to figure out pale pink or hot pink. I think it would be safe to use both pinks. Thanks for any help!

  194. Hi, I will to have a pink and gold wedding but my fiancee thinks its a feminine and a masculine touch to tone it down will be perfect. Please what colour can i mix it with?

  195. Hi, I am getting married next year May, and we have problems choosing our colour combinations. We want the main colour to be wine maroon. This will be the colour for the bridemaids clothes. Please help us choose two other colours that go well with wine maroon so that we can use them as complementary colours. Thanks for any help.

  196. Hi,
    My fiance and I will be getting married next year September. We have decided to go with the color Sangria, and of course this would be the color of the bridesmaid dresses as well as the inside waistcoat for the groomsmen. We are however looking for another color or two to blend/contrast with the sangria which would complete the decor and bouquets as well. We’d appreciate if you can assist us … thanks a million!!

  197. Hi,
    My fiance and I will be getting married next September. I want to incorporate green and coral (more towards the orange end of it) but I also want to use sunflowers! I don’t know what to do. Also, if I do this what color tuxes would work?

    I’m in need of help! Thanks 🙂

  198. Hi,
    I’m having a May wedding and was thinking about the colors canary and a baby blue, although I think that I need another color to tone down such a high contrast. Also, I was trying to think about what would be the best color tuxedo for the gentlemen. I thank you for any advice. Thanks for you help.

  199. Hello, I will be getting married in early Feb 2011. I need help on choosing colors for my wedding party-my ideal colors are sage/champange or hunter green/champange. I don’t know which colors will be more suitable for that month

    Can you help:)


  200. Hy, im getting married next year march, i need help on choosing may wedding theme color, In mind i have babby Blue/Silver/ White. The other colour is Lime /Yellow White , so im a bit confuse which one to go for.

    Help Please! Thnks

  201. getting married on June 2011, i have no idea for planning a wedding but i want for my wedding colors is green, can you please give idea for my wedding theme, and what flowers is the best for my bouquet.thanks

  202. Thalene: For a summer wedding, you can match green with either green, brown, or even chartreuse. Ivory is also a lovely color you can use because it is a neutral color. Consider flowers such as cymbidium orchids or gardenias, which would look perfect as you a wedding bouquet as well. It would also be ideal to use as your table decorations. Think of using a simple flower sprig in a shade of green to decorate your place settings!

    Ntsiky: Why don’t use conisder a gerbera theme! Here is a link for your inspiration:

    Cherie: For a February wedding, you’d probably be better off with a sage/champange color combo because hunter green would be too dark and it has more of a winter-like feel to it. Plus, sage green is so elegant!

    Tori: You may want to tone down the color combo by using a shade of silver!

  203. Hey, i am planing for my engagement party on Feb.2011, i need help with choosing the color theme, and choosing the color of my dress matching this theme, i am thinking of Fuchsia, or purple, i am more into hot colors, but i am afraid it would be “very warm” theme =D
    Please help.. Thank U 🙂

  204. Fuchsia is such a wonderful color. Think of an elegant color palette of fuchsia and moss green! A dressy strapless dress with ivory or ecru heels would look gorgeous! So, it won’t look too hot. You may want to add soft, muted shades of pink and green to the decor.

  205. hi Liz….

    I’m getting married on May 2011… Is Aqua blue and lime green are good combination for a wedding?.. tnx…

  206. Hi Liz! I’m getting married on July 2011 but we still haven’t decided on what color motif to have. i wanted deep emerald green for a color coz it’s one of my favorites. would there be another color that can be paired with it? i thought of yellow, but would that be too contrasting? we want a happy color. would my color choices be applicable?
    please help. thanks!

  207. Emerald green is a glamorous color that not many people. You can match it with silver and white for a chic look or you can even try to have a monochromatic palette of varying shades of green such as pistachio and olive. Another way to match emerald is with chartreuse and gold!

  208. we are planning to get married next year but the problem is i dont know the best motif help me pls..we’re planning by january 2012 and its a beach wedding. help me pls… tnx

  209. Hi Liz! I’m getting married in August but havent really decided on the color, I’m thinking of maroon but dont really know what other color to mix with. I dont like very bright colors,but I want a color that will look beautiful and not too dull.

  210. Chona-a teal and navy blue palette would be great. Shells can be your motif, while integrating some lovely orchids ino the tables. Think of some green highlighhts!

    Hilma-you can try these combos: maroon+aqua, maroon+gold, maroon+chartreuse, or maroon+brown

  211. Hi, I am getting married in June and I really like the colors pink, yellow and green. But i cant really find anything that i like in those colors together. Are they a bad combination? Any suggestions? I wanted to decorate with lilies. Please help!

  212. Pink, yellow, and green is a lovely color combo. Consider a base color first like pink, for example. And then, you can add yellow and green as accent colors. You can opt for a soft pastel look with baby pink or a shot of hot pink against a more toned down shade of green and yellow!

  213. Hi,
    I’m planning a wedding for December this year in Australia (so it is a summer wedding). We are having a Sunday evening cocktail reception at a venue which overlooks the coastline (and sunset). The venue is a restaraunt which is relatively plain, with the walls mainly being white, although there are a couple of feature walls that are black with dark silver patterns one them. The carpet is dark (I think a really dark grey) and the ottomans that will be used are also black. On the beach side there are large windows overlooking the water, so the place is quite light during the day, but as it darkens they usually use candle light effectivey to create mood lighting. When operating as a restaraunt red is used as an accent colour for lamps, tea lights and cushions, but these can easily be removed and replaced with items the involve our colour scheme. I think the red looks quite effective, but my only concern is red may not be the best colour for my bridesmaids. Can you suggest any other colours that would be suitable to tie in with the black and silver (and probably white)? I think with the venue a ‘less is more’ approach is the best approach is probably best, so the colour is more as an accent or to provide a contrast.

    Thanks for your help.

  214. Hello! I am getting married in November and we are going for a wedding theme of simple elegance. I didn’t want to do the traditional reds and browns, so we are going with plum, sage green and silver/grey. My bridesmaids are wearing plum dresses and the men are wearing grey suits. I having difficulty in deciding what to do with the reception centerpieces. I would like to incorporate some more warm colors in my flowers at the reception. Any ideas?
    Also, any ideas on what types/colors of flowers might look good for my bridesmaids to carry?
    Help! Thanks!

  215. Christie – red seems fine, but it all depends on what hue of red. If it’s a dark burgundy or maroon, you can probably have it fit with the interior decor of your venue. As for a more bright red, you may want to use it more as an accent color and go with it sparingly. Just as you mentioned, less is more!

    Shelley – You may want to choose flowers that are on the magenta and pink side that would be a nice contrast with plum. Some dark purples would also be nice. Flowers such as Lisianthus, Sweetpea, or Iris would be nice. You can also choose lighter shades of purple like lilacs for the bridesmaids.

  216. Hi Liz,
    I am so impressed with what you are doing here.Nice one!

    My wedding is 12 November 2011 and i am so confused on the issue of colours. i think i want olive green,wine,gold and cream some how, if they are nice combination. i want my bridemaids to be on olive green and my maid of honour to be in a wine dress. what do you think? also advice me on the colour for grooms men and bouquet.

  217. That’s a great color combo. I’d definitely use olive green for the bridesmaids. You can even pick a light or dark shade of olive depending on what mood you want. Instead of wine, you can opt to use chocolate brown as well. It would be a nice contrast with olive green. As for the groomsmen, you can then have outfitted in tuxedos which would really work for most color palettes. Plus, they would look great elegant when paired with olive green bridemaid dresses. Stick with a bouquet in a light color like ivory and then incorporate highlights of green in various shades including chartreuse. Consider flowers like callas, roses, and mums.

  218. I am getting married in july do u think hot pink, lime green and orange r too loud?

  219. Hi Liz,

    Wow! it’s so nice of you to answer all the inquiries, your answers are very informative & helpful.
    I’m a soon to be bride as well, getting married this june 2011. My fiance’ and i decided to have monotone pallette of yellow as our motif. However, i dont know what is the best contrast for yellow. For example, my bridesmaids want their gown designs to have sort of belt and i cant decide what would be the best color. Some suggested brown but i dont intend to use it coz it find it a very sad colour.

    Please help. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  220. I’m having my wedding in cancun mexico in early june of this year.
    My theme was originally: pink, ivory,white &a hint of green.
    However, I could not find a nice pink for my BM dresses, it was either too light or too bright of a pink. Thus, I think I will choose the lighter pink(b/c it is more romantic) And also because I love pink. However, will light pink not stand out in pictures. And will this color scheme work for a beach wedding? I came across a beautiful coral colored BM dress and thought about turning it into a coral/light pink theme. The coral bm dresses will probably stand out better in pictures. I’m going for a romantic, elegant, classy, but also fun!
    Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!!!

  221. Hi. my wedding is on june and still having hard time with my motif. i just want it to be simple with romantic feel. the venue overlook a coastine with glass all over. iam thinking of tiffany blue and chocolate brown combo, yet i want something gold or champagne to make it elegant. how will these work with the bridesmaid dresses, ( they dont want in brown) and flower girls? tnx in advance

  222. Naomi – hot pink, lime green and orange would seem loud but it all depends on how you want to apply it. Do you want a bold palette? IF so, you can apply them in subtle yet effective ways such as having a main palette of lime green and orange, while using pink as an accent color. Be aware though that it will still seem like a bold set of colors, so you may want to tone it down by just having lime green and orange as the base set of colors, while adding accents such as light greens and oranges with perhaps some light touches of pink.

    bridechillax_11 – why not try pink and yellow! It’s such a cheerful color combo! Think of cotton candy pink for this palette. YOu can have your bridesmaids wear pretty pink dresses!

    Aniefon – those are wonderful colors to match. Just remember that maroon can look like black in photos so be sure to select the right shade! Perhaps you can try iridescent taffeta in maroon for your bridesmaid dresses. It’s a chic color that will look stunning when set against gold.

  223. Hello Michelle. You may want to consider a coral and aqua color combo with touches of ivory. It’s such a lovely look for a beach wedding and you can have your bridesmaids wear pretty coral dresses in fabrics like satin or silk shantung. They will stand out better in pics as you said!

  224. We have simple colors Ivory, Champagne, and Gold. We want another to balance out all of the lighter colors but we know we DON’T want black because it is just too typical of a color what should we do?

  225. Choose brown or bronze! It would be a wonderful accent color that brings in level of elegance in a subtle way. Plus, the color combo would be quite unique as it coordinates well with ivory and gold.

  226. Hi. My wedding is in May 2012 and I was thinking of using navy blue, light blue and ivory as my colors since blue is my fiance’s favorite color. My only hesitation is that my ballroom has light yellow walls and maroon and green carpets and the framing around the outdoor patio is maroon. Will my colors clash with the reception colors?

  227. ill get my wedding on june 19, ive decided to choose fuschia pink and maroon color! how do i combine them??thank you

  228. Hi Megan. The color background of your venue does pose a color problem because it may clash with navy blue especially since it has a green carpet. Your option is to try aqua. Light blue might work but it all depends how it will work with green. I’d say aqua might be your best option here.

    Hi Airah. Fuchsia and maroon are both strong colors. So, you may want to choose one as your main color like fuchsia and then add maroon as an accent color. Add gold highlights and some ivory to help temper the boldness of fuchsia!

  229. Hi this is very informative. my wedding is in July and we are thinking of using the color combination Pink and Silver and Bronze. Are silver and bronze considered accent colors? Do you think we can add another color so that it is easier to pick dresses for the mothers and the bridesmaids?

  230. Hi Liz,
    Im getting married in august 2011, I can’t seem to come up wit a combo of colors for the wedding. My first option is Silver, turquoise and yellow. My second option is Burnt orange, champagne, and yellow. what should the bridesmaid dresses be and the maid of honor?. any advice would help. thank you so much

  231. Hi Candice. If you want to use pink, a great accent color is actually gold. You can try a lovely palette of soft pink and gold with your bridesmaid’s dresses in pink! Then you can add some champagne color to the palette!

    Hi Sandy. Your second option is best! The look is quite stunning for summer. Your dresses can be in elegant burnt orange silk shantung. Think of Melissa Sweet dresses. They’re perfect for summer weddings!

  232. Hi Liz Im getting married in aug. I have chose two colors that I think are odd. Aqua blue and pistachio green and silver.Im trying to find a nice bright color to give it some punch, for my reception and my flowers. Can you help me.

  233. Hi, Liz I’m getting married in June 2011, I have chosen two colours, kiwi green and ivory, My bridesmaid dresses are kiwi green. i will like to add a nice bright colour as it is a summer wedding. i am using calla lillies and roses as my flowers for the day. Also how do i incoporate these colours into my reception.

  234. Hi Monica. Your colors are fine. If you want something bright, perhaps orange or fuchsia might work. Try flowers such as dahlias, zinnas, and gerberas which are almost always safe when adding some pop of color!

    Hi Nana. Try adding some coral! This is a lovely color to match with kiwi green. You can even consider having coral roses and/or peonies. Infuse this lovely peach hue in subtle ways! As for your reception, add some gold highlights to match the tone of your colors together. Consider gold chiavari chairs and silverware which will match nicely with ivory.

  235. HI,

    Im getting married in october, beach wedding, and i have finally found a dress..originally wanted to wear black but found a stunny silver/stoneybluey colour with silver beading.. however now have no idea what to put with it.. i love peacock feathers and feather bouquets with a mix of fresh orchids, would black be too much for brides maids dresses? especially if my groom would be in charcoal? im also thinking turquoise, or some sort of blue… but worried ill be overshadowed.. please help!!

  236. Hie i am planning a wedding for December and it will be hot and rainy. I do not know were to start in terms of theme and all. I was thinking of the a deep aqua clor and a touch of hot pink. generally my favourite color is brown and my Hubby’s color is white. Please help shade some light.

  237. Hi! I’m planning my wedding in October and my color palette is driving me crazy!!! The ceremony/reception will be outdoor/indoor, and it’s an evening wedding-cocktail party style. I think I’ve FINALLY decided on a charcoal gray bridesmaides dress, BUT I can’t decide on accent colors! I really want a shade of blue…which would be better? A robin’s egg blue or a navy blue??? Or something completely different? I also want a little bit of the “fall” colors in my bouquet (specifically the orange shades). PLEASE HELP!

  238. hi…i’m planning my wedding my wedding onDecember 2011..we decided to choose chocolate brown, yellow and pink..we choose chocolate brown as dominant color with yellow and pink do i combine them?..i do not how to incorporate them with my reception…whai also dont know what flowers to use..thank you for the help..

  239. Kate-first of all, black would be totally off for a beach wedding. Consider someting ligther and less serious especially for your gown. Try a light chiffon gown and then your bridesmaids can wear pretty teal dresses. For your bouquet, carry lovely cymbidium orchids that will add an elegant look that is simple yet stunning.

    Jessica-for a December theme that appears to be in a tropical climate, consider a travel-related theme like Paris, which will make it all the more fun. A hot pink and aqua color combo with white would be great. Consider pastels to lighten the look and still be in sync with your setting.

    Holly-you could try to coordinate charcoal grey with jewel tones like sapphire blue, amethyst, or emerald green. Perfect for an October wedding. The look is chic and works well with a cocktail style party. Robin’s egg blue would look to Easter-like, but you could use this color as well with charcoal.

    Rowena-you could opt for yellow and pink flowers like dahlias, roses, and zinnias. They are perfect for matching with brown. Incorporate them as pomanders! You can try using them as hanging arrangements on guests’ chairs or even try having topiaries using these flowers–adding an unusual yet whimsical look to the reception.

  240. hii im getting married in nov…n v r thinking of having peach and white as our motiff..wat do u think? will it look dull?? thanks

  241. Hi
    I am finding it really difficult to choose a colour theme for my wedding next July. It will take place in a garden with the reception in a marquee. Any suggestions for approptiate colour pallettes will be greatly appreciated,

  242. Thanks so much for your input. I really like the sapphire blue!

  243. Hello. I’m having a late evening (around sunset) summer wedding and I was wondering what would be a good color to match with dark red and gold. I know i want those two as my colors but I want to add another color to give it a little more variation. I was thinking a tea rose kind of color, or very light peachy pink, but I’m not quite sure, especially since I don’t like orange. Any suggestions??

  244. Were getting married on June 2012 and we decided to choose dark grey and yellow. We chose Dark grey as the dominant color with yellow do i combine them?what theme do we use? ..i do not how to incorporate them with my reception…and i also don’t know what flowers to use..thanks you for the help..

  245. Hi, i’m planning a wedding which will start early in the afternoon and continue till late.

    Now normally, i’ve been told that dark colours aren’t best for a morning or afternoon wedding but I had my heart set on a black and white dress for me and the theme would basically just be black, white and dark red roses. I wanted my maid of honour to be wearing a maroon dress. Is it too much for an afternoon wedding?

    Today I was browsing some tuxedos as well, would a silver waistcoat do well with everything else or better to just go with black and white?


  246. Hi,

    We’re having a winery wedding in a sandstone chapel in spring. I’m thinking of various shades of brown as the colour theme, with the main shade being chocolate. I want a lighter/brighter colour to brighten things up. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  247. Hi Name sake,
    What odd bright matching colors will do for a wedding theme like “A DECEMBER TO REMEBER”?

  248. hi, i intend getting married this year and i am chosing this three combination of colours that is coffee,Gold and ivory,
    what is ur ideal abt it pls let me hear from u soon

  249. Tania-peach and white may look dull as you said, so try peach, ivory, and gold, which would look so glamorous in November. Add some bronze touches for that vintage touch. Consider flowers like ivory magnolias, roses, and even callas for your centerpieces. The cake can be a beautiful ivory and peach tiered fondant cake with sugar callas!

    Lucy-For a reception in a marquee, a color palette of light pink and lilac would be lovely in July. So feminine! You can have ceiling swags or even pretty hanging lanterns with soft lighting. This will create a lovely garden look that is romantic. Let in some verdant hues as well to highlight the pink and lilac!

    Kircie-For dark red (almost burgundy) and gold, your best bet is to incorporate ivory because it balances out the two hues. Plus, it makes “softer” to the eye. You could add light peach but as an accent color similar to what you would do with gold. Since you don’t like orange, you might try gold. Another option is to use chartreuse considering that it is a summer wedding.

    Nadia-Since you’re pretty set on those colors, be sure to add some gold just to brighten the look considering that it is an afternoon wedding. Instead of silver waistcoast, you should most likely choose maroon just to match or coordinate with the maid of honor’s dress.

    Veronica-For a brown color scheme in spring, you may want to add either aqua, sea green, or coral just to lighten things up.

    Elizabeth-For a “December to Remember” try using a color scheme of metallic colors. Perhaps in green and maroon since it is December. Blue would be nice too. Think of royal blue and gold!

    Stev- Coffee, gold and ivory is a wonderful color combo. In fact, try using matte gold instead of bright, shiny gold! You may want to have gold chiavari chairs, ivory and brown tablecloth, and then for centerpieces, consider elegant gold candelabras!

  250. Please I want to find out if Mint Green, Gold and a touch of Red is a nice combination for a wedding and if yes, how it ought to be applied as to bring out the expected beauty. My fiancee is insisting on the colours or no other and in as much as i want her to be happy, i need to also be happy. Thank you

  251. I have my wedding is in november `11…. wine, gold and white are my colour. How do i combine them ? or instead of white can i use another color…wat colors will look nice with wine..dat too with a brighter shade of wine. thanks.

  252. Bassey – Yes, mint green (a soft shade of it) and gold would make a nice combination. But if your fiancee really wants red as well, we suggest a deep (not a bright) shade of red — and used only sparingly. Maybe just in the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres at the ceremony, and the centerpieces at the reception. Hope this will make you both happy!

    Akshay – You didn’t mention if by “wine” you mean “red wine” or burgundy color? If you mean red wine, we suggest gold and ivory (instead of white) to combine with it. Pure white might look too stark, while the ivory will create a softer look. Good luck with the wedding preparations!

  253. My marriage is coming up in october and am using sea green and gold but i need another colour to combine it.The problem is that i dont know which colour to use.

  254. we had decided red wine only.thank u for ur suggestion. 🙂

  255. Hello, Zi — Sea green and gold is a lovely combination! You were wondering what other color to use with it? We suggest a neutral color like ivory to continue the soft, dreamy look. Hope this helps!

  256. we are still not decided on the date but I’d like to know if i can combine four colors ( olive green, peach, light pink and gold) and how am going to do that. i would like a warm wedding yet pretty lively.

  257. thank you.

  258. I am getting married outside on June 16, 2012. Orange has always been my favorite color, but I don’t want to go overboard with it. If I choose orange as the color of my bridesmaids dresses, what other colors would be good for decor? On the other hand, orange might not be the best color for a bridesmaids dress. Maybe I should do a different colored dress and find orange decor. Please help me!!!!

  259. Hello, Holly — Orange would be a lovely color for a June wedding…and using it for your bridesmaids’ dresses is a good way of establishing it starting from the ceremony. Then, for the ceremony accessories (like the bouquets, boutonnieres, aisle decor, etc.) a soft sage green and ivory would complement the orange very nicely.

    You could then carry that color trio on to the reception decor — mainly ivory and sage green for a clean, fresh look with orange highlights here and there (maybe in the centerpiece flowers, napkin accents, place cards). Hope this helps!

  260. Hi. I’m getting married in february, and although i do not have a theme, my colors are sunbeam yellow and royal blue. how can i make these work?

  261. Hi, Henrietta — A sunbeam yellow and royal blue palette sounds fabulous! Here are some inspiring links to help you see how to apply it at your wedding:

    All the best!

  262. Hi =] I’m getting married next summer June 2012 and i’m into simplicity I want to incorporate gold ivory and cream but not sure how…i was thinking the bridesmaids can wear cream dresses with gold accents and… i’m not sure about the groomsmen or both can wear ivory with gold accents…also i would like to add flowers that “pop” a little…any suggestions? also would gold and cream clash?

  263. Hi, Shanise! Actually, cream with gold highlights would be lovely!

    As you said the bridesmaids dresses could be cream with gold accents. Then they could carry bouquets of cream roses, dahlias, or peonies with small “gold-ish” flowers interspersed (ex: rust-colored mini calla lilies, mini mums, etc.) — with muted greens, of course, to continue the simple, clean look.

    The groomsmen could be in a variant of cream, like perhaps a soft camel (you don’t want to saddle them with suits they can’t wear after the wedding!). Then, their boutonnieres could pair a rolled cream rose with a rust-colored mini calla lily, and a hint of green. Hope this helps! 🙂

  264. hi, i will get married in this september coming so what i choose is== my dress is a champagne color i want to know if green can math with champagne and then my boyfriend dnt want wear a black tuxedo or white so tell me what color may i choose for him and color for the bridemaide and for decoration, thanks, may God bless you.

  265. Hello, Nadege — Since your dress will be champagne colored, you should reserve this for yourself so that you will stand out. You are the bride after all! Then this allows you to shift the usual “bridal” colors like ivory and ecru to the bridesmaids’ dresses…and to your groom’s tuxedo (with black pants, like those Hollywood stars Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, etc.!).

    You were asking if green would go with champagne? Yes, if it’s a soft sage green (not a bright emerald green). You can incorporate this in your bridal bouquet of ivory flowers with sage green leaves. And for both the ceremony and reception decoration, you can have champagne-ivory-sage green as your color scheme.

  266. Hi ladies! I need your expertise!
    My wedding is (most likely) July of next year. I really love the idea of silver, and the richness of maroon / burgundy, but I’m not sure if those colors work well together, or if the dark red is even appropriate for an afternoon summer wedding. Assuming those do work, how do I go about choosing a few more colors to lighten it up? Thank you!!

  267. Hi, Jordan!

    Since yours will be an afternoon summer wedding, admittedly silver and burgundy isn’t a common color pairing for that. But if you’d really like to combine the two, we suggest you choose a neutral base color like ivory for the wedding party’s attire–with burgundy and silver as accent colors (perhaps in the bridesmaids’ dresses, sashes or bouquets), and also in the reception centerpieces of deep red flowers in silver vases, etc. Then use lots of greenery in the ceremony and venue decor to soften up the overall look and to keep it “summery”!

  268. Hello,
    Im having a little trouble! Im getting married April 2012. I have picked the main color, which is guava. However, I am stuck between brown, gold and white, or silver and white as the accent colors. Can you please help me!! I’ve always wanted a pink and brown wedding but Im a very indecisive person, I would really appreciate it if you could put some colors together and show me your input.
    Thanks in advance,

  269. hello,
    Do you think the colors Fuschia, Tangerine and gold as an accent color would match? I’m thinking Fushia would be the bridesmaids dresses…with an accent of orange. Then the men’s tie’s would be Orange. with maybe Gold vests…my changing dress would be Fuschia. Thoughts?

  270. hi,i really hope you can help me,we are planing a quinceanera (sweet 16) for october. the dress will be like a plum color,but we dont know what color dresses should the godmothers wear, also for the center pieces,thank you so much i would appreciate if you can help.

  271. Hi, Tiara 1230 — Please clarify exactly what you mean by the color guava, so we would be able to suggest some color combinations to go with it. 🙂

    Hello, Victoria — Fuchsia, tangerine, and gold make a very bold combination, but this could be really stunning! Since you mentioned that your changing dress will be fuchsia, we suggest switching around the tangerine to be the main color for the bridesmaids’ dresses — so that you will be the standout come reception time! The orange ties for the gentlemen is fine, but maybe better to have the gold just as part of their boutonnieres (maybe gold wire work combined with a single fuchsia flower). 🙂

    Hi, Lisa — Your wedding sounds like it will be quite elegant! I agree with all your color choices, including the white shirt and ivory vest and tie for your fiance. For your bouquet, you could go with deep red flowers for a dramatic look or pure white ones with a red-velvet wrap for the bouquet handle. For your fiance’s boutonniere, a single red flower could be his one concession to wearing red! 🙂

  272. Hello, I’m a little afraid of too much color. I would like to use turquoise, white and burgundy for a small reception. Is this a good combo? Thank you.

  273. Hi, Wendy — I’m afraid the turquoise and burgundy would clash. Depending on the season and location of your reception, maybe you can go with turquoise, ivory, and latte; or turquoise, ivory, and a creamy yellow. Hope this helps!

  274. Hi, Irene — For the quinceañera in October, fall colors would be lovely with the plum dress. The godmothers could wear basic ivory (so they can wear their dresses again!), but with accents (maybe via pretty corsages?) of rust, plum, and sage green. The centerpieces could use these same colors as well. Happy planning! 🙂

  275. Hi Lissa!

    I’ve looked through all the questions and your answers, but have not seen any regarding my wedding color scheme, so I thought I’d ask.

    We are getting married Aug/Sept 2011. The ceremony is outside in the gardens of the local zoo, with the reception inside there. We are not doing a zoo theme though. I love green, so my initial thoughts were a lime or apple green with a blue, such as royal blue, but nothing too dark as I want the groomsmen to wear a charcoal suits. bridal party is small (3 maids, 2 groomsmen). I first thought to have my girls in green, but they werent big on that idea, and I really cant blame them. So they will wear the blue color.
    I would aslo need a third accent color, since blue flowers are rare around here.
    Could you help us please with your wonderful suggestions about our color scheme?

  276. Hi.

    I’ll be tying the knot by March 2012, and our motif is midnight-blue and i wanna know what other color can i combine other than a silver accent? u think sunrise orange will do? can u send me some photos of dresses/ gowns for my entourage with those colors for me to see the actual combination/design/style. Also, u think orange flower is ok too for the bridesmaids & maid of honor? My bouquet ahmmm white roses w/ some blue accent and the handle is silver & orange? Many thanks

  277. Hi, im getting married in july . My colour theme is lilac and silver, im putting my older bridesmaids in silver and my younger flowergirls in lilac would this work?

  278. Hi, me and my boyfriend will be tying the knot by June of next year. we have decided to have a beach wedding ceremony.our wedding color combination would be green and brown and i’ve made up a decision to use the dark olive green and mocha brown as our official wedding color. do you think this combination would good or perhaps i would try and look for another shades of brown and green? can you please help me and make a suggestion with regards to our color scheme? Thank you very much!!!!

  279. Hi, Eliza — Your planned way of applying your silver and lilac palette sounds lovely! The older bridesmaids could be holding bouquets in shades of lilac, purple, and plum; while the flower girls could carry silver-painted baskets. 🙂

    Hi, Faye — Green and brown is quite a popular combination…especially for organic-themed or outdoor “woodsy” weddings. We would suggest, though, that you select a lighter/softer shade of green than dark olive green (since it might be too close to the brown and create a too somber effect). Or if you are really set on the dark olive green, then perhaps choose a lighter brown…like “sand” in keeping with your beach wedding location. Happy planning! 🙂

  280. is red rose colour,summer green colour and creammy white colour a good combination for february wedding? i love red rose colour pls help

  281. Hi, Mynna — You didn’t mention if February will still be winter season where you are. In any case, it would be most classic to have creamy white or ivory as the main color of the ceremony itself, with perhaps just the bridesmaids in red dresses and the groom and groomsmen wearing deep red ties. Then, at the reception, you can have more of the rose red that you love…in the table cloths perhaps or in red rose centerpieces. All the best for your wedding preparations. 🙂

  282. I’m getting married in less than 3 weeks and I am so lost with my colors. I do not know if they go together. My colors are Fern Green, Plum and Ivory. I have two bridesmaids, one will wear the fern and one will wear the plum and the groomsmen will also be the same, one in green and one in plum for ties. I’m afraid it will not turn out or look good. Then, I was also thinking what if the bridesmaids wore plum and the groomsmen wore fern ties. I’m not so sure it will go together or compliment each other. Please Help!

  283. i’m also lost with colors. I’m getting married in May and i’m thinking of orange and brown color..will it work in the spring?? or should i go with purple and sage? sage is not a common color to find that’s why i went with orange and brown?? can i pull it off in May…need your help please!

  284. Hi, Julia — Fern green, plum, and ivory would be lovely! If your bridesmaids’ dresses are already done (with the wedding date so near!), it’s perfectly fine that one will be in fern green and the other in plum.

    If there’s still time to have them both in fern green, though, then you can have the plum appear in their bouquets and in the groomsmen’s ties. But the main thing is for YOU, the bride, and your groom to look fabulous…so don’t stress about the other details if time is short! Wishing you all the best!

  285. Hi, Sylvia — Since your wedding is in May, maybe switching around some of the colors you mentioned might work. What if you combine orange and sage, instead of orange and brown? This could look very spring-like and pretty, with soft neutrals like ivory or cream to balance different shades of orange. Hope this helps! 🙂

    Color question

  286. I am getting married in Savannah, Ga at the end of September 2012. We are having an outdoor terrace ceremony around 1 pm. I am so confused on what colors I should use. My favorite color is hot pink, and I was planning on using hot pink black and white, but I am not sure these colors would be appropriate for this time of year or the time of day. I also like purples with maybe silver or gold accents. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  287. I forgot to say that I also like a shades of orange like tangerine with grey. I was thinking this could be a little to modern for my dress which is an a line tulle and lace gown by pronovias.

  288. h!my wedding is on dec.17,,still not yet decided on the motif,,would a lime green and a pomelo pink look good?it is a church weding and a recption in a hall of a resort,,its an afternoon affair by the way..i need your suggestion pls…and my broom would like to wear a cream tuxedo,,, suggest..tnx

  289. i mean groom,,

  290. Hi, Lisa — Although your tulle & lace gown may be on the traditional side (if I understood you right), nowadays any color motif could go with it! Perhaps the question will be whether you feel September is an end-of-summer or a start-of-fall kind of time for your wedding.

    Your favorite hot pink (with some hints of purple & silver) would be great for a summery feel, while your other choice orange (with some hints of gold) would have a more autumn feel. I wouldn’t recommend the black, though, for a 1pm wedding time. All the best!

  291. Hi, Cathy — Lime green and pomelo would be a lovely color pairing…though not typical for a December wedding. But weddings today are all about reflecting your own personality and going with what you love. So go for it! Your groom’s cream tuxedo would also be a perfect match for this palette. 🙂

  292. Hello! I’m planning to get married this winter but I don’t necessarily like traditional winter colors…I like corals, blues, greens…However, I don’t want bright colors that may clash with any holiday decorations already in place in the church. Would it be okay to use emerald with neutrals like silver, champagne, and a hint of peach? I like the vintage, antique feel, but am having a hard time incorporating that into a winter-appropriate color scheme. Help! 🙂

  293. Hi, my wedding will be on january 31, 2011.My motif will be lilac and light pink, but im not sure of it since my wedding planner advises me that the pink color should not be light since lilac is a pale color, the two color should not be all pale. I just wanted to make it pink since I would like that my wedding gown has a combination of light pink. Is lilac and light pink is not a good combination at all? Please advice me what kind of lilac and what kind of pink color that will match. Thanks in advance


  294. I am planning a late June wedding (2012) and have already decided on a royal or cobalt blue for the main color and silver for the accent. However, what I can’t figure out is this; do I add LIME green or KIWI green to the mix for a secondary color? I am affraid that lime green will be way too bright ( maid of honor and best man will be wearing this secondary color. all other bridal party members will be wearing the royal/cobalt blue) and distracting, where as I am afraid the opposite will happen with the kiwi. Is there really that much difference in the 2 shades of green? Which you would recommend? Thanks =)

  295. hi! we are planning to get married next year december, my partner wants a gray and old rose combination of colors, but i rarely found sites that uses these colors for a wedding. Isn’t this boring? or can we add another color? what do you suggest?

  296. Hi, Emily — Very wise of you to be considering the holiday decorations that the church may already have in place at the time of your wedding!

    Your idea of going with emerald is great, because you can apply that via holiday greenery lining the aisle and alongside the altar or ceremony area. Then, the touches of silver and champagne can be applied through ribbons and other embellishments. With the touches of peach in the pew decorations (small bunches of peach flowers?) perhaps. It should be very pretty! 🙂

  297. Hi, Neth — I don’t see any problem with a palette of two soft colors: pink and lilac. It should be very pretty, in fact! Maybe you can add a few metallic elements in silver or sparkly touches like crystals, sequins, or rhinestones to add visual impact — plus these will look great in your wedding photos! Hope this helps! 🙂

  298. Hi, Jessica — The palette you have in mind (cobalt blue & silver, with touches of green) will really pop for a summertime wedding!

    About which shade of green (lime or kiwi) to use…sometimes, you can get caught up in the color names & actually get confused with the exact shade when you look these up online. I would suggest that you get actual fabric swatches of the range of greens you’re thinking of, and hold these against the blue & silver you’ve already chosen. Seeing them together should be a big help in deciding! 🙂

  299. Hi, Charmaine — Hhhhmmm…that color choice of gray and old rose does run the risk of looking too dull for a wedding, UNLESS you use them more as accents or highlights than as the main colors themselves.

    For example, at the ceremony, the gentlemen can be in gray suits with old rose ties. The bridesmaids can be in old rose dresses with bouquets in brighter floral colors. And you, of course, will stand out in your bridal gown of ivory or ecru! Then at the reception, the tables can be in all ivory–with just touches of old rose and gray perhaps in the napkins, place cards, and menu cards; then more bright florals for the centerpieces!

  300. hi,im very impress with your wedding is comin up december and av been battling with the right green,pink,blue combination to main colors are green, fiance color is it possible for me to use silver as my accent color.i really nid ur help cos its only 2months frm now.GOD bless you.

  301. Hi, Biobele — You didn’t mention if the green-pink-blue colors are for the ceremony or the reception. But we would suggest that you use the deeper shades of these 3 colors, so it doesn’t look too childish or more like spring than December.

    For example, the blue for your fiance and his groomsmen could be dark blue suits with pink and green boutonnieres. Then, your bridesmaids could be in lovely sage or fern green dresses, holding pink bouquets. Or the other way around–pink dresses with mostly green bouquets (succulents are very popular now). Then, silver accessories for you and your bridesmaids would look really pretty with this palette. 🙂

  302. hi.will have my wedding early next year.thinking of having white and moss green as my bridesmaids will be wearing white and will have moss green as an you have any other suggestions?tnx

  303. Hi, Rowie — White and moss green would be a pretty palette. But my only concern would be how to make sure that you, as the bride, will stand out (especially in photos). You could consider making the bridesmaids’ dresses moss green with white or muticolored bouquets? Or if you’d really like a generally light palette, their dresses could be ivory with moss green sashes. Hope this helps! 🙂

  304. Hi there! My church wedding will be on October 2012 around 3pm. We are having a hard time with our colors since we really don’t like a fall/autumn color palette theme(orange, green, yellow). Its fine maybe as an accent, but not as our main theme. I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions of combinations that would work. Would gray (no idea what shade/tint), blue, periwinkle somehow be ok to use?

    Also, if you could give us an idea on how to integrate the colors bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits, at the reception (hall, table setting etc)
    Thank you so much for the big help!!!

  305. HALLO.. my small sister is getting married in February 12- 2012. and she has no favorite color yet, can you please help me to have nice classic yet chic colors for her wedding. Thanks

  306. Hi, JennyG — Yes, gray has become quite popular for weddings recently, but best if it’s a soft dove gray paired with a lighter/brighter color like yellow (you can find many great sample palette boards on the web!) and then touches of sage or fern green. So, you’ll still have a hint of autumn without going with the traditional fall colors.

    The bridesmaids’ dresses could be a lovely yellow with white and green bouquets, while the groomsmen could be in dove gray suits with while and green boutonnieres. The reception tables could be mainly ivory, with gray napkins and yellow centerpieces. Happy planning! 🙂

    Hi, Chantal — Your sister’s choice of colors will also depend on the venue(s) for the ceremony and reception, the weather in Feb. where they’re located, and the style or theme of their wedding. But if you say “classic,” you normally mean a base of ivory throughout, then with the gentlemen in black or gray. She can really have fun, though, with the colors of their florals — bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, ceremony arrangements. Deep red is dramatic, pastels are sweet, and bright, bold multi-colors gives a festive look. 🙂

  307. Hi! I need help choosing wedding colors. We are getting married next June at a Vineyard – we were going to have a Tuscan theme as far as the food and flowers (sunflowers) but the main Tuscan colors of brick red, olive green and gold don’t really work for a summer wedding and I don’t really care for those colors so much anyway. I do love purple and would like to include a dark purple (plum or grape – maybe for the bridesmaids dresses but thought that may not work for the summer. So now I am thinking of light yellow, light green with dark purple accents? would that work? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

  308. hi. pls i m having my weddng in dec.can i combine green,red and gold and what shades of the above listed colour can i combine.pls reply me.thank

  309. Hi! My wedding is on New Year’s Eve, and I’m planning a colour scheme of champagne, a gentle brown (not chocolate) and dusky blue. What do you think? I’m thinking about champagne bridesmaid dresses with a brown sash and shoes, and blue accents in the flowers and accessories. Kind of a forget-me-not blue.

  310. Hi, Brandi — Having a vineyard venue and a Tuscan theme is fabulous for a summer wedding! Plus, since you already have a preference for purple, plum, and even light green, these 3 would make a lovely palette revolving around decor inspired by grapes and wine. So you may not even need to bring in yellow. Soft shades of green could keep things summery looking enough! 🙂

    Hello, Sade — It would be good to avoid a “too Christmasy” palette of red, green, and gold since there will already be a lot of that around in December. An elegant option would be to have a soft, matte gold as the base color (maybe in the bridesmaids’ dresses and the reception table linens?). Then, use the red and green in the bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc. Happy planning! 🙂

    Hi, Gem — You’ve chosen a very sophisticated and elegant palette! Even the way you plan to apply it through your bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories sounds lovely. Go for it! 🙂

  311. Thanks Lissa- I mentioned yellow because I do like the idea of having sunflowers because of the theme but i dont think that they will work with the plum/eggplant and light green. What do you think? Thanks again. Maybe just a yellow and light blue?

  312. Hi Liz,
    Great to hear so many colour combinations for wedding.
    My mrg is in DEC and wedding is in evening and then the reception will countinue…
    I am thinkg of Maroon and Green combination for my wedding but I m really confused about Reception dress colous.. As my Mrg Hall would be in Golden base theme.. Pls. Help me to find out the colour for my Reception Dress… Would th WINE and Lemon Green combination is OK..? Or I shall go for some Light colours instead of Darker shades in Reception?

    Pls. suggest…


  313. Hi again, Brandi — Yes, you’re right. It wouldn’t work to combine the yellow with the plum set of colors. So it’ll have to be a choice between going with the yellow (sunflower accents would look really pretty combined with light blue!) and giving up the plum/eggplant and green. It would all depend on the general “look” you’re aiming for. 🙂

  314. Hi, I’m getting married January 2012 and I’m thinking of going with a turquoise blue and peach combination. However I’m not sure if these two colors go together and how they can be applied in the bridesmaids and groomsmen attires. And also how to make it work in the bouquet and what other color to combine with it. Thanks.

  315. Hi, Donna — Turquoise and peach would be lovely! To help you visualize just how pretty this can be, here’s an inspiration board from one of our favorite blogs, The Perfect Palette:

    You can even see how it can be applied to the wedding party attire, the florals, and the reception tables. 🙂

  316. Hi, Nisha — Your main concern is the color for your reception dress? You described that the wedding colors are maroon and green (I suggest a soft, muted green…not a bright one) and your marriage hall will be in gold tones, so I think your reception dress could be in a very light, matte gold or champagne-colored fabric. This color is quite flattering and would look very attractive in photos. 🙂

  317. My best friend is getting married in July and can’t decide on a color scheme. We did (for about half a second) decide on Yellow, Fushia and Gold. But I believe she is concerned on how she is going to put it all together so she keeps changing her mind and keeps going back to purples, pinks, and silver. If we could get some ideas with either color schemes for dresses, flowers, and centerpieces that would greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  318. Thanks for helping future bride.i ‘m really impress. Pls take out of this mess. I’m getting married in Nov at arround 11am in the church and we will be having the reception in a hall after the church service .And i ‘m not sure of the colour yet. I had pink and gray in mind but i’m not sure of the shade of pink to use. My gown is white . I dont even know how to combine it for bridemaide, maides of honour and the grooms men. I lm not also sure of the decor and the cake. Any other colour u suggest for me i will glady take it. Pls i want to be happy with any colour i choose for day. Pls i need u urgent pls i’m confused. Thanks in advance.

  319. My wedding has been fixed for next year. The main colour is mint green. Kindly advice me whether i can use gold with it.

  320. Hi, Madeline — The nice thing about a July wedding is that practically any palette will work! It all depends on the couple’s personal preference. So maybe these 2 links might help your friend visualize the 2 color sets she’s considering:

    yellow / fuchsia / gold
    (see the 3rd palette in this post)

    purple / pink / silver

    Hope these help. 🙂

  321. Hi, Bola — Your first choice of pink and gray is very elegant, and quite popular now! See this link for some ideas:

    Your bridesmaids’ dresses can be in various shades of pink, from light to dark, paired with white bouquets with silver ribbons. Then the groomsmen can be in elegant gray suits with pink ties or pink boutonnieres. The link above even shows how you can apply this palette in your reception decor. 🙂

  322. Hi, Emmanuel — Certainly, mint green and gold can look very pretty. But best if you choose muted tones of those 2 colors, as you’ll see in this lovely board:

    Happy planning! 🙂

  323. hello as long as i can remember as a little girl i always dreamed to have my color theme for my wedding periwinkle and peach. now that the time has come i still very much want these colors but i cant seem to find anything even close i planned on my dressed being white with peach trim and train and the bridesmaids to be periwinkle with a bit of peach.
    i chosse my flowers to be bird of paradise and peach and light purple/periwinkle roses. do you have any websites or any of that to get me what im looking for when it comes to dresses??? im desperate

  324. Hi, Tabitha — Your dream color theme is lovely! Here are a couple of blogs we found featuring a peach and periwinkle palette:

    For possible bridesmaids’ dresses in those colors, check out these links:
    (the peach can come in the bouquets)
    (simply indicate “periwinkle” as the color you’re searching for)

    Don’t be desperate…I’m sure you’ll find something lovely! -)

  325. hi! my wedding will be on May end 2012. apple green will be the wedding motif. but i don’t know what other colors to match apple green. can u help me to match for it. the reception will be on a resort pool type. pls help/ advise me. thanks.

  326. hi im having trouble on deciding on a colour scheme for my wedding my partner wants light blue or aqua colour and i would really like a shade of pink but im not sure what shade of pink to go with and whether they will go can you please help me thank you

  327. My wedding will be on dec 28 at 5 pm. I have chosen royal blue as my primary color, what other colors can go with it. Im also thinking about the possible theme that i can use. Can you help with any suggestions? Thank you

  328. Hi, was wondering if you could help,
    i am hoping to wear a and ivory/champagne colour wedding dress and taupe/coffee/mink/light brown colour bridesmaids and was wondering if you could show me an example of this colour scheme with a shade pink in it just to brighten it up.
    i am not sure how this wil look so any help for anything similar would be good.
    i am wearing silver jewellery so am trying to stay away from anything gold.

    I have also looked at silvers/grey/bluey greys and a pink.
    Any help or advise would be appreciated.

  329. Hi, Estee — Since you mentioned a pool-themed wedding, you might consider pairing the apple green with a snappy navy or royal blue! See this inspiration board from one of our favorite blogs:

    Happy planning!

  330. Hello, Amy — Light blue and pink definitely go well together. But the challenge is to keep it from looking more like a children’s occasion or a bridal/baby shower.

    Why not try sophisticated shades of these 2 colors:
    like duck egg blue and powder pink (as seen in this link)

    Or ivory, cameo, and tiffany blue (as seen in this link)


  331. Hello, Lorena — A lot will depend on the theme you will choose, since this is a December wedding. You could have a royal blue and silver motif, to create a winter wonderland effect.

    Or if you want to stay away from anything Christmasy, the royal would look chic paired with deep fuchsia or magenta accents — as in this inspiration board:

    Or just go with classic royal/cobalt blue and cream/ivory:


  332. Hi, Charley — I just stumbled upon an inspiration board that shows just the colors you mentioned: champagne, mocha (similar to your taupe), and the softest pink.

    Hope this helps you visualize the lovely effect! 🙂

  333. My wedding is at a family winery. I love a deep red color, but my fiance wants yellow. How do I incorporate yellow into the deep red for my wedding. I also need some sort of brown color. Please help!!!! We are having a taco man and we are serving wine and beer.

  334. HI! im getting married december 2012 but i wanted to plan it as early as possible…i chose deep red and matte gold as my motif since i really love the shades of red….what other color combination can u suggest me that would best paired with red and gold????Pls help!!! im having a hard time thinking for the color combination for the dresses of my bridesmaids,groomsmen suits, bouquets, reception, church including my fiance’s suit, tie etc..i prefer to avoid too christmasy”” in my wedding as it looks common….i want a nice and elegant looking for my wedding day…pls help me decide…thanks!

  335. Hi! I need your favorable advice; my wedding will be in summer 2013, we choose the color combination for our motif light blue, pink & white, it is a better combination? thanks

  336. Hi, Alicia — Lucky you to be having your wedding at a winery! There is a way to incorporate deep red (burgundy), brown, and touches of yellow in your wedding…as seen in this board we found:

    If your fiance wants more of the yellow, you could make this the color for the bridesmaids’ dresses. Although, just touches (as shown in the board) are pretty, don’t you think? 🙂

  337. Hi, Cathy — Deep red and matte gold make a lovely choice for a December wedding! For complementary colors, as you said you’d like an elegant look, so we’d suggest:

    for the bridesmaids’ dresses – a soft, matte gold or champagne
    for their bouquets – deep red flowers
    for the groomsmen – black or charcoal gray suits with matte gold ties
    for the groom – black or charcoal gray tux/suit with deep red tie
    for the church – the aisle carpet or runner can provide the deep red; while the floral arrangements could be ivory flowers with gold vases or stands
    for the reception – deep red table cloths with ivory-and-gold centerpieces (this is so that your gown, your bridesmaids’ dresses, and groom/groomsmen’s attire will stand out in the wedding photos 🙂

  338. Hello, Yadz — Your choice of light blue and pink would make a cool, fresh look for a summer wedding! But instead of plain white, I’d suggest that you use a soft cream or ivory as the third color. This would give a more sophisticated feel. 🙂

  339. Hi, please my wedding is in december and my colour is burgundy and Gold. What other colours can be add to it for friends to wear in order to blend with burgundy and gold. Am thinking of light/sea green, blue(what shade of blue) and any other. Expecting ur reply soon. Thank you!

  340. Hi Lissa,

    My friend is getting married during easter next year. It’s a destination wedding in a Mediterranean country. Her favourite colours are orange and green and she wants to incorporate those colours. Her 2 bridesmaids are wearing a moss green dress and sea mist green dress respectively. She wants to use burnt orange as the shade of orange for flowers, decoration, etc. I am unsure as to how burnt orange will look with a moss green. I was wondering what shade of orange would go with moss so we can use that for the favours, decoration etc? Also, what colour of shirts/ties should the 2 grooms men wear? Can you please provide some ideas? P.S. The bridal party are all black (race) and the bride’s dress is ivory.

  341. Hi, Im getting married in Sept. 2012 and still have not figured out the colors. The Groom is stuck on having a grey tuxedo and I’m not sure what colors for the bridemaids dresses. I would love fall colors but Ideas on how to tie colors together would be of great help.
    Thank You

  342. My wedding reception venue has bright red floors. I do not know what do do for colors without clashing. My wedding is in the spring… and my favorite color is green! I don’t want it to look like Christmas in there. Please let me know if you have any color suggestions I could really use the help!

  343. hi!
    I am planning a wedding in september. my favourate colour is shampagne. Which colours could go with these colour. I need assistance.

  344. Hello, Busayo — Burgundy and gold are such strong colors in themselves. So we wouldn’t suggest introducing too many unrelated colors like sea green or blue. At most, perhaps, you could have lovely ivory florals with sage green greenery lining the aisle at the ceremony and then repeated in the bouquets and boutonnieres — as well as the floral arrangements at the reception. 🙂

  345. Hello, Ray — Considering the Mediterranean setting of this wedding (how lucky!), perhaps you can convince the bride to go for sea mist green as the dominant accent color, and forego the moss green. The 2 bridesmaids can still have dresses in slightly differing shades of sea mist green, if she likes. Then to keep things unified, I’d suggest the groomsmen’s shirts can be in a pale shade of sea mist green underneath their suits.

    If the bride really wants the burnt orange incorporated, it can be in minimal touches like perhaps the handle wraps of the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the gentlemen’s boutonnieres, and the chair decor at both the ceremony and reception. Hope this helps! 🙂

  346. Hi, Yoli — Actually, a gray tuxedo can be an elegant “anchor” for your wedding palette. To make it work with fall colors, you could have your bridemaids in soft grey dresses with bright yellow and orange bouquets. Then, you could extend this scheme to the rest of the wedding decorations. Take a look at this inspiration board to get some great ideas:

    Should look lovely! 🙂

  347. Hi, sm — Oftentimes, once the reception venue is filled with guest tables, the impact of a feature like bright red floors will actually be minimized! To distract from the strong color even more, you might request the venue to provide a wooden overlay for a “dance area” or the part of the hall where you’ll be cutting the cake, having the toasts, and taking most of the photos.

    Then, so you can still have your favorite green, try bringing it in through naturals like foliage centerpieces and potted greenery against ivory table linens. The overall effect will be properly spring-like, then, rather than Christmasy! 🙂

  348. Hello! I’m getting married in december 2012 and i originally planned to have an ivory and gold theme. — just for a classic, elegant feel. Im just a bit worried if it will come out too pale in the photos.. What color can i have for a december wedding which would look rather lively yet elegant? The ballroom i have for the reception has a cream background with yellow lights.. Hope for your advice!

  349. Hi, Cathy — Actually, an ivory and gold theme would be lovely! If you use a lot of candlelight and glittery accents, you need not worry that the photos may come out too pale or monotonous. Plus it would have an elegant holiday feel, without looking Christmas-y!

    At the ceremony, your wedding party could have sparkly or shimmery accessories (all within the ivory and gold theme, of course) and the aisle and vows area could be romantically lighted with candles. At the reception, you could use crystal and glass tableware, and faux gemstones to dress up the napkins, place cards, menu cards, wedding favors, etc.

    Now, if you still feel a need for color…you could go with a classic ivory, black, and wine red palette. Still a hint of the holidays, but very elegant 🙂

  350. Hi,Im getting married on January 3,2012.Still not decided to choose motiff our wedding.Could you give me some ideas?Thank you very much.Church wedding reception should follow at the Hotel.


  351. Hi, Mallyn — You didn’t mention if the location of your wedding will be wintry or warm and sunny in January.

    But since the date is coming up really soon, I’d suggest something simple like an ivory, black, and dove grey palette — with silver and crystal accessories both for the ceremony and the reception. You can spark it up with some New Year spirit, too, by using lots of candles and sparklers! 🙂

  352. Hi, Danielle — If your wedding will be in an outdoor venue (a garden), I think the ivory, lilac and green theme would be lovely! The ivory and lilac could appear in the wedding party’s attire. Then soft green touches could be brought in through natural foliage aisle accents at the ceremony, then leafy centerpieces at the reception.

    If you’ll be having an indoor evening wedding, though, your 3rd option of white, lilac, and silver could be quite magical — especially with lots of candles. Happy planning! 🙂

  353. I am planning to have a maroon and royal blue motif…does it match?
    thank you 🙂

  354. Hi, Gracia — I wouldn’t recommend that pairing of maroon and royal blue for your wedding motif. Maybe try choosing another combination you love and get back to us, if you’d like?

    Happy planning! 🙂

  355. Hello!

    I will be having my wedding on December month. But I am thinking of apple green as the motiff, any color that will match? And, is it also ok if we have that color during December? Thank you

  356. Hello, Sakuramie — Sure, you can use any color you want any time of the year! The key is finding the right combination for it. For your choice of apple green, you could combine it with ivory and latte or burlap if you’d like a soft, cozy look.

    Or if you’d like something bright and cheerful for the holiday season, you could even pair apple green with soft to medium pink. Here’s a link for some ideas:

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  357. Hi,
    Our wedding is in May 2013, we have a beautiful room that is light wood panneling with an almost beige carpet, i really need my colours to compliment this room as we have it for the whole ceremony, I wanted to have pink and sage green but is there any other combinations you could use? Pink is giving me a head ache, there are that many shades lol it was my base clour


  358. Hi! I’m getting married on March 2012. I plan to create a combination of Dark Purple and Peach atmosphere in my wedding day. Unfortunately, I really stuck to choose my wedding dress colour. I plan to have grey colour or Pink colour or white colour. Does it perfect contra colour due to Dark Purple and Peach combination? I really need your assistance. Thank you 🙂

    Greetings from Malaysia 🙂

  359. Hi, Emma — Your wedding venue sounds lovely, so I can understand why you’d like to complement it with the right color palette. I’m partial to sage green myself, which would go well with that light setting. So you might consider using lots of greenery, with pink used more as a highlight (in the bouquets, centerpieces, maybe the bridesmaids’ dresses).

    As for what shade of pink, maybe these links can help ease your “headache”!


  360. Hello, Zara — You’ve chosen a very exotic color motif: dark purple and peach. As the bride, you should stand out amidst this setting, so I would suggest an ivory wedding dress. Or if you really want a hint of color, you can select one in a very pale peach to complement the peach in the decor.

    I hope this helps. Greetings, too, from the U.S.! 🙂

  361. Hi dear
    pls i’m having my wedding next year in april n i was thinking of using fuchsia pink, silver, white and dark ash. I wanted to use the fuchsia pink and silver for the bridesmaids. I wanted a short dress with the colour combination but my fiancee also wants a long dress. Can u give me any ideas on both short ant long dresses with that colour combition?? ( we want the silver to dominate since we don’t want sooo much pink since we would like to use fuschia pink shoes for them).
    Thank u.

  362. Hi, Bebe — I love your idea of having your bridesmaids in silver dresses with fuchsia pink shoes! If your fiance needs a bit of convincing about whether short or long dresses, you can share these links:
    (see the first 2 photos)

    Hope these will help! 🙂

  363. We’re having a beach wedding in July in the evening and want a casual but elegant feel to the event using a green, taupe (light taupe just on guys suits), ivorys, and white color scheme. The ivory/white/taupe is coming from flowers, some vintage signs, and the light taupe guys suits. I’m struggling with what shade of green to go with. I’m not a fan of olive green so that’s out right off the top. Is apple green too casual? Is kelly green too bold? Is clover too muted? I want a natural feel. What shade of green is best for beach wedding in the evening that looks good on the bridesmaids? Any advice appreciated!

  364. Hi, Jennifer — I personally love the mix of natural tones you’ve chosen for your beach wedding! About the shade of green to use for the bridesmaids, it would depend whether you’re aiming for a brighter tone (you did mention a “casual but elegant feel”) or for a muted but not dull one.

    Since this is a beach setting, I would suggest either a sea glass green or sage green (see links below to help you visualize them).

    Either would be lovely! 🙂

  365. Hullo Sis, pls my wedding is coming up in May and am having problem choosing my colour that will match with gold. but i dont want wine and pink. Please what can i use

  366. Hi, Joy Debbie — Gold is such a versatile color. So it really depends on what kind of venue you have (a formal hall? an outdoor garden?) and what kind of look you’re aiming for. Since you said you don’t want wine or pink, we can suggest 2 approaches.

    If you want something classic, black and white with gold highlights is very elegant. If you want something fresh and summery, mint green and gold or else sea-glass green and gold would be very appealing. You can find gorgeous examples of these combinations online to help you decide. 🙂

    Color question

  367. Hi! A friend of mine is getting married soon. She wants to use sky blue n ash and she needs a third colour. Please can you help me with your suggestions?

  368. Why not try a color palette of sky blue, ash, and then a dash of hot pink! If it’s too bold for you, then try adding mint green or peach.

  369. Good day, pls i am planning to use the following colours: gold white and wine for my wedding. What do think or how can i combine the colour.

  370. Hi Johnson — Gold and wine would make a very luxurious-looking wedding palette! But we don’t recommend adding white, since this would look too stark against the other 2 colors. Try using ivory instead as the third color for a much softer, warmer effect. 🙂

  371. Luchie Fortaliza

    Hi, we are planning to pursue our wedding this coming December. We will be using canary yellow and red ( bloody). Any suggestions or comments for our color combination? Thank you so much…

  372. Hi, we’re getting married on april next year and as early as now im searching for a great color combination for our big day,, i love mate gold and emerald green and he likes purple.. any suggestion for possible color combination? suggestions are highly appreciated..thank you!

  373. Hi Winnie! If your wedding date were in May instead of April, I’d say your color choices (gold, green and purple) sound perfect for a festive Mardi Gras-themed celebration! But if you’re planning a traditional wedding, I’d suggest that you keep the matte gold as the base color and use the emerald green and purple as the accents here and there — in the bouquets, boutonnieres, table centerpieces, etc. This would look very elegant. 🙂

  374. Thank you Lissa for that great suggestion..i’ll consider that,..=)

  375. Hi, We are getting married on May next, which is a flower festival in our area. We are planning a hawaian inspired theme. We love moss green as our base color, apparently we still dont have any other color in mind to match or complement with this. You’re suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

  376. Match moss green with a lively shade of fuchsia or yellow!

  377. hi i have a wedding in march next year my colors are burgundy red, silve and ivory will that work, because i find it hard to even find picture that show those colors combined

  378. Hello Lihle — Burgundy and ivory would make a nice combination if you use the burgundy for the bridesmaids’ dresses, for instance, and the ivory for the bridal dress. Then, the silver can be used as an accent in the hairpieces, the handle wraps of the bouquets, and the vases holding burgundy and ivory flower arrangements at the ceremony and reception. Hope this helps! 🙂

  379. Hello Lissa! Please, I need your help to come up with a four colour palette wedding theme. I’ve already penned down red and silver. I’d like silver to be my base colour but I don’t know what other colours to put in the mix without creating a riot. Please help! My wedding is in January. Thank you

  380. I need help! were getting married in June of 2013 and were having an awful time picking colors. I love the pastel elegant look. I had picked peach, cream, with burlap and lace. But he decided he wanted to wear black and I don’t think those colors will go good with black. He picked melon, tangerine, and pastel green. Is that a good color combo or not please tell me what you think!!! Thank you!

  381. Hello, Cleo — Since you mentioned that silver will be the base of your four-color palette, I’m guessing that would be used for the bridesmaids’ dresses and the red would appear in their bouquets and in the gents’ boutonnieres.

    To make you stand out as the bride, the third color could be your ivory bridal gown and bouquet (with maybe touches of red among the flowers and silver in the handle wrap). And the fourth color could be the black or charcoal gray of the groom’s tux and the groomsmen’s suits. Hope this helps! 🙂

  382. Hi Joslyn — Actually, your first color selection of peach, cream, and burlap with lace would actually be very pretty with your groom’s black tux or suit. So I don’t really think you need to switch to melon, tangerine and pastel green — unless, of course, he is willing to go with a latte or tan colored suit which will give your wedding a more summery feel (since it is in June). Discuss it a bit more, and decide if you’d like the elegant, classic look or the softer, summery look. 🙂

  383. Hey there! I’m getting married August of this year and our main colour is going to be royal blue! I’m not what colour to use as accents. I thought about purple with the picture of blue orchids in mind and then I’ve also thought about using fuschia or yellow. Any ideas from anyone??

  384. I have my heart set on a sky blue and other blues, dark green, and different hues of brown for my wedding (August 7, 2014) .. I want natural, outdoorsy colors so I picked those three .. (blue-sky, green-trees, grass, and brown-earthy tones, bark) I can’t seem to find any pictures of anything wedding related with those colors (bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, etc) .. It makes me wonder if they even go together since I haven’t found anybody who has used them. My venue (the Victorian house- Kaufman, TX) has both dark green and brown so I need those colors. But what else.. ? I’m just having trouble finding colors that go together with those and give me a theme.. Any advice or well anything really would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  385. Hi Destinee — It sounds like your wedding venue has mostly dark tones, so your choice of sky blue would stand out very nicely against that background. You need not include the green and brown in your wedding party’s attire.

    But perhaps to tie in all the natural tones you mentioned, you could choose sky blue dresses for your bridesmaids, along with ivory bouquets with deep green leaves. Then, your bouquet could have sky blue accents amidst the main ivory flowers and again dark green leaves.

    Since it will be an August wedding, the weather should allow for light brown or camel suits for the gents (if they’re okay with that!). Their boutonnieres could have tiny sky blue flowers, too. Hope this helps! 🙂

  386. Hi Liz! my wedding is coming up this December and Iv chosen turquoise, silvery grey and peach but I don’t know if they combine well.can u pls help out?

  387. Hi Shawn! Turquoise and peach would look lovely together. But if you’re really set on having a third color, we’d suggest tiny touches of gold rather than silvery grey to complete the trio.

    Of course, since you’re having a December wedding, just turquoise and silver could be your nod to the holiday/winter season. Maybe with accents like crystals, tiny snowflakes or mini silver ornaments? Just subtle touches, if you don’t want anything too Christmas-y. Then, your bridal bouquet could be gorgeous pink blooms! 🙂

  388. Hey, how about fuschia, yellow and grey combo?

  389. Hi Jean! Actually grey is a wonderful base or backdrop to set off any bold, bright colors. So yellow and fuchsia would really pop against it. You just need to decide which colors will be used for which wedding elements.

    Holler if you need some suggestions. 🙂

  390. Please I’m getting married in February in Africa I love yellow n purple but don’t know the shade of purple to use.what colour should be the dress of my bridesmaids n the groomsmen.thanks

  391. I’m getting married July 2014. It’s a night wedding at a winery. I am thinking champagne and black I’m looking for sleek and elegant, but with those colors I don’t know what flower color to go with!

  392. Hello Marlo! Champagne and black will make a super-elegant palette. And to keep it in a classic mode, I would suggest lush, ivory-colored blooms. If you’re thinking of adding any color at all, perhaps tiny touches of purple or plum to allude to the winery venue. Have a wonderful wedding!

  393. Hello Patience — It must be so exciting to be having a wedding in Africa! Your color choice of yellow and purple would work best if your venue will be outdoors and in the daytime. In that case, you could opt for even the boldest shades of yellow and purple for great impact.

    The ladies could be in yellow dresses with purple bouquets, and the groomsmen in light grey suits with purple and yellow boutonnieres. Hope this helps! 🙂

  394. Hello, my wedding comes up in November,2013 and I’ve considered using the following colours: fuschia, mint green, ash/silver and purple/lilac. Pls what do you think about it or suggest i adjust? Thanks

  395. Hi, Anonymous — It seems like there will be too much going on if you use all those colors together! But if these are really your choices, the key will be to use one of them as the base color — and all the others will just be accents or touches.

    For example, you can have your bridesmaids in silvery dresses and the groomsmen in ash suits. Then their bouquets and boutonnieres can combine the fuchsia, mint green, and purple/lilac. Or since that will be the fall season, you could make the mint/sage green the base color, and the rest can be the accent colors.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  396. hi! my wedding will be on May 2014 , summer days here in the philippines. i love gold and teal colors. do you think that’s a good color combination.would love to hear your suggestion as well for other colors that will perfectly much with gold.
    a three color combination will be nice 🙂

  397. oops… sorry i mean will MATCH perfectly with gold 🙂 thanks!

  398. Hi Anne!

    Since you mentioned that your wedding will be in the summer, teal is a perfect color choice! If you want to go with a really strong but stylish combination, you can wow everyone with a teal and coral pairing — using the gold as highlights for a bit of glam. Happy planning! 🙂

  399. Hi Anne!

    I need ur help! Im getting married in Oct, 2013 in the US, just around the corner, and I think I have my color palette figured out. Just having sum trouble coming up with a wedding theme. My colors are midnight blue, silver, and white. I do not want a winter or nautical theme. Please help!!!


  400. i really appreciate all your answers,my weddding is soon and and iam so confused about color to combine,i like pink and ash,purple and pink and ash.

  401. Hi, pls which of these two colors goes with silvery grey the most. Teal Α̲̅πϑ burgundy. Better still can the three color look good together fƠ̴̴̴̴͡я̲̅ my wedding. Thanks

  402. Hi.pls I want to use brown and for my wedding and I dnt know d other color to add to make it look beautiful.I dnt even knows d color dat goes wit brown pls help mi.and what color of cake do I make that can fit.

  403. Hi.pls I want to use brown and gold for my wedding and I dnt know d other color to add to make it look beautiful.I dnt even knows d color dat goes wit brown pls help mi.and what color of cake do I make that can fit.

  404. My wedding is coming up in december and I need any other colour that can go with lemon green

  405. My wedding is coming up in January 2014 and am thinking of champagne and brown for my colour for my bridesmaid but I don’t know how the bestmen should put on that will match the colour. Pls help

  406. Hi,

    This may be a bit of a long shot, but why not? My wedding isn’t until May 23, 2015, so I have plenty of time to plan, but am sort of stuck. My favorite colors are purple and green, but my church has red carpet, so I am trying to think about how to make my colors stand out so the red doesn’t overwhelm them, but I don’t want the colors to clash either. I like the idea of a kind of darker shade of yellow green for the bridesmaids’ dresses – not necessarily olive, but something that will complement both extremely pale skin tones and very dark tan. I also like the idea of vivid purple bouquets – using king lisianthus as the dominant flower, perhaps with cream-colored ribbons around the stems. I worry about the green making it look too much like Christmas, and I worry about the deep purple clashing with the red carpet.

    I would appreciate any thoughts about whether these color ideas are going to do what I want them to do, or what I’m scared they’ll do.


  407. Pilar Annette Sevdav


    I am trying to organize a silver wedding but with a caribbean themed colors. How do I mix the silver color on the caribbean colors.

    Any suggestion on the invitation cards color, since the 25th isi having a silver color. How do I integrate the theme and occassion color?

    Appreciatie your inputs..


  408. Hello PIlar. Silver with a Caribbean theme is definitely unusual and somewhat eclectic. I suggest using silver as purely an accent color with the use of ribbons, place cards, and silverware. You can even consider a chic silver grey dress with Caribbean color accents as a contrast. But, this is purely up to you. As for invitations, consider light or pastel shades with silver font. However, you don’t have to incorporate a silver color per se. It could be a vibrant invitation that says a “silver wedding anniversary” party on it. You can also apply some silvery touches to an anniversary cake, but only as subtle accent colors. Hope this helps!

  409. I am trying to organize my forthcoming wedding in April this year 2014. My colour is green and my bride champagne gold. Please, how do I mix these colour to get a splendid and perfect look?


  410. You can achieve a perfect look by balancing the two colors! Think of emerald green with gold accents! See our post at:

  411. Hi, I’m getting married in May and have chosen lilac as the base color. What other colors should I add? My bridesmaids will be in lilac but I’m also not sure about the groomsmen. I also have some gold tabletop pieces I want to incorporate in the decorations but I don’t have to if it will not work.

  412. HI! our wedding will be on Jan 2015. We started planning each and every details of our wedding though we are confused of what color motif we will have. We want to be unique but maintains simplicity and elegance. Our friend, whom to be our stylist, suggest a color motif of combintion of pomelo and moss green. Can you suggest styles on how it will look like? or how it can come out great?

    Thanks much!

  413. Hi, this is such a great post even after a few years. I found this on random and I have a question. My wedding will be on next year and I am thinking of mint as my theme color. Can you suggest me what color go great with it? I’m thinking Mint+White+Gold, and maybe with teal as well?
    My reception will be at night indoor, are those colors great indoor with low light? You suggestion will be so appreciate. Thank you.

  414. Your color combo is absolutely fine! So chic and fashionable! The mint green and gold with white will certainly look fine indoors. You will have to see how the light needs to be illuminated so that it can bring out the gold against mint green palette. For your color scheme, we suggest our post: – it has some hints of a color quite similar to teal!


  415. hai lissa its my sister in law wedding in june.i bought a light green sareee with cutwork golden border. i got same coloured blouse with that. bt i want a different combination i know golden blouse is the topmost option. but plz suggest me dark colour combination which make my dress eyecatching.

  416. Hello Rachna! To go with your light green and gold saree (sounds lovely!), a possible dark color for the blouse would be sage green or a non-shiny copper or bronze color. This would make the light green really stand out!

  417. Hi! For a cousin’s wedding I plan to wear a gharara made out of brocade which is marigold yellow with gold thread work. I plan to team it with a chocolate brown raw silk Kurtz(with golden gota work) and light lemon yellow dupatta in chiffon with gota work. Please let me know if a combination of marigold gold yellow, brown and lemon yellow will work or not. If not, then do suggest some alternate unique combinations. Thanks a tonne!

  418. Hello, Akanksha. We’re thrilled that you’re asking advice for such an exotic-sounding ensemble! The marigold yellow and chocolate brown with gold accents would be very striking. But perhaps instead of lemon yellow, the third color could be something like champagne or latte or even a soft matte gold? Enjoy your cousin’s wedding!

  419. Hi Liz,

    Please advice, I’m having a summer wedding, at a resort. We having a garden wedding with the reception at the same venue. my motif is lilac, mint green and lemon yellow, please advice if it could work? Also advice how we could combine the colours

  420. Hi Rose! Since you’re having a summer wedding at a resort, then the range of color choices and combinations is pretty wide open!

    Your selection of lilac, mint green, and lemon yellow will set such a light and refreshing mood — especially if you apply these via florals for a “summer resort” look (either using actual fresh flowers or whimsical DIY ones, or even in printed bridesmaids’ dresses). Just don’t overdo the patterns or prints, but use them in touches.

  421. Hi,

    I’m thinking of chartreuse yellow, silver and pastel periwinkle for my wedding. What do you think about the combination? Thinking of chartreuse as the base. Any other suggestions are very welcome. Thanks

  422. Happy Wednesday!

    What’s a gal to do? We’ve decided on our theme for March 2015 which matches us and our guests perfectly — For the Love of Fun. But, the country club and venue where we met, where we met and which is perfect in size and cost for both the ceremony and the reception is giving us major push back.

    This room is decked out with burgandy-and-gold paisley carpet, modern, square black and ivory trellis doors, hemlock ballroom chairs, red cherry bars and gray stone, brick fireplaces and backsplahes. This rooms color pallette is giving me either muted purple and red pastels or deep, fall oranges, reds and browns.

    Most importantly– These colors are NOT fun. I hate red and orange. And pastels. And we’ve decided to not change or override the light-green, hemlock chair color because they are on the house. We can go with white or black table cloths at no extra cost. Black would work. But there I remain STUCK!

    So, you have your boy, your theme but you’re most fun and happy colors are bright and bold….. How do I make myself cooperate with my venue which seems dark and subdued when our whole theme is built around fun and play?



    PS I feel like most ballrooms are red and gold…. So maybe others feel my pain??

  423. Hi dear, mine is going to be this october and I want something not common at all, I just want cool colors so I choose light purple, lemon yellow and silver, please how can I combine it with respect to my train, chief, cake, flowers and decor, thank you for the effort, you really are great and thanks for helping

  424. Hi, or can I use, light purple, light lemon, yellow and silver, or if the colors r much which one should I go for please?

  425. Wow, this is quite a challenge, JR! (We do feel your pain!) The best we can suggest would be to neutralize all those heavy colors and that paisley carpet to give way to your “For the Love of Fun” theme. But to do this as tastefully and as affordably as possible.

    Since your “givens” are the hemlock chairs and the gray stone & brick fireplaces, etc., go with the white table cloths (rather than the black), then pick up the green tones by using leafy centerpieces, green and gray place cards and menus, maybe gray ribbon ties on the white napkins with a sprig of green tucked in. These will at least give your table settings a pulled-together /look.

    Then, for the FUN elements — you can be free to go all out with colors, but in focused spots of the venue. Maybe the guest book table, the favor table, and the food/drinks buffet.

    Hope this helps ‘ease the pain’! 🙂

  426. Hi Zeal! It’s quite unique to have those light, cool colors (light purple, lemon yellow, silver) for an October wedding…but why not, right?! It’s a refreshing change from the usual ‘woodsy’ autumn tones.

    You asked about how to apply these to your different wedding elements, so here are our suggestions:
    – for your train and ‘chief’ (is this your veil?), keep to a classic white or ivory; then here is where you can add silver touches
    – for your bouquet, you can have a romantic selection of purple/lavender/lilac blooms
    – for your bridesmaids’ dresses, use the light purple; then their bouquets can be mini versions of yours, but with touches of yellow added
    – for the groom and groomsmen, perhaps light grey suits with purple and yellow boutonnieres

  427. I am having an October wedding. I would like plum and burnt orange colors. I thought about mixing in chocolate as well; mens suits. Any ideas?

  428. Hi Michelle! Your question came in just in time. We just published a post on Purple and Orange:

    Or if you prefer something more muted, we also have one with plum:

    About chocolate for the men’s suits…why not consider an ash gray or even a lighter dove gray? It will set off the plum and orange really well.

    Hope these ideas help! 🙂

  429. Hello Hello! I am having an Evening Wedding on March and it would be a garden wedding. Any suggestions on color combinations? Thank you so much in advance. 🙂

  430. Hi Cesca! A lot will depend on what the weather is like in March where your wedding will be. In some areas, it would still be quite chilly; while in others, you might be having signs of spring!

    But since it’s an evening wedding, a classic color combination would be deep navy blue, highlighted with silver — sort of like a ‘starry night’ effect! Or if you want to play up the garden aspect, you could either go for a bold look with fuchsia or a soft effect with blush pink. Then pair either of these with touches of gold. Happy planning!

  431. Hi i am having 4 pastel colours for my wedding and i am wondering how to have my tables i was thinking of having my top table and my bridal table with the four colours on e.g chair sash one colour flowers for centre piece another colour then table runner another colour and then servettes another colour.then for the rest of my tables which i have four other tables i was going to do one single colour for each table e.g one pink table one blue table one green table and one yellow table.need advice as im not sure if its going to look silly.thank you in advance 🙂

  432. Hello, Kelly! Since you’re having all pastels anyway, it may be perfectly fine to mix the colors as you described. But to avoid it appearing too casual or kiddie, perhaps you could select the 1 pastel color out of the 4 that would best complement YOUR bridal look — and have that as the main color (example, sky blue table cloth & serviettes) for the top table and bridal table.

    The 4 guest tables can then all have table cloths and serviettes in another of the pastels (example, blush pink). While the centerpieces for all the tables can be a colorful mix of the 4 colors. Hope this helps!

  433. Hello!

    I’m having a garden wedding on December (cool and dry weather), I’m not sure if turquoise, lavender and pink would create a good combination. The wedding will start at 4pm. Can you please advise on what is the perfect mix of colours and how will be applied on my entourage. Can you suggest for the best theme for a garden wedding?

    Thanks so much in advance! 🙂

  434. Hi there!

    I’d like to know what would be a good motif to use for my wedding. I’m having a February wedding next year. Currently I chose shades of purple as my motif and thinking of pairing bright orange or pomelo with it. Is that a good combination or should I change it? Is that appropriate for a February wedding? It’s going to be a garden wedding at 4pm. I’m still open to changing it so I asked for your help. Thanks a lot! Hope to hear from you soon.

  435. Hello Cristy! The nice thing about a garden wedding is that “flowery” or pastel colors (like those you mentioned) would be just lovely — no matter what season of the year. You could have your bridesmaids each wear a different shade of turquoise, lavender, and pink; or choose one as their dress color and have their bouquets in a combination of the 3. The groom and groomsmen could also have their boutonnieres in these colors. Hope this helps!

  436. Hi Julie! Love how bold your color choice is for your wedding: shades of purple with orange or pomelo. People may not think that’s a “suitable” palette for February, but nowadays it’s really what the couple feels happy with that counts! You’re having an afternoon garden wedding in a location that I presume won’t be wintry/snowing, so surprise your guests and go with your personal color choice! 🙂

  437. Hi! I would like to know if Royal blue and Lemon yellow with gray or silver be a good palette for the wedding? Thanks!

  438. Hello, Titat! Since royal blue and lemon yellow are both such strong colors, we’d suggest that you you can keep the royal blue but pair it with a soft buttery yellow — or the other way around, have a soft greyish blue and keep the lemon yellow. Then the silver could come in via a few accents here and there.

  439. how do i match:

    lilac theme ie. cake, chair sashes, favours, ribbons with maroon maid of honour dress (no bridesmaids) and black and white wedding dress?

  440. Hi Jane! It looks to me like a lot of colors going on…and strong ones, at that!

    So I’d suggest that ONE of these three be sacrificed: you could give up the maroon (maybe have the maid of honor dress in lilac?). Or give up the lilac in the cake and decorations. Or give up the black in your wedding dress. I hope you’re not too far along in your wedding preparations to still make those changes?!


  442. Hello Waana,

    You’ve chosen a lovely color palette for an afternoon garden reception! The table linens can be in aqua/turquoise with peach floral centerpieces. Then, to avoid the risk that your bridal party will “blend in” too much with the reception decor, you can have your bridesmaids in matte silver dresses with peach bouquets, and the groomsmen in dove-grey suits with turquoise boutonnieres.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  443. My fiancé and I got engaged last month and have started talking about what we see for our wedding. We haven’t began looking at venues yet but we both absolutely love the ocean/water so we are likely to chose a venue off a beach or pond, etc. We are leaning towards a spring wedding. I recently saw a picture on Pintrest where the bridesmaids had the same dress but in 2 or 3 different shades of green. I really like the idea of sea glass colors (light blue and mint green or aqua). We have talked about having a pop of color as well but cant decide what color (pink, yellow, lilac?).We also arent sure how to really incorporate it to look good. We want it beach themed, but also a more romantic (with lanterns and candles) theme. ANY help would be great!

  444. Hi Lauren! Your description of your wedding vision makes us excited just reading it! For some ideas for spring bridesmaids’ dresses, here’s a post we just published a few days ago:

    And another one on floating centerpieces using flowers and water:

    Plus this one on decorating a romantic beach wedding:

    Hope these will help!

  445. Help,
    I am getting married in Southern California outside in the Fall and have chosen mint green as bride’s maids dresses. Is it too much to have mint green tablecloths with bright tropical flowers as center pieces as well as bouquets for brides’s maids. hOw can I incorporate gold into color scheme?
    Appreciate your help


  447. Hi Rachel! We love mint green for weddings! To answer your questions, maybe you’d like to visit these 2 posts we published showing mint combined with other colors (like coral or peach) and also highlighted with gold!

    Hope these will help!

  448. Hi Alica! Since your wedding will be in August, black for your bridesmaids’ dresses would be lovely if the dress styles are kept “summery” (strapless, spaghetti straps, maybe knee-length). Very chic with leopard clutches!

    For the groom, an ivory suit would match your bridal dress — and would contrast well with the black bridesmaids’ dresses. A touch of leopard print in the boutonniere or maybe a pocket handkerchief would keep ‘in theme’ too.

    Hope these ideas help!

  449. Hi! 🙂 May I know if lavender, light pink and gold/tan goes well together? Can you suggest what color will be perfect for bridesmaids or entourage? I want my wedding to look sweet and fresh.Thank you.

  450. Hi Kate! Lavender, light pink, and gold/tan would be lovely together! For your bridesmaids, the traditional approach would be to have them in either solid lavender or solid pink dresses. But if it’s a fresh look you want, maybe consider a muted floral print for them combining lavender and pink?

  451. happilyn flordeliz

    hi! im getting married nxt month. my theme is spring summer. i chose yellow and green dress for my bridesmaid and flower girls. what color can we use for the reception to make my outdoor party look more like summer spring. hope u can help me with this. many thanks

  452. hello I am getting married april 2017 and am wondering if light blue and tangerine would be a good combo or should we add another color with the two thank you in advance

  453. Hi, Happilyn Flordeliz,

    Since your bridesmaids and flower girls are already in such fresh spring/summer colors, we suggest having your reception in crisp white table linens — with cheery centerpieces of white and yellow daisies with baby’s breath, plus greenery.

    You could repeat the daisy theme on a white wedding cake. Then, add touches of yellow and green in your wedding favor packaging. 🙂

  454. Hi I am getting married this august. I am having a hard time how to incorporate my 2 color motif which is lavender and apple green for my bridesmaids, groomsmen and the flower girls. Hope you can help me with this so i can move forward :).

  455. Hi Kristen! Light blue and tangerine would be a great combo indeed for an April wedding! If you want to add a hint of glam, you could put in touches of gold here and there.

    But if you want it just light and fresh, our feature on this Coral and Teal Wedding (not exactly the same, but close enough!) should give you an idea of the overall effect:

    Hope this helps!

  456. Hello Jane! Those are 2 pretty vibrant colors you’ve chosen. So our suggestion is to use one as the dominant color, and the other as an accent. For instance:
    – for the bridesmaids: lavender dresses with bouquets of (bright green) cymbidium orchids
    – for the groomsmen: lavender ties with single cymbidium orchid boutonnieres
    – for the flower girls: dresses in very soft flowery prints combining lavender and apple green; OR simple ivory dresses with a lavender sash and baskets of kermit mums

    Hope you can use these ideas!

  457. Hi! Im getting married this December 2015 and not yet decide for the motif..pls help me to choose the best color motif for the said month.thank you! Your suggestion will surely help me a lot….

  458. im planning to make the theme for the wedding of my son black and white..iwant u to help me is it better if iput the tabels clothes purple and put ablack and white strip runner on each table ..or the main cloth should be white???im planning to put colord vases on top all the tabela as green.purple.yellow.bink….please help and guide me

  459. Pls is it okay to have a cobalt blue, hot pink and a dash of gold combo for my wedding early December?

  460. Hello Nora Q.,

    Black and white is a very elegant wedding palette. But we suggest that you make white the dominant color and use black as the accent color. For instance, white table cloths with black table runners, black napkins, and maybe black bows as chair decor. Then, for the table centerpieces, maybe clear glass vases with the flowers providing the bright colors you mentioned (purple, yellow, pink, green). Hope this helps!

  461. Hi Afaribea. Yes, definitely a combination of cobalt blue and hot pink would be very striking! For the gold, as you put it “a dash” would be just right (not too much) to add a touch of glam. Very nice!

  462. Hi. this website has been helful…. l need help. l love the sunset orange theme but dont know which colours will go nicely with it… anyone with an idea about which colours l can use please let me know and if yo got pictures the better.

  463. Hello!
    My wedding is fusing my Indian heritage with my fiances traditional western influence.
    We are getting married in a white Marque and we have picked our colours to be: Hot pink, orange and gold.
    To make the marque not so ‘white’, i am having plain cotton table cloths in hot pink on half the tables and plain orange on the other half. They will be covered with a sheer lace gold sequin overlay to tie it all in.
    We do want to make our bridal table stand out a little more tho, so thinking of having a teal/turquoise sequin table cloth on it and covering it with the same gold overlay to tie all table in together.
    Is this ok?

    The tables will have golden lanterns on them with orange and pink flowers. Is this too much or should i stick to plain flowers?

    The bridesmaid dresses are navy blue floor length and sequins.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  464. Hi. I love red and want to only one color for my wedding. I am fair and He is also fair
    the wedding reception will be indoor. which color do u think will be appropriate.
    thank you

  465. Hi Sisa! We love orange as a cheery, zesty color not too many people think of for weddings.

    Here is a link to all our posts on orange wedding elements: Hope these will help you!

  466. Hello, Sheenagh! With your chosen colors, your wedding should be a real show-stopper! Your idea for the 2 colors for the table covers is fine — maybe with hot pink napkins on the orange tables, and orange napkins on the pink tables. But then just have a gold lantern on each table with a little greenery as accent.

    Then, reserve the gold overlay for your own couple’s table only. The table cover for your table can be teal, as you mentioned — although would having it in navy blue to pick up from the bridesmaids’ dresses be ok with you? As this would also keep the overall look more unified. Have a wonderful wedding!

  467. Hello, FORTUNE! You didn’t mention what season/location your wedding will be. But if it will be in the fall, here is one look you might consider:

    Or for winter, something more festive…

    Or you might consider a fun theme that uses red…

    Hope these inspirations help!

  468. Betty - bride 2018 for summer

    There seems to be a trend I having mismatched bridesmaids dresses, which is where I am really stuck on because my colors are purple and Aqua. Not sure if my 6 bridesmaids should wear different shades of both colors. Do you think this will look funny?

  469. What a pretty color palette for a beach wedding! We think that you can go either way, so we’ve illustrated an example using some bridesmaid dresses from Dessy (*due note that these are affiliate links). It could work either way, but because these are two very prominent colors, you may want to stick with just one color in different dress styles for your bridesmaids. Having purple will most likely overpower the aquamarine dresses.

    Mismatched purple and aqua bridesmaid dresses.

    To see these dresses, go to Dessy:
    Purple dresses

    Aquamarine bridesmaid dresses

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